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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 212 – This is unfair! “How did you know that?” Qing Ya’s expression was grave. This woman is not simple! “Let me finish speaking first.” After pausing for a moment, Donghuang Baizhi continued and said, “On that day where you came to the bar, you must have been in a very bad mood, am I correct?” Qing Ya’s expression changed slightly, and soon after, she nodded her head. “Afterward, he appeared, and said some fallacious reasonings to you, and after that, you followed him upstairs muddleheadedly. As for what happened after you followed him upstairs, I trust that there isn’t a need for me to say it, right?” Listening up to here, Qing Ya’s expression changed greatly, and she immediately looked towards Ye Hua. Qing Ya’s expression when looking at Ye Hua was as if she was saying, how did she know about that!!! Ye Hua smoked onto the cigarette that was within his mouth and did not reply. Ye Hua’s expression wasn’t really good right now. I want to retort, but I can’t, because everything that she said is true, except the line where she said that I said some fallacious reasonings to Qing Ya, the reasonings that I said to Qing Ya were evidently all proper reasonings. Moreover! The two of you came upstairs with me voluntarily, did I ever force you two to come upstairs with me? Did I held a knife on your neck, or did I threatened to exterminate your entire family… However, no matter how I quibble, what she said did happen. Seeing that Ye Hua did not speak, Qing Ya asked with a calm and collected expression on her face, “How did you know that?” “Because… I am the same as you, I was also tricked by him and went upstairs with him!” Donghuang Baizhi said coldly, and her gaze was staring dead-on at Ye Hua this heartless fellow. Qing Ya gasped, and her head began buzzing continuously. Immediately, she felt that the world around her was spinning around. After a long while, Qing Ya mumbled towards Ye Hua, “Is what she said true?” Ye Hua took in a deep puff of the cigarette, then nodded his head and said, “She is that woman who I told you about back then, the first woman who I slept with!” Qing Ya was in disbelief. Back then, I did indeed hear Ye Hua said that I wasn’t his first woman, and that there was a woman before me. I didn’t expect that the woman before me would be this woman in front of me right now, and even more, this woman actually came to the bar to look for Ye Hua! However, I am the one who is Ye Hua’s legal wife! And you are just someone who had a one-night stand with my man! Although that was what Qing Ya was thinking in her mind, Qing Ya still felt very uncomfortable in her heart. “What is your intention for coming here!” Qing Ya questioned Donghuang Baizhi. Since she is Ye Hua’s past love affair, I will just get rid of her. Donghuang Baizhi appeared to be much calmer compared to Qing Ya. After all, Donghuang Baizhi had already finished feeling angry during back then when she heard of the news that Ye Hua had gotten himself a wife. “Wait a moment, I still haven’t finished speaking.” This was the battle between two smart women. Although Qing Ya did not possess outstanding strength, her aura right now wasn’t losing out to Donghuang Baizhi’s aura, and the aura that she was emitting out from her was pretty much like she was saying, no one can think of stealing my husband away from me! “You continue!” I want to see just what kind of nonsense you have to say! Donghuang Baizhi said faintly, “Qing Ya, don’t be nervous, the reason that I came here today is not to target you. And in actuality, if it was possible, I would have chosen to not come over to the bar.” Qing Ya was feeling much more puzzled right now. This woman is really not making moves that are in accordance with the norm, she is causing me to not know how I should start dealing with her. Also! How did she know my name! “Alright, returning back to the topic! After that night, you two did not contact with each other, all the way until you discovered that you were pregnant, then did you come to the bar to look for him, right?” Donghuang Baizhi’s words caused Qing Ya to become shocked once again. Qing Ya’s face was filled with disbelief. How does she know everything? Could it be that, I was being monitored by her! “In actuality, what I want to know is that, how many days did you waited for him before he came downstairs to meet you!” Donghuang Baizhi asked the question that she was most concerned about. Recently when my daughter went missing, asides from being worried about my daughter’s safety, I was feeling very perplexed about this question. If I don’t get to the end of this question, my mind won't be able to be in peace. Qing Ya didn’t understand why Donghuang Baizhi asked this question, but she still answered, “Three days.” After hearing Qing Ya’s answer, Donghuang Baizhi suddenly laughed miserably. Three days! She actually only waited for three days! Ye Hua! Why are you so heartless towards me, and yet, you are so doting towards her! I, Donghuang Baizhi, feel indignant! “Have you laughed enough!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. This woman really needs to be educated. Look at just how improper she is acting right now! Donghuang Baizhi did not pay attention to Ye Hua and continued speaking, “Qing Ya, do you know how many days I waited for him?” Qing Ya shook her head dazedly. There is actually still more story between the two of them! “I waited for him for a total of half a month! Half a month! And even more, I was chased out of the bar every night, while he just stayed upstairs and didn’t show any interest towards me! Do you know just how I felt during back then! I felt like dying!!!” Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t suppress the torment within her heart anymore and shouted out at the top of her lungs. At this moment, she wasn’t an empress, she wasn’t a mother, she was just a woman that was dumped by a heartless man! This kind of situation was something that Qing Ya did not expect, because Qing Ya had never heard Ye Hua saying that this woman had come to the bar to look for him after that night. And Ye Hua himself also just recently knew about this matter from Wei Chang. Back then when this woman came to the bar to look for me, because my emotion was very unstable during then, I did not go and meet her. Suddenly, Donghuang Baizhi stood up, then pointed at Ye Hua and shouted out, “Ye Hua! I ask you, why did you come downstairs to meet her in just three days when she is pregnant! And yet, you chose to turn a blind eye to me when I’m pregnant! Why!” Ye Hua didn’t expect that this woman would have such a huge grievance. This is unexpected, however, as my woman! Is this the attitude that you should have! Can’t you speak nicely! Ye Hua's bad temper was starting to get a little triggered. “Can you speak nicely?” Ye Hua said coldly. “No!” Donghuang Baizhi was an empress who received others’ worship every day, the aura that she possessed was not ordinary at all. On the other hand, Qing Ya was stupefied. She is the same as me? She became pregnant? During three years ago? If that’s the case, her child should be at least three years old right now, right?! Qing Ya currently had completely no idea of just what she should do. The four who were hiding at the corner and secretly watching the show all had a complicated expression on their faces. Little Brother Red took a napkin and wiped onto his snot, “So pitiful, so pitiful, it is not easy being a single mother. The boss is too heartless, not willing to meet her even when she was pregnant with his child.” Big Brother Green sighed. This little brother of mine is raised by his mother alone and has never seen how his father looks like at all. This little brother of mine is also a child who has it hard. “Hey, why didn’t you tell His Honor about this matter earlier?” With an extremely curious look on his face, Lie Gu pulled onto Wei Chang and asked. Wei Chang said helplessly, “Back then, His Honor’s emotion was very unstable during those few days. It’s not like you don’t know what it is like when His Honor is unstable. Before I even reported to His Honor about the matter, I was chased out of the room by His Honor.” “Now that you say it, during that period of time, His Honor did indeed seem unstable… Ah, I remember!” Wei Chang asked gravely, “What did you remember?” “His Honor was watching Calabash Brothers: Save the Grandpa during those few days! And during then, it seems that the internet cut off for half a day. Because of that, His Honor couldn’t control his own emotion, and it was very easy for him to become angry.” Lie Gu recalled to back then. During that day where the internet cut off, I was lying down right beside His Honor, and I even had a dream where there were many delicious foods… Wei Chang held onto his forehead. I didn’t expect that the cause of today’s disaster was all because the internet cut off, which caused His Honor to not be able to watch Calabash Brothers: Save the Grandpa. My god… Meanwhile, at the staircase, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were eavesdropping on the three’s conversation. Ye Zizi had a worried look on her face. I hope that His Honor will be able to get through this crisis. Qing Yutong was greatly startled by this matter. Just as I thought, brother-in-law has a woman outside! If that’s the case, could Little Ah Li be!!! “Aunt Qing, what are you all doing?” Donghuang Li changed into a new set of clothes just a while ago. Because the dress was hard to wear, it took Donghuang Li a bit longer to change. Seeing that Aunt Qing didn’t respond to her, Donghuang Li hopped down the stairs. At this moment, then did Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi finally came back to their senses. However, it was already too late! “Mother~” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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