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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 199 – His Honor’s danger 2/2 Ye Hua carried onto Donghuang Li and walked towards the stairs. While passing by Qing Ya’s side, Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya’s delicate hand. After the three went upstairs, everyone let out a breath. No matter what, Wei Chang felt very happy about this matter. After all, His Honor now has one more descendant to carry on his lineage. These two non-mainstreams have done a meritorious deed! “The two of you will follow me from now on.” Wei Chang laughed out heartily. This is a happy occasion that’s worth celebrating! Ye Zizi also revealed out a genuine smile on her face. The more descendants His Honor has, the closer the day where His Honor would be able to be like the humans and start a brand-new dynasty would come! Of course, that was not the main point. The bloodiness within the process of building up a dynasty was what Ye Zizi really wanted. And in actuality, Wei Chang’s thought was more or less the same as Ye Zizi. Big Brother Green patted onto his little brother’s shoulder, “Don’t be discouraged. At the least, by working as security guards, we will be able to protect Ah Li.” “May I ask, how much is the pay of being a security guard every month? Is there 2000 rmb? Are food and shelter provided?” Little Brother Red was very worried. Big Brother Green asked Wei Chang, “Brother, no matter what, there should at least be five insurances and one fund, right?” Upon hearing that, everyone laughed. Ye Zizi shouted out lovably, “There are two honest people here, everyone, quickly come and bully them~” To be able to survive while in the presence of a group of monsters, it was reckoned that green and red brothers were the only ones that would be able to do it. Qing Yutong laughed lovably, then looked towards the staircase with a worried look on her face. Qing Yutong couldn’t help but began worrying. “Uncle, Ah Li wants to sleep~” With her small hands hugging tightly onto Ye Hua’s neck, Donghuang Li said with her tender voice. Ye Hua said gravely, “Go and shower first before going to sleep.” “En~” “Qing Ya, bring Ah Li to go and shower.” Ye Hua handed over Donghuang Li to Qing Ya. Ye Hua was feeling a bit complicated right now. “Alright, Ye Hua, you go and buy a few sets of clothes for Ah Li.” While carrying onto Donghuang Li, Qing Ya said tenderly. Ye Hua nodded his head, then opened his phone and bought a few sets of clothes. Tongchen’s delivery should be a bit faster compared to the others. “Aunt Qing, Ah Li is able to take a shower by herself, Ah Li doesn’t need to trouble Aunt Qing to help Ah Li shower.” Donghuang Li said sweetly, appearing very sensible. Qing Ya was amused by the adorable expression on Donghuang Li’s face. No matter how much suspicions I have, those are all suspicions, I believe that Ye Hua wouldn’t bluff me. “Little Ah Li, let’s shower together, okay?” Qing Ya stroked onto Donghuang Li’s soft hair and said with a smile. “Then, Ah Li will help Aunt Qing scrub her back~ Is that okay?” “Of course, it’s okay.” “En, en, Ah Li likes Aunt Qing.” Amongst the laughter, Qing Ya entered into the bathroom while carrying onto Donghuang Li. If it was during normal times, Ye Hua this jealous king would definitely flip out. However, right now, he doesn't feel anything at all. Taking out a stick of cigarette, Ye Hua stood at the window and lighted the cigarette. If Ah Li isn’t popped out from the crack of a rock, and isn’t grown out from a vine, could it be that, she was birthed by someone! But, how could it be, I have never touched more than two women in my life. Upon thinking up to here, Ye Hua’s gaze was filled with astonishment, and the cigarette that was within his hand was snapped into half by him. During that night three years ago… could it be, her?! Thinking back to those few days where we were playing the computer game together, Ah Li said that she was about to reach three years old soon, and that her mother is very beautiful, but her father is dead! Damn it! This woman actually cursed me by saying that I died! Ye Hua threw away the cigarette that was snapped into half. What am I thinking that much for, I will be able to know the truth of the matter once I capture that woman and bring her over to the bar! No, won’t do! Qing Ya! With a grave expression on his face, Ye Hua heavily let out a breath. If this matter were to be known by Qing Ya, there is no doubt that she is definitely going to have a quarrel with me. Take those past few days where we went out sightseeing for example. When I slightly took a look at other women, that jealously of hers was not a matter to belittle. And right now, it was not just a matter of looking at other women, there was even a child now. With great difficulty, I have finally trained Qing Ya into an obedient wife. And right now, because of this matter, could it be that, things are going to go back to how it was in the past where she would quarrel with me at the drop of a hat? Damn it, to think that I would actually be troubled by a trivial matter like this! This damned humanity, I really want to burn it into ashes and go back to the state that I was in before, where there weren't any worries at all. For a big matter like this, I definitely have to gather my subordinates and hold a summit meeting. This matter is the most serious matter that I have ever come across! As for the meeting's venue, old place, Leisure Bar’s toilet. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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