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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 199 – His Honor’s danger 1/2 Ye Hua who had never felt nervous before was currently feeling very nervous and confused. Various kinds of emotions were intertwining within Ye Hua right now. Donghuang Li did not think that much, in her heart, she just wanted to get close to this uncle that was in front of her. Stretching out her small hands, Donghuang Li shouted out to Ye Hua, “Uncle, hug hug~” Hearing the little girl calling out to him, Ye Hua didn’t think too much as he slowly walked over and carried over Donghuang Li from Qing Yutong’s embrace. When Ye Hua held Donghuang Li in his embrace, he discovered that Donghuang Li’s lineage was actually linking together with his lineage. Could it be that, she is my child? Did she pop out from the crack of a rock? Or did she grow out from a vine? Donghuang Li felt that there was a very comfortable smell coming out from Ye Hua. I just want to keep on hugging onto uncle, because uncle smells very nice… Uncle smells even nicer than mother. Qing Ya’s expression was a bit flustered. Taking a look at them right now, I feel like they look even more alike with each other! Especially the tenderness on Ye Hua’s face, and the infatuation on Donghuang Li’s face, adding those up, it’s practically a scene where a father and daughter finally reunited and meet with each other. Qing Ya hurriedly shook her head and shook away that impossible thought of hers. However, the reason that Ye Hua hurriedly came back, is so that he could meet with Ah Li? Wei Chang and Ye Zizi took a look at each other, seemingly having made out something from how His Honor was acting right now. Qing Yutong began letting her vivid imagination go wild. A child went searching for her dad for a thousand miles, and finally, at last, she found her dad. However, this also represents a scary matter, brother-in-law has a woman outside! Immediately, Qing Yutong looked towards her big sister. As expected, big sister’s expression is not really good right now, I reckon that she had thought towards the same direction as I did. Big sister hates fickle men the most, and she even dislikes daddy for having two women. Big sister and brother-in-law had just finished shooting their wedding photos and spending their honeymoon… and yet, right now… My god, if my guess is correct, this matter would bring rise to a family crisis, and if the matter isn’t handled well, they would even divorce each other. Ye Hua’s attention was currently all placed on Donghuang Li, and he completely did not discover Qing Ya’s peculiarity, and even more, did not know Qing Ya was already beginning to let her imagination run wild. The atmosphere of the scene was a bit strange, and everyone did not dare to speak. Even Ye Zizi who likes to mess around and create trouble was being silent too. After a long while, Ye Hua looked towards green and red brothers. The latter immediately became startled, why is this man’s expression so unfriendly? “Wei Chang, drag them out!” While carrying onto Donghuang Li, Ye Hua said coldly. “Yes!” Donghuang Li who was within Ye Hua’s embrace hurriedly said, ”Uncle, don’t chase them away.” According to Ye Hua’s attitude in the past, he would definitely not pay attention to Donghuang Li’s words, and even more, he would chide Donghuang Li, no one can go against my words! However, all those changed after Qing Ya appeared. And right now, another one that could receive the same treatment as Qing Ya had appeared. “Why?” Ye Hua’s tone was not very rigid. “Uncle, it was green and red uncles who brought me all the way over to the bar. If not for green and red uncles, Ah Li would have starved to death…” Donghuang Li raised her head and looked at Ye Hua. I like this uncle so much, I really want to be in his embrace for my entire life and not leave from his embrace. Ye Hua took a look at green and red brothers, then said faintly, “Wei Chang, I will hand those two over to you then.” “Yes!” Although it was a mere few words, it was enough to change the fate of both green and red brothers. While, however, green and red brothers were still completely confused right now, they were completely unaware of just how strong the man in front of them was. For having escort Ye Hua’s daughter to the bar, which thus allowed Ye Hua to reunite with his daughter, the two were practically going to be able to become an existence that was on the same level as Death Mage. This was not something that could be compared with money. “Big brother, in the past, we were at the least hoodlums, do we have to degrade and become security guards right now?” Little Brother Red said in a low voice. If we were to head back right now, I am somewhat reluctant to part with Ah Li. Big Brother Green said in a low voice, “Let’s see how for now. If they don’t treat Ah Li well, we will bring Ah Li to go and find her daddy and mommy.” “Alright. In any case, we are still wanted criminals right now, therefore we should hide for a while first.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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