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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 202 – Let them fight! 2/2 After Xun Fang returned back to the side room, she told Death Mage about the matter where Ying Family was planning to confront against Voidless Realm. When Death Mage finished listening, he remained silent for a while. I heard master said that His Honor currently wants to spark the conflict between the north and the south as soon as possible. However, I should seek His Honor’s opinion on the matter first. Of course, I must not skip over the ranks and straightforwardly report the matter to His Honor, I have to first report the matter to master. In the next moment, Death Mage reported the matter to his master via WeChat. Wei Chang immediately replied, “In the future, do not contact me via WeChat, you are wasting my data usage!” Death Mage was greatly startled after receiving his master’s reply and guaranteed that in the future, if he had something to report about, he would report in person. Ye Hua had been watching the two big and two small play for two hours. Suddenly, Ye Hua heard Wei Chang had something to report about to him, and thus stood up and went to the office. A short moment after Ye Hua arrived at the office, Wei Chang’s figure appeared in the office. Kneeling down with one of his knees, Wei Chang shouted out respectfully, “Subordinate pay respects to Your Honor.” “En?” Ye Hua responded faintly as he took out a cigarette and lighted up the cigarette. “I just received news from Xun Fang’s side.” Wei Chang said while slightly arching his back. Standing by the window, Ye Hua puffed out a mouth of smoke, then indicated to Wei Chang to continue speaking. After taking a moment to think back on the details of Death Mage’s report, Wei Chang said, “The power that Your Honor subdued during that day is one of the three big powers, Ying Family. The three big powers control all of the powers within the north and south, and Ying Family belongs to the south.” “En.” Ye Hua responded faintly, seemingly to not have the mood to bother stirring up troubles amongst the three big powers. Wei Chang knew about the matters that His Honor was currently vexing about, however, he still had to continue on reporting, “This Ying Family was originally going to connect with another big power through marriage. However, this Ying Family seemed to have been deceived by the other big power, and because of that, Ying Family felt that their dignity had been trampled on, and wants to confront against the other big power and gain back their dignity.” Ye Hua said faintly, “Let them confront against the other big power then. However, we won’t be meddling in their matters. It would be boring if one side wins against another side with an overwhelmingly advantage.” “Subordinate has already informed them that we won’t be meddling in their disputes.” “Good. Who knows just which of the three big powers will be the first to fall, and after they fall, who knows whether if another power will come in to fill their spot or not? If there is such a rule where another power can fill in the spot of a fallen big power, things will get interesting.” Ye Hua sneered. When I’m feeling vexed, only fresh blood would be able to calm me down. Wei Chang said respectfully, “Subordinate will go and inquire about that. There is another matter, which is regarding the fight for the ancient godly item from a while ago. South has the intention to seek revenge against the north.” “Let them seek revenge then. In any case, that was what I had planned to happen. Watch closely on that Xiao Yi, don’t let him die, I have use for him!” “Yes! For the sake of making it convenient for Your Honor to toy around with that Xiao Yi, subordinate has left a trace of aura on Xiao Yi’s Xuan Yuan Sword.” Wei Chang said with a slight smile. Seems like my action from back then was correct. When His Honor is in a bad mood, only by killing people then would His Honor’s mood become better. Who knows just who is it that is going to be the unlucky one? Ye Hua was satisfied with Wei Chang’s doing, “You did well.” “The moments where subordinate is able to help with Your Honor’s worries and difficulties are the most honored moments for subordinate.” Ye Hua laughed lightly, then patted onto Wei Chang’s shoulder, “How are things going with you and Xiao Tang?” “Erm… still the same as before…” Wei Chang laughed awkwardly. Who knows just when the time where I would be able to push over Xiao Tang would come? Recently, Xiao Tang has been frequently simmering tonic soup for me to drink, and I have been drinking tonic soup to the point where I am about to explode. Ye Hua sighed lightly, “Sometimes, we should learn from Lie Gu. Where are there even so many things to pay particular attention to, just push over will do.” “Although it’s true that Lie Gu’s method is convenient and quick, it cannot be compared to Your Honor’s method. Just how noble are the madams? The madams naturally cannot be compared to normal women. It is easy to conquer the body, but it is hard to conquer the heart.” Wei Chang’s words could be said to have touched the bottom of Ye Hua’s heart. Hearing that, Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Wei Chang, you are after all the one who truly knows my intentions.” “Subordinate is merely just speaking facts.” Wei Chang revealed out a smile on his face too. His Honor’s praise feels much better compared to killing people. In the past, His Honor always says that I am stupid. However, things are different now, I am finally able to help with His Honor’s worries and difficulties. “If Jue Tian were here, I would definitely let over the spot of wisest to you.” A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Thinking about happy things was after all useful in improving one’s mood. Wei Chang was very humble, “Subordinate’s brain is not as good as even half of Jue Tian’s brain, and even more, subordinate's brain is much inferior compared to Your Honor’s brain.” “Alright, you can go back and accompany your girlfriend. In the future, if there aren’t any big matters, don’t report to me. My motive is to just make the south and north fight with each other. As for how you all are going to make the south and north fight with each other, you all can do as you wish.” “Subordinate should solemnly obey Your Honor’s order!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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