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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 203 – Make the empress kneel on keyboard 2/2 Everyone arrived downstairs, and green and red brothers could both be seen holding onto a black color pill and were currently hesitating… “Uncle Green, Uncle Red~” Donghuang Li shouted out. Little Brother Red was startled, and the black color pill that was within his hand fell onto the ground and smeared onto a layer of dust. However, Little Brother Red did not mind it as he picked up the black color pill from the ground and placed the pill into his pocket. “You two can come along too.” While carrying onto Donghuang Li, Ye Hua said faintly. Greed and red brothers were startled for a moment. Right now, I know that this man is the bar’s boss, thus, I presume that he must be very rich. Which means, we are going to tag along with them to eat some good foods. Woohoo~ The green and red brothers walked at the back of the group and talked to each other in a low voice. “Big brother, you say, is the black color pill that Uncle Wei gave to us poison?” Little Brother Red had a very conflicted look on him. Big Brother Green let out a sigh, “Uncle Wei said that this pill is able to make us become able to fly. But, I just keep on feeling that…” “Feeling that the pill is very unreliable, right? I saw that the two pills appeared within Uncle Wei’s hand after he stretched his hand into his crotch and moved his hand around his crotch. The two pills couldn’t have been…” Little Brother Red had a look on him that seemed as if he knew the truth, and he almost threw away the pill that was in his pocket. “Sigh, I took a sniff of the pill just a while ago, the pill shouldn’t be that kind of thing.” “F**k, big brother, you actually sniffed it!” Little Brother Red had a surprised look on his face. Big Brother Green raised his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “Are you an idiot? I sniffed the pill to check if it was poisonous or not.” “Big brother, would you even be able to make out if the pill is poisonous or not by sniffing the pill? I’m afraid that instead of being poisoned to death, you would get stifled to death by the smell.” Little Brother Red stretched out his hand and took a sniff onto his hand. I held onto the pill with my right hand just now, and as expected, there is a bit of a smell. Big Brother Green was very vexed right now, “Forget it, forget it, we will decide if we should eat it or not tonight.” The black color pills were great things, and towards other people, the pills could even be said to be an extreme treasure. However, when the pills landed within the hands of the green and red brothers, the two brothers were actually hesitating if they should eat the pills or not. But, the two brothers weren't to blame, after all, the pills were taken out from Wei Chang’s crotch, and who knows just what those two pills even were… Everyone walked out of the alley, and Qing Yutong said with a smile, “Ah Li, do you want to eat hotpot? There is a hotpot store across the road, and the taste of that hotpot store’s foods are not bad.” Donghuang Li looked towards the hotpot store that Qing Yutong was talking about, and afterward, she immediately buried her head within Ye Hua’s embrace, “Ah Li doesn’t want to go to that hotpot store, there are bad guys in that hotpot store~” “Ah Li, what’s the matter?” Qing Ya rubbed onto Donghuang Li’s head and asked. “Ah Li doesn’t like that store. Uncle, can we not go to that hotpot store to eat…” Donghuang Li pleaded with a pitiful look on her face, and the pitiful look on Donghuang Li’s face caused Ye Hua to feel very heart pained. Ye Hua said gravely, “The two of you, come here!” While feeling a bit nervous, green and red brothers immediately walked forward. “Why doesn’t Ah Li want to go to that hotpot store?” Ye Hua asked coldly. Green and red brothers took a look at each other, then Big Brother Green said, “Boss, we passed by that store last night, but when that store’s boss saw that our clothes were dirty and messy, he tried to shoo us away from the store. Because of that, my little brother and I went into the store and tried to reason it out with him, and in the end, we were chased out of the store by the store's chefs, and the chefs even continued chasing after us after they had chased us out of the store.” Tried to reason it out with him, Big Brother Green’s usage of words was truly incisive. Back then, the green and red brothers clearly ran into the store and flipped tables. Ye Hua finally understood what happened and asked Donghuang Li who was within his embrace, “Ah Li, is that what happened?” “Uncle, Ah Li was indeed very dirty at that time and was affecting others’ appetite.” Donghuang Li’s words made everyone felt heart pained for her. And Ye Zizi’s eyes even turned red somewhat. The Little Honor was actually disdained by someone! Just who is it that doesn’t f**king want to live anymore! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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