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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 200 – A mother’s position raises depending on her child 2/2 “Wei Chang, what you are trying to say is that, I should stand still and do nothing for now?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Wei Chang nodded his head, “That’s right, Your Honor should first let the madam and Little Honor interact with each other and allow them to produce good impressions of each other. That way, when the time comes where everything comes to light, Madam Qing Ya wouldn’t make things difficult for Ah Li.” “Makes sense.” Ye Hua nodded. After remaining silent for a moment, Ye Hua continued and asked, “You all say, should I take in that woman or not?” Lie Gu raised up his hand. “Speak!” Lie Gu immediately said, “Your Honor, subordinate thinks that Your Honor should definitely take in the other madam. If the Little Honor is really birthed by her, it is only reasonable that she should have a status to her. After all, the Little Honor is Your Honor’s descendant, and a mother’s position raises depending on her child.” Wei Chang and Ye Zizi were startled. There actually isn’t any fault within Lie Gu’s words, Lie Gu has become smart. “Lie Gu, I am very happy that you have finally started using your brain, and not just your lower body.” Lie Gu laughed complacently. Who says that I am only able to think with my lower body? Take a look, even His Honor has praised me. “Your Honor, then, regarding the other madam, when should we go and invite her over?“ Wei Chang asked the key question. Ye Hua extinguished his cigarette and said gravely, “Wait for my orders.” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Alright, you all can leave now. That’s right, Wei Chang, properly guide those two non-mainstreams.” Ye Hua reminded, then disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already in the bedroom. Lie Gu went into a daze for a moment, then asked curiously, “What non-mainstreams?” “Two humans who escorted His Honor’s descendant to the bar.” Wei Chang laughed. “F**k, these two have struck it lucky, His Honor even specifically reminded you to look after them, formidable, formidable.” Lie Gu gave a thumbs-up, then disappeared from the toilet too after he finished speaking. Ye Zizi walked out of the toilet while yawning, and the green and red brothers that were outside immediately turned their heads away. Wei Chang walked to the front of the two and said, “Do you two want to continue protecting Ah Li?” Green and red brothers took a look at each other, then said at the same time, “Yes!” Wei Chang was very satisfied with the answer. Returning back to the bedroom, Ye Hu heard the giggles that were coming out from the bathroom, and a slight arc slowly appeared on the corner of his mouth. However, the slight arc disappeared very quickly. That woman from three years ago, and Qing Ya, how did they become pregnant with just one shot? It must be said, my bullets truly do not miss their targets. However, that is fine, the more descendants I have, the better it is. Just that, how to get them to coexist together, that is the big problem. Why are those humans able to have a bunch of wives and concubines, and yet when it comes to me, it isn’t possible? I will see how things go for now. If things don’t work out, I will just resort to using coercive measures, would I even be afraid of two women! Thinking back to that woman from three years ago, Ye Hua felt that she was all right and was just barely worthy enough to be his woman. Of course, that woman requires to be trained for a bit. After all, that woman is even more haughty compared to Qing Ya. From her endurance alone, I am able to see that she is the kind of woman that is not willing to admit defeat easily. After waiting for a while, Qing Ya who was wearing her nightclothes walked out of the bathroom while carrying onto Donghuang Li. Donghuang Li had a smile on her, appearing to be very happy. “Uncle, hug hug~” Ye Hua laughed lightly, then carried onto Donghuang Li. Is this what having a child feels like? This feeling of wanting to properly protect her feels so subtle. Right now, I am finally able to experience what those humans from back then felt. The situation where after killing a small one, a big one would come, and after killing a big one, an old one would come, if I were in their position, I would have done the same. Qing Ya silently let out a breath. Looking at Ye Hua and Ah Li, they truly look like father and daughter... It must be said that, a woman’s institution was truly very scary. “Uncle, Ah Li doesn’t want to sleep anymore, Ah Li wants to play eating chicken with Aunt Ye and Aunt Qing.” Donghuang Li said in a low voice while within Ye Hua’s embrace. She was a bit afraid that Uncle Ye would reprimand her, after all, her mother would reprimand her every time when she plays computer games late at night. Ye Hua said lightly, “Alright.” Donghuang Li became exulted and she kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek, “Ah Li likes uncle.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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