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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 202 – Let them fight! 1/2 Ying Kangshi who was on the floor lowered his head and did not dare to look face to face at Xun Fang. Meanwhile, all of the Ying Family members who were within the main hall ran out, then cupped their hands and said respectfully, “Master Xun!” Xun Fang nodded her head, then smiled lightly, “Don’t be nervous, I’m merely passing by, you all can continue with your meeting.” All of them were startled, and Ying Jingshan said hurriedly, “Master Xun, don’t misunderstand, our loyalty towards His Honor is as clear as the sun and moon.” “That would be the best.” Xun Fang said. After pausing for a moment, Ying Jingshan continued and said, “Master Xun, just a moment ago, we were all discussing about a matter that’s regarding Voidless Realm.” “En?” Xun Fang was a bit confused. They are actually discussing about Voidless Realm? If I recall correctly, I robbed things that belonged to Voidless Realm quite a while ago. Although Xun Fang was a sect master in the past, she was still very unfamiliar with the three big powers and had just merely heard of rumors regarding the three big powers. However, right now, it was different. Ying Shang added, “Master Xun, Voidless Realm is one of the three big powers, and they are the one who controls all of the powers that are located within the north.” “What’s the matter? They provoked you?” Xun Fang asked. Ying Jingshan said gravely, “Master Xun, originally, Voidless Realm’s empress wanted to have my son marry into her family. However, recently, then did we come to know that, the empress actually has an illegitimate daughter!” “Hmmm? What is wrong with the empress having a daughter?” Xun Fang asked curiously. From the looks of it, the things that I robbed from Voidless Realm were originally going to belong to Ying Family, what a coincidence that is. Everyone slightly lowered their heads, and Ying Jingshan continued and said, “The empress has always been known to be pure, noble, and holy. To be able to receive the empress’s favor, my Ying Family feels honored about it too. However, the empress actually has an illegitimate daughter! Which means that, she deceived everyone that is under the heaven, and even more, trampled on my Ying Family’s dignity! If it was truly just like that, my Ying Family could just endure and forget about the matter. However, right now, things are different, for her to trample onto Ying Family’s dignity, she is also trampling onto His Honor’s dignity!” Ying Jingshan was not foolish. Confronting against Voidless Realm will definitely bring about losses for Ying Family. However, if His Honor were to help us out, confronting against Voidless Realm would be but a cakewalk. With a light smile on her face, Xun Fang nodded her head, “The matters amongst you three big powers, His Honor wouldn’t care, and also wouldn’t personally involve himself in it.” “Master Xun, you have misunderstood. Since Ying Family is currently under His Honor’s command, if Ying Family were going to confront against Voidless Realm, Ying Family naturally has to receive His Honor’s consent on it first. After all, we wouldn’t dare to cause a problem to arise within His Honor’s grand cause.” For Ying Jingshan to be able to become the family head, it wasn't a fluke, and his IQ was definitely on point. Xun Fang nodded her head, “Makes sense, I will report this matter to the upper ups.” Dou Fushi was about to become drunk. Sister-in-law is so impressive, and her aura is so strong. Those high and mighty Ying Family members are completely being kept under sister-in-law’s control, and they don’t even dare to raise their heads in front of her. If Dou Fushi were to know that Xun Fang possesses a token that was able to allow her to destroy Ying Family in an instant, he would understand just why those Ying Family members lowered their heads when they were in front of Xun Fang. Their lives were all currently being held within Xun Fang’s hands. Thus, it wouldn’t be strange for them to fawn upon Xun Fang, let alone lower their heads in front of her. Xun Fang gestured with her hand, indicating to them to continue on with their meeting. I won’t be taking part in your meeting. Instead of taking part in the meeting, I might as well go back and continue playing with my game. After buying some more in-game currencies, I will go and kill that skeleton a few more times. Feels great~ “Master Xun, I still have one more matter to report!” Ying Jingshan took a step forward and shouted out hurriedly. Xun Fang stopped her footsteps, but did not turn her body around, “Speak.” “This matter is caused by the fight over the ancient godly item from quite a while ago. The north openly snatched over the ancient godly item from the south, thus, we…” Before Ying Jingshan had even finished speaking, Xun Fang began to continue walking. While walking, Xun Fang said calmly, “For this kind of small matter, you all can decide on your own, His Honor do not have the time to pay attention to such things.” The corner of Ying Family’s relatives’ mouths twitched slightly. I have seen before one who is formidable, but I have never seen before one that is this formidable. If a matter like this is a small matter… What kind of matter would be a big matter? Regarding what kind of matter would be a big matter, it was without a doubt, family conflicts. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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