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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 207 – I am the son of Ding Family 2/2 Seeing that Qing Ya and Qing Yutong left, Ye Hua stood up unhurriedly, then said coldly towards Kun Chong after taking a look at Ding Yuanwu, “Do you still have anyone else standing behind you?” “Who are you!” Underling Chang Sheng shouted out. To actually dare to be disrespectful towards young master, this man is courting death! Ye Hua did not reply. Speaking to those insects is already something beneath my dignity, if it was not for seeking justice for my child, I wouldn’t have even bothered coming here and getting myself involved with those insects. Chang Sheng’s expression sank, and his figure immediately disappeared. Such a speed like this was a bit faster compared to Long Aotian’s speed. Possessing such a speed like this was enough to make others exclaim in astonishment. In the blink of an eye, Chang Sheng appeared behind Ye Hua, and the dagger within Chang Sheng’s hand stabbed towards Ye Hua’s temple without any mercy. Chang Sheng’s action was extremely decisive. Ding Yuanwu whose entire body was being controlled sneered. You all are completely ignorant towards my underling. However, a second later, Ding Yuanwu became dazed as he shouted out hurriedly, “Chang Sheng, what are you being in a daze for, quickly stab him!” Chang Sheng stood behind Ye Hua’s back, and the dagger within his hand was merely only a centimeter away from Ye Hua’s temple. “Seems like you don’t have any more backup. Zizi, you can have all of them.” Ye Hua extinguished the cigarette bud, then walked towards the outside. Ye Zizi grinned, “Thank you, big brother~” After Ye Hua left, Chang Sheng’s front view appeared in front of everyone’s view. It could be seen that, a strand of hair pierced through the back of Chang Sheng’s head, and came out from Chang Sheng’s forehead. Chang Sheng’s entire body was faintly shivering, and his eyes were rolled upwards. It seemed as if the top of Chang Sheng’s head was being absorbed by something. Green and red brothers hugged together tightly. Why does this scene seem like something out of an alien movie… Upon seeing Chang Sheng’s appearance, everyone gasped, especially Ding Yuanwu, he seemed as if he had just seen a ghost. My underling’s strength is able to rank up in the tops within the family, and yet, he was actually killed off instantly! How is this possible! Just who is that little loli! “I am Ding Family’s son! If you dare to kill me, you can prepare to get chased after by Ding Family!” Ding Yuanwu’s gaze was vicious. Those people are too arrogant! Once they know of my identity, they will definitely kneel down and beg me for forgiveness! Ye Zizi licked onto her scarlet red lips, then walked forward unhurriedly. As Ye Zizi walked, Chang Sheng moved along while suspended within the air, and while moving, Chang Sheng’s entire body could be seen trembling acutely, and his skin and meat were degrading at the speed where it was visible to the naked eyes. “Little brother, so you are Ding Family’s son? If I have the time, I will help you inform your family about your death. You can be at ease, the pain will go away very quickly.” Ye Zizi’s loli voice was particularly alluring, but matching with a scene like this, her voice was like the whispers of a devil, trembling the heartstrings of others. Ye Zizi’s ponytail slowly floated upwards, and countless strands of hair shot out like poisonous snakes. “A ghost!” “Someone save me!” Kun Chong and Qing Lian couldn’t care about their image anymore as they immediately began running towards the outside. Their desire to live was very strong, but unfortunately, the person that they were facing against was Ye Zizi. To a certain degree, Ye Zizi’s strength was even stronger compared to Ye Hua’s strength! Strand after strand of hair mercilessly pierced through the back of everyone’s head. Fresh blood dyed the strands of hair red, and the blood transmitted all the way towards Ye Zizi’s brain, which in turn caused Ye Zizi’s beautiful scarlet eyes to become even more bright and beautiful. “I am Ding Family’s son! My father won’t let you all off! He will kill all of you!” Ding Yuanwu who was suspended within the air had been practically repeating the same lines over and over. And the line that he had repeated the most was, “I am Ding Family’s son”. Ye Zizi patted onto her small mouth and yawned, then said sweetly, “I have seen too many people like you. After your father came, the lines that your father would utter would definitely remain the same, then afterward, your grandfather would come, and afterward, if your great grandfather is still alive, the lines that your great grandfather would utter would most probably change.” “For example, your great grandfather would say, I won’t let you off even after I become a ghost!” Ye Zizi imitated a tone that she heard in the past and revealed out a scared look on her. Ding Yuanwu felt that everything within his body was being absorbed and he was finally afraid. I’m still young, I still don’t want to die yet! However, before Ding Yuanwu even began begging for his life, Ye Zizi said pitifully, “Don’t kill me, I have money, I have lots of good things, I will give them all to you~” Soon after, Ye Zizi smiled sweetly, “Were you preparing to say those words? Looking at your expression, I know that I guessed correctly.” “You!!!” “Alright, I have had my fun, and have had my fill. I still have to go back and play with my computer game, so, bye bye~” Everyone turned into dried corpses in an instant, then fell heavily onto the ground. Ye Zizi pouted her mouth, “That action that His Honor did was very handsome, Zizi wants to learn it too~” Ye Zizi could be seen stretching out her right hand. Snap~ Finger snap was indeed not just a name in vain. At this moment, all of the corpses turned into dust, and even the interior decorations of the bar also turned into dust too. Ye Zizi let out a breath, “That was dangerous, it was lucky that I managed to keep the power of the finger snap under control.” “Hey, how long are you two going to hug each other for? Time to leave.” Ye Zizi shouted out towards green and red brothers, then hopped towards the outside of the bar. Green and red brothers took a look at each other and felt that their postures were a bit ambiguous right now and they immediately let go of each other. “Big brother! I have decided!” "Little brother! I have decided too!” The two brothers silently took out a black color pill, then closed their eyes and swallowed the pill. It’s so bitter… and there is also a weird salty taste… https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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