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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 214 – Properly reflect upon yourself! 2/2 “Ye Hua! You coward bastard, return Ah Li back to me!” Donghuang Baizhi stood her body up and chased after Ye Hua again. However, she was once again blocked by an air wall. With the bar temporarily closed for business, Ye Hua personally gave Donghuang Baizhi a small prison cell, locking Donghuang Baizhi up in the main hall of Leisure Bar. While hitting on the incorporeal wall, Donghuang Baizhi sobbed endlessly. Slowly, she slid down and sat powerlessly on the floor, then mumbled, “Return Ah Li back to me… return Ah Li back to me…” Wei Chang and Lie Gu both let out a sigh. Madam, His Honor’s anger button isn’t something that you should go and press onto. To anger His Honor, aren’t you basically looking for trouble? “It’s great that everything turned out well. Well, I will be heading back first then.” Lie Gu let out a breath of relief. It is fortunate that Madam Qing Ya didn’t become angry, if not, it would have been harder for the situation to conclude. Wei Chang was a bit worried about Madam Qing Ya’s situation. Just now, Madam Qing Ya didn’t say anything, but it is also because of that that it is scary. Madam Qing Ya wasn’t willing to even say anything. From this, it could be seen that His Honor has thoroughly broken the madam’s heart. However, looking from His Honor’s point of view, His Honor didn’t do anything wrong. If something has to be blamed on, it is all humanity’s fault. Humanity is the one that is responsible for all of this. “What are you two still standing there for, do you two intend on participating in the boss’s household matters!” Green and red brothers hurriedly shook their heads. How would we even dare? “Follow me back to my apartment then.” Wei Chang paused for a moment as he took a look at Donghuang Baizhi who was sitting on the floor. Seems like His Honor intends to start educating Madam Donghuang Baizhi for quite a period of time. For such a thing like this, as subordinates, it would be best for us to not see it. While thinking to himself, Wei Chang brought along the two brothers and headed back to his rented apartment. When Tang Wei saw Wei Chang brought the two brothers back to the apartment, she almost flew into a rage. Originally, we already have very little chance to be alone with each other, and yet, Uncle Wei, you actually brought two lightbulbs along with you, one lightbulb which is green, and another which is red! Uncle Wei, do you even want to do that with me! Ah, this is angering me to death! At the other side. Ye Hua stood outside of the bedroom while carrying onto Donghuang Li. Ye Hua was currently thinking about what he should say to Qing Ya and just how he should deal with Qing Ya. I reckon that Qing Ya is currently tidying up her clothes. After all, I don’t hear any sound of things being smashed coming out from the bedroom. “Brother-in-law, you are done for.” Qing Yutong walked over quietly and said petulantly. “How is your big sister?” Ye Hua asked in a low voice. Qing Yutong shook her head, “Very abnormal, I have never seen big sister acting like this before.” “Brother-in-law, you’re on your own, all the best to you, I am going to go and play with my computer game.” “……” You are still thinking of playing your computer game at such a time like this?! Aren’t you going to help me think of a plan?! After taking in a deep breath, Ye Hua opened the door and entered into the bedroom. Immediately, Ye Hua froze. The bedroom is clean, I don’t see any suitcase here, and only the bathroom’s light is turned on. If Qing Ya still has the mood to shower right now, it seems like everything is fine. Qing Ya is the one who is the most sensible, to know to think over things from my point of view, unlike that Donghuang Baizhi who does not have any deportment at all! Well, at that time, Donghuang Baizhi’s daughter was being snatched away from her by Ye Hua, so, what deportment did she even need at that time? If Ye Hua were to see how Donghuang Baizhi looked when she wore her dragon purple gown, he would forget that he had ever said that Donghuang Baizhi does not have any deportment at all. Lightly placing his daughter onto the bed, Ye Hua revealed out a smile that a father would have. This little fellow’s nose sure is adorable. Thump! The bathroom door was opened. Ye Hua turned his head around and said with a light smile on his face, “Qing Ya, your performance today made me felt rather astonished.” While speaking, Ye Hua walked up and tried to hug onto Qing Ya. Ye Hua’s mouth was craving for Qing Ya's lips. “Ye Hua.” Qing Ya said lightly as she slightly dodged to the side. “En?” “You can be at ease, I won’t leave.” Qing Ya’s tone was very indifferent, this caused Ye Hua to sense that the situation didn't seem to be looking good. Ye Hua held onto Qing Ya’s hands and said slowly, “Of course you won’t leave.” Qing Ya did not avoid Ye Hua from holding her hands, but she said, “Ye Hua, do you still remember our agreement from back then?” Ye Hua paused for a moment, then slowly raised his head and looked at Qing Ya, “What do you mean by that?” “You helped me broke free from my engagement, thus, I will also fulfill my promise. This way, I won’t owe you anything, and you won’t owe me anything too.” Ye Hua suddenly stood up and shouted out gravely, “What kind of nonsense are you spouting! What do you even mean you won’t owe me anything, and I won’t owe you anything! Don’t tell me that you are still thinking of that rubbish agreement from back then? All I want right now is you!” “But, I don’t want you anymore.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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