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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 200 – A mother’s position raises depending on her child 1/2 Green and red brothers who were in the main hall seemed to be very flabbergasted. A while ago, we were listening to Uncle Wei briefing us on what to do, then all of a sudden, he suddenly said that he had a stomachache and went to the toilet, and right after, that little loli also followed along and went into the toilet… Big Brother Green said in a low voice, “I feel that there is a problem with Uncle Wei and that little loli.” “I feel the same too. That Tang Wei seems to be Uncle Wei’s girlfriend, right?” Little Brother Red felt that it was very strange. The bars within the big cities sure are messy, the people in those bars are truly too open and brazen. Big Brother Green rubbed onto his head, “Our mindsets are too old already and are not able to keep up with the big cities’ tempo.” “That’s right, I feel that I have already fallen in love with the big cities’ tempo.” Little Brother Red laughed lightly. So this is what the big cities are like, so open and brazen~ Within the toilet. “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor!” Wei Chang, Lie Gu, and Ye Zizi, three of the Seven Sins were currently present. “Don’t kneel anymore, the floor is dirty.” Ye Hua said lightly. “Thank you, Your Honor, for empathizing.” The three shouted out at the same time. After pausing for a moment, Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lighted the cigarette, “You all should know about today’s matter, right?” Lie Gu had already gotten news of the matter from Wei Chang and Lie Gu himself also felt incomparably shocked about the matter. His Honor’s descendant has already come into this world, and here I thought that there would still need to be a few months before that would happen. “Subordinate thinks that this is a joyous matter, for Your Honor to be able to reunite with Little Honor, this is the sign of great auspicious!” Wei Chang said with a slight smile, and the other two followed along with the flow and nodded their heads. Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and said gravely, “Ah Li is indeed my descendant, but the person who gave birth to her…” Speaking up to here, Ye Hua looked towards his three subordinates, “I believe that you all should know who that woman is, right?” “I don’t know.” Ye Zizi raised her hand and shouted out, having a look on her that was saying, don’t call me out to answer questions. However, Wei Chang and Lie Gu knew about it. Lie Gu said solemnly, “Your Honor, since the matter had already happened, Your Honor can just proceed to take in the other madam. With Your Honor’s majestic identity, it is extremely normal to have one more woman.” “Wei Chang, what are your thoughts?” Ye Hua puffed out a mouth of smoke and asked. Wei Chang thought for a bit, then said, “Subordinate feels that, this matter has to go through the madam first. And of course, we also have to see whether if the other madam is willing to be taken in or not.” Right now, Wei Chang knew how to think about problems from others’ perspectives, and it was also because of that that he still has not pushed over Tang Wei up till now. Ye Zizi pouted her mouth, “What does it matter if she is willing or not, just straightforwardly capture her and bring her over will do~” Ye Hua took a glare at Ye Zizi, and Ye Zizi immediately shut her mouth. In the past, where would His Honor have so many misgivings? “Lie Gu, how did you bring together those women of yours?” Ye Hua asked faintly. For this kind of problem, it is necessary to ask Lie Gu’s advice on it. After all, he has three women, and those three women of his even seem to be able to be together in peace. Lie Gu pondered for a bit, then said respectfully, “Your Honor, subordinate does not know too. In any case, all I did was pushed them over, then… Erm, as I continued pushing them over, all of them gradually got together.” Ye Zizi said with a face full of disdain, “Big lecherous dragon.” “I am a human, this is just the natural instinct of a human, okay?” Lie Gu disputed, not willing to accept Ye Zizi’s slander. Wei Chang said, “Your Honor, subordinate feels that, a woman who is able to be fancied by Your Honor is definitely not an ordinary woman, therefore, Your Honor can’t use normal methods to deal with the two madams.” Ye Zizi clapped with her small hands, “I understand, what Gluttonous Monster is trying to say is that, Your Honor should buy new clothes for the madam, that way, the madam would be willing to accept Ah Li! Am I right?” Ye Hua, “……” Wei Chang, “……” Lie Gu, “……” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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