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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 196 – She is called Aunt Qing 2/2 Right after walking into the bar, Donghuang Li covered her ears. It’s so noisy… I don’t like this place at all. On the other hand, green and red brothers found everything to be very peculiar. The pubs within the big cities sure are fashionable. There are so many beautiful women here, and they are dressed so sexily. However, they are still falling short when compared to me, my outfit is what that is the trendiest nowadays. The jacketed man brought the three to the second floor, and after walking through a few dim passageways, the jacketed man pushed open a door, “Right inside.” The green and red brothers brought along Donghuang Li and entered into the small room. However, what they saw next was different from what they had imagined. Within the room, there was a table, and on the table, there were poker cards, an ashtray that was filled with cigarette buds, melon seeds, peanuts, and beers, causing the table to seem extremely dirty and disordered. Furthermore, a man could be seen sitting on a boss chair, and within the man’s embrace, there was a woman who wore heavy makeup and dressed gaudily. The man’s hand was even stretched into the woman’s clothing. Big Brother Green immediately covered onto Donghuang Li’s eyes. A child cannot look at that. “Big Sister Qing, someone is looking for you.” The jacketed man stood at one side after speaking. The man patted onto the woman’s butt, and the woman even shouted out sweetly, “Brother Kun, irritating~” “Haha.” Qing Lian walked to the front of green and red brothers and slightly took a look at them. Soon after, she squatted down her body and looked towards Donghuang Li, “Not bad, although she is a bit dirty, she can indeed be counted as a beauty.” Donghuang Li immediately hid behind Big Brother Green and looked at the woman in front of her with alert. Her voice sounds awful… She is not Aunt Qing… “Speak, how much are you intending to sell this girl.” Qing Lian asked with a smile. Little Brother Red wrinkled his brows, “Are you ill, we are here to find someone!” Big Brother Green was now aware that they had come to the wrong place, and thus immediately pulled onto Donghuang Li and walked towards the door. The jacketed man stood in the path of the door and a knife could be seen held within his hand. What the jacketed man was trying to convey couldn’t be any more obvious. “This place of mine is not a place that you can come and go whenever you want!” Qing Lian said coldly. Kun Chong who was sitting on the boss chair stood his body up and took out a cigar. While smelling onto the cigar, Kun Chong said, “Leave the little girl here, and the two of you can leave.” Green and red brothers were not people that have never mingled within the undergrounds, just that, they have already washed their hands in a gold basin and no longer mingle within the undergrounds… Faced against a situation like this, there is no need to say too much, just fight them head-on, then run! The two brothers could be seen immediately kicking onto the jacketed man, then carried onto Donghuang Li and ran. Kun Chong picked up the walkie-talkie that was on the table and said, “Two non-mainstreams ran out from my room, cripple them, then bring the little girl back to me!” “Yes!” Qing Lian walked with catwalk steps and smiled lovably, “If this little girl were to be fed big, I guarantee that she would be able to earn quite a lot of money.” “I will feed you full first before we talk about that!” “Irritating~” Outside, red and green brothers were currently surrounded. Within the narrow passageway, in front of them, there were five people, and behind them, there were five other people. “Big brother, fight?” “Fight!” Who said that non-mainstreams didn’t know how to fight? The two brothers fought rather ferociously. Donghuang Li wanted to go up and help them, but was immediately pulled behind by the two brothers. “Big brother, there are too many of them!” Little Brother Red said while covering onto his arm, his arm was currently bleeding. The more we fight, the more their numbers increases. Furthermore, those people have weapons on them too. Big Brother Green carried onto Donghuang Li, then hinted towards the window. Little Brother Red immediately understood. Jump through the window, right? Big Brother Green could be seen to be the one to take the lead. While carrying onto Donghuang Li, Big Brother Green used his elbow and smashed the glass window. Luckily, it was only the second floor, and adding on that it was not the first time that Big Brother Green had jumped out from a window, when Big Brother Green landed onto the first floor, Big Brother Green rolled for a bit and unloaded the impact from the jump. “Ah Li, are you okay?” Big Brother Green asked hurriedly. Donghuang Li was sniveling. Uncle Green and Uncle Red are too nice to me. While whimpering, Donghuang Li said, “Ah Li is fine.” At this moment, Little Brother Red had also jumped down from the second floor and landed onto the first floor. Upon landing onto the first floor, Little Brother Red shouted out, “Big brother, let's quickly run.” Sure enough, 10+ youngsters that were holding onto steel pipes and fruit knives could be seen rushing out from the back door. After running for quite a while, Little Brother Red began cursing out, “Are you all f**king training for a marathon! You all have been chasing us for a few streets, and you all are still chasing!” “The hoodlums within the cities sure can f**king run.” Big Brother Green was also cursing out at those hoodlums. The chase was still continuing, green and red brothers were already at the point of running out of breath, and the hoodlums that were chasing behind them were the same too. However, the hoodlums still weren’t giving up. Little Brother Red could be seen turning around and pointing at the hoodlums, “What kind of big hatred is it that is able to make you all chase after us for a few kilometers?!” One of the hoodlums could be seen resting on the railing and said while gasping for breath, “I… I just merely can’t stand looking at you non-mainstreams.” “F**k! If not for me being hungry today, I would have long knocked all of you down!” Little Brother Red’s aura was very ample, however, how he looked right now was not able to match up with his aura. “Brothers, let’s chop them to death!” “F**k!” Little Brother Red uttered a vulgar, then began running again! 10+ minutes later, while holding onto the wall, Little Brother Red said, “Big brother, this way, there should be lots of curved paths within the alley, we can use the curved paths to throw them off from us.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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