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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 206 – Teach attentively 2/2 “Boss, you are being too much by acting like this!” Qing Lian shouted out, and she actually took out a female small gun. Green and red brothers who were at the back turned pale with fright and immediately squatted down while covering onto their heads with their hands. The people in the cities are too scary, taking out a gun at the drop of a hat. The cities are unlike the countryside, where the most we would do was bring a water pipe along with us to fight with, we weren’t even allowed to bring knives to fights. The muzzle of the gun was aimed at Ye Hua’s group. Qing Ya tightly protected Donghuang Li within her embrace, and cold light was flickering within Qing Ya’s gaze. “Qing Ya, they are intending on killing me, do you still insist on calling the police?” Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette, ignited it, then sat down on a chair like a big boss. Qing Ya sighed, “You can do what you want.” A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Seems like I didn’t come here for nothing today. I have to find more of this kind of teaching material in the future so that I can bring them along with me and continue teaching them stuff. Take a look at my sister-in-law, she is much sensible compared to Qing Ya. Qing Lian’s gaze turned cold, and Qing Lian, who’s heart was just like that of a snake pulled onto the trigger continuously. Bang, bang, bang! A bunch of gunshots rang out, and gold color bullets flew towards Ye Hua and the others. Suddenly, a few sparks appeared within the air, and soon after, a few gold glistening bullets landed onto the floor. Ye Zizi stretched out her small hand and took a yawn. A strand of Ye Zizi’s hair silently stretched back to her. Qing Lian tightly wrinkled onto her brows. As expected, gun is indeed useless towards them! Green and red brothers practically almost pissed their pants. This is practically like the gunfights within the Hong Kong films, this is so scary!!! “Are you two still not going to go and call for backup?” Ye Hua asked lightly. What meaning is there in killing two small fries, it would be much more meaningful to kill the person that is standing behind them! Kun Chong knew that the other party wasn’t going to let the matter rest, but he still tried to persuade, “Boss, if you let the matter rest, you all can leave. But, if I were to make this phone call, the consequences that would follow would be very serious, and even I myself would feel afraid of those consequences that would follow.” Ye Zizi suddenly laughed. This human is so funny. However, why are His Honor and the others not laughing? For me to be the only one who laughed, it makes me seem so stupid… Ye Zizi immediately kept away her smile. “Make the phone call.” Ye Hua wants to see just who was it that was standing behind this Kun Chong. This fellow’s brag is almost about to reach the heaven, even I myself have never bragged like that before. I have always been low-profile and have never killed humans for no reason. And even more, I would never exterminate families at the drop of a hat like I did in the past. Kun Chong immediately went and make a phone call. However, within Ye Hua’s eyes, their death timers have already begun ticking. “I have already given you all a chance! So, don’t blame me for whatever that will be happening next.” Kun Chong laughed. After making this phone call, my entire body feels so much more at ease. Qing Lian leaned onto Kun Chong and placed one of her hands onto Kun Chong’s shoulder, “Brother Kun, from what I see, this boss is nothing much too. Seems like rumors are just rumors, one should only believe what they are told after seeing it for themselves.” Kun Chong stretched out his hand and slapped onto Qing Lian’s smooth and round butt, “There are so many people here and you still act frivolously.” “It’s because I know that you like it when I act like this~” Qing Ya immediately covered onto Donghuang Li’s eyes. Small children cannot look and cannot listen to this kind of thing. Little Brother Red who was at the back stretched out his hand and covered onto his big brother’s sight, “Big brother, if you look too much, you will be shot at later on.” “If that is so, why are you still looking!” “So that I can describe to you what I saw later on.” Little Brother Red looked at the two with keen interest. Big Brother Green stretched out his hand and slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “How are you even going to be able to describe such a scene like this to me!” “Be at ease, I’m very good at describing things. Back then, I was even prepared to write novels, and I even uploaded a few chapters onto the internet. The results of those few chapters were pretty good, but those chapters were 404-ed in the end.” “……” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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