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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 201 – Revenge has been sought 2/2 At Ying Family’s main hall, a meeting was currently being held. Anger could be seen to be on everyone’s face. With his eyes opened wide, and his chest heaving continuously, Ying Shang shouted out angrily, “Big brother! This Voidless Realm is being too much!!!” Ying Jingshan who was sitting on the main seat, his expression was not very good too, and his eyes were currently filled with bloodshot. Today, I received the latest news, the empress is searching for a little girl, and furthermore, the little girl that she is searching for is actually her daughter! Illegitimate daughter! I didn’t expect that the empress would be this kind of person. If not for her words, how would such a great change had happened in Ying Family within just two days! If not for her words, my son wouldn’t have died, and even more, he wouldn’t have attracted over an even bigger disaster! The empress’s action is practically playing around with Ying Family’s dignity! Ying Kangshi’s injuries were pretty much close to being completely recovered, and currently, he was sitting at the side. Ying Kangshi hurriedly said, “I don’t mind that the empress has an illegitimate daughter, it will be fine as long as I’m able to marry over to the empress.” Hearing Ying Kangshi saying such words at such a time like this, everyone wished that they could slap him to death. From the looks of it, you are not someone who belongs to Ying Family, and instead, you are the empress’s lackey! With his eyes filled with bloodshot, Ying Jingshan said, “Voidless Realm’s action is practically provoking us Ying Family! Although our Ying Family is low-profile, we definitely won’t allow others to bully us like this! If the empress doesn’t give us Ying Family an explanation! We should meet each other with weapons in hands!” “Big brother, I agree with what you said!” Ying Shang suddenly stood up and shouted. Ying Kangshi hurriedly tried to persuade, “The empress does not have the intention to provoke us, if you all want to blame, you all have to blame those two women, and also that group of people!” “Unfilial child!” Ying Jingshan could be seen suddenly appearing in front of his son and sending his son flying with a slap, “If not for your mother’s sake, I would have killed you for the words that you just said!” Ying Kangshi held onto his face and looked at his father in disbelief, “Right now, the only thing that we can do is to join hands together with the empress and oppose those people! How can our Ying Family submit to others!!!” “Who are you intending to oppose?” Xun Fang could be seen walking into the main hall with unhurried steps. Followed behind her was Dou Fushi. Death Mage did not follow along, and who knows what he even went to do. Today’s Xun Fang was exceptionally beautiful, seemingly like she has returned back to the Cloud Sect Sect Master from back then. Although Xun Fang only wore a simple gauze gown on her, strong confidence was emitting out from her. Even more, the slight arc on the corner of her mouth was causing others to not be able to take their eyes off her. As expected of the south’s prideful woman, Xun Fang. And the reason for Xun Fang’s change was because, after having sought her revenge, she had finally untied the knot in her heart. Dou Fushi who was following behind Xun Fang, during these past few days, he felt like had been sitting on a rocket. I have not even joined a family before, and yet right now, I have jumped over three ranks. Not only have I jumped over the families and aristocratic families, but I have also even jumped over the heads of the three big powers. The most fortunate thing in this entire life of mine is that, during that night, I went out to catch ghosts, and even more, mistook the two for being ghosts… Although that matter was a bit embarrassing, without that day’s embarrassment, where would I be able to be where I am at today! Ying Family! One of the three big powers! Even such a power has to treat me with respect! I’m practically on cloud nine right now. I have to properly repay this evil couple by earning more money for them to buy in-game currencies for their games. However, I suddenly discovered that sister-in-law seems to be very happy today. The sister-in-law right now compared to the sister-in-law in the past is practically the difference between heaven and earth. Sister-in-law is so beautiful~ And big brother is so ugly… However, big brother is uniquely ugly. It is no wonder that big brother is able to make sister-in-law fall head over heels for him and unable to free herself away from him~ https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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