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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 210 – She’s here! 1/2 Green and red brothers looked at each other in disbelief. Could it be that, that woman is really here to look for the boss! My god, the boss is too formidable, he already has such a beautiful lady boss, and yet, another lady boss is here looking for him! Furthermore, this other lady boss is the super haughty kind of lady boss. The boss is formidable! “You all watch after her! Don’t act blindly without instructions!” Wei Chang said gravely. Seems like the truth is as I had expected, Ah Li is birthed by this woman. If Ah Li wasn’t birthed by this woman, this woman wouldn’t have all of a sudden came all the way to the bar. However, isn’t it too quick? Ah Li has only just arrived at the bar during this morning, and right now, the night has just descended, and Ah Li’s mom has already come to the bar to look for her! In actuality, it couldn’t be counted as being quick. Donghuang Baizhi had already been searching for her daughter for 10+ days, and the reason that she came to the bar was not only to look for her daughter, but to also settle the old scores with Ye Hua. Right now, Wei Chang was like an ant that was on a hot pan. If the madam were to know of this matter, the madam is definitely going to have a fall out with His Honor again. Adding on with the fact that His Honor’s temper isn’t really good, if His Honor isn’t able to hold his temper when the madam has a fall out with him… This won’t do! I have to call over Lie Gu and get him to help keep the situation under control. We definitely must not let His Honor go berserk, if not, everyone is going to be out of luck. Thinking up to here, Wei Chang immediately contacted Lie Gu. Lie Gu was currently enjoying the delicacies that his three lovely wives made. Upon hearing Wei Chang’s words, Lie Gu choked onto the food that he was eating. Immediately, Lie Gu hurried over to the bar. “What’s the situation! What’s the situation!” Lie Gu secretly looked towards Donghuang Baizhi. The feeling that the scene at this moment gave out was very fascinating, four heads were stretching out from a corner and forming into a vertical stroke. Upon seeing Donghuang Baizhi, Lie Gu swallowed his saliva. Back then when I was lying down outside of the bedroom, I saw His Honor bringing that woman into the bedroom. I didn’t expect that, after three years had passed, this woman has become even more haughty. His Honor’s eyes sure are sharp, the women that he found, all of them stand out from the masses. After retracting back his head, Lie Gu asked nervously, “What do we do!” “How would I know what we should do!” Wei Chang said while feeling jittery. The two suddenly looked towards green and red brothers. Green and red brothers became startled, “What are you all looking at us for, we don’t even know her…” At this time, Tang Wei who had finished changing her clothes walked over and asked curiously, “What’s with you all? What are you all standing here for?” “Xiao Tang, you head back by yourself first.” Wei Chang decided that he should get Tang Wei to go back first. Who knows what would happen when His Honor becomes angry? Tang Wei was very puzzled, however, upon seeing that both Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s expressions were grave, she thought to herself, “Perhaps something bad happened.” “Alright, I will head back first then. Uncle Wei, if there is anything wrong, give me a call, don’t make me worry.” Tang Wei was very clever, she knew that there were some matters that she shouldn’t participate in. Wei Chang nodded his head. Lie Gu tightly wrinkled his brows, and after quite a while, he said, “Say, how about we kidnap her and bring her away from the bar first?” “Have you gone crazy? She is the Little Honor’s mother! Right now, she is someone who we would have to call madam! Are you thinking of being disrespectful to someone who is above you!” Wei Chang shouted out coldly. Lie Gu scratched onto his head and said gloomily, “Then, you say, what do we do? His Honor is also truly irresponsible, why does he not wear protection when he is doing it? Gluttonous Monster, you have to remember, when you are doing it, you definitely have to wear protection.” Wei Chang rubbed onto the protection that was kept within his pant’s pocket and sighed lightly. I am always prepared for when the moment comes, however, I haven’t been able to get the chance to use it yet. “How about this, I will go and sound her out first. Perhaps, the reason that she came here isn’t what we are thinking of right now.” Wei Chang said gravely, although he himself also didn’t believe in what he just said. Lie Gu nodded his head. That’s all we can do currently. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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