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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 216 – Lock all of them up Upon hearing that, Ye Hua immediately became angry. In order to try and persuade you, I have already lower down my status by so much, and yet! “You look at those men within those big families! Xiao Yi! Tang Wushuang! Which one of them doesn’t have a bunch of wives and concubines, and yet, I only have two!” Ye Hua immediately became indignant. Why can those people have so many wives and concubines, and yet, I only have two wives, and the situation is already in such a mess! Qing Ya snorted, “Only two? Seems like you still intend on expanding your harem chamber.” “Nonsense! When did I say such a thing! If not for Ah Li, you would be the only woman in this entire life of mine!” Qing Ya still did not turn her head around, “Ye Hua, I won’t believe your words anymore. It’s already very late, I want to rest, so please leave the office.” Ye Hua was very angry, he didn’t expect that Qing Ya would be like this too. Alright, the two of you forced me! “Alright, but Qing Ya, let me tell you, you can forget about leaving me for the rest of your entire life!” After finish speaking, Ye Hua left the room while feeling angry. “Ye Hua! You are a scoundrel! Liar!” The sound of Qing Ya cursing out at Ye Hua rang out from the office, and the sounds of various things being smashed rang out from the downstairs. Ye Hua let out a deep sigh. Should I go and look for that Xiao Yi and ask him for advice on what I should do to be able to get my wives to get along with each other? After thinking about it, I should pass on that idea. For such an outstanding man like me to go and ask someone else for advice, if words of it were to spread out, where would my face be? Right now, all I can do is see how things go as time pass by. Arriving at Qing Yutong’s room, Ye Hua opened the door and took a look inside. Two figures, one small and one big could be seen ardently playing with their computer games. I really have to give it to this sister-in-law of mine, she would rather play with her computer game instead of comforting her big sister. “Brother-in-law, want to play one round together?” Qing Yutong turned her head around and shouted out. Ye Hua who was currently in a bad mood walked into the room and turned on one of the computers in the room. Qing Yutong laughed, “Brother-in-law, my big sister is not easy to deal with, right?” “Sigh, this time, not only does she want to divorce, she even thought out on who the child should stay with after the child is born.” Ye Hua said faintly. Ye Zizi laughed, “Big brother, sister-in-law is basically just feeling jealous right now, you just have to coax her, and everything will be fine.” “What Zizi just said makes sense. My big sister is basically just feeling jealous. Right now, the more you coax her, the more pleased she would feel.” Qing Yutong began on the path of selling away her big sister. “En? Is that the case? Qing Yutong, continue speaking, if what you said is effective, your brother-in-law will reward you!” Upon hearing that there would be a reward, Qing Yutong immediately became full of zeal. “Brother-in-law, this is what you should do. You should start by tantalizing my big sister’s appetite by ignoring my big sister for a few days. After that, all you have to do is find an opportunity to beat my big sister’s butt. I guarantee that this would work for sure.” From the looks of it, Qing Yutong was intending on dragging her big sister down the pit with her. Because her own butt had been beaten quite a few times by Ye Hua, right now, she wants her big sister’s butt to get beaten too. “Zizi agrees with what Big Sister Qing just said. Big brother, you have to believe in us, we are women, and woman knows woman~” Ye Hua nodded his head, “Let’s play one round first.” Although Ye Hua was playing with the computer game, he was pondering about what Qing Yutong just said. I will try out my sister-in-law’s method. Perhaps, her method might really work? After playing one round, Ye Hua went back to his bedroom. Looking at her daughter who was fast asleep on the bed, Ye Hua thought to himself, “Ah Li is the only one who is my little cotton-padded jacket. As for the other two, not a single one of them doesn’t give me a headache.” After taking a shower, Ye Hua held his daughter into his embrace and went to sleep. Upon being hugged, Ah Li who was within her dream tightly hugged onto her father, and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Ah Li’s mouth. Ah Li even extended out her small tongue and licked onto the corner of her mouth, seemingly like she had eaten something delicious. It would be perfect if Qing Ya were right beside me right now. As for that Donghuang Baizhi, if she is able to learn to be at least half as good as how Qing Ya acts as a wife, I don’t mind giving her a spot on this bed. If not, that Donghuang Baizhi can forget about me letting her onto the bed! It would be useless even if she begs me! Next morning. Sunlight passed through the window and lighted up the bedroom. “Daddy~ Daddy~ Time to wake up~” Ye Hua who was within his sleep woke up upon hearing his daughter calling out to him. A trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth as he asked, “Why don’t you sleep a bit more?” “Ah Li usually wakes up very early. After all, Ah Li has to study. Daddy, do you not need to study?” Ye Hua laughed, “In the future, daddy will teach Ah Li some techniques.” “Oh yay~ Ah Li likes daddy the most.” After finish speaking, Ah Li kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek, causing Ye Hua to laugh out heartily. So, this is how it feels to have a descendant, it feels so delightful! “Let’s go, daddy will bring Ah Li to go and eat Chinese crepe!” Ye Hua carried his daughter and got off the bed. Donghuang Li was completely puzzled, “Daddy, what is a Chinese crepe?” “Haha, Ah Li will know later on after Ah Li sees it. However, we have to first go and wash our faces and brush our teeth.” “En, Ah Li knows how to brush her teeth and wash her face. Daddy, I will help you squeeze out toothpaste.” At this moment, Ye Hua’s heart was almost melted by Little Ah Li. After the father and daughter finished washing up and changing their clothes, they walked out of the bedroom. “Aiyo, daddy, I forgot to ask you, where did mommy go to?” Donghuang Li was a bit embarrassed, after having a daddy, she almost forgot about her mommy. Ye Hua said faintly, “Your mommy isn’t willing to sleep with us, so she went downstairs to sleep.” “Ah, how can mommy be like that, mommy should sleep together with daddy.” My daughter is really the one who is the most sensible. When Ye Hua and Donghuang Li arrived downstairs, they looked dazedly at the main hall. In the main hall, it could be seen that there wasn’t a single chair or table that was intact, and the paintings that were hung on the wall have all been torn into pieces and left on the floor. If this scene were to be seen by Wei Chang, he would most probably go crazy. After all, Wei Chang spent five years collecting all those paintings. Donghuang Baizhi could be seen sleeping on the floor. Donghuang Li ran over and pushed onto her mother, “Mommy~ Time to wake up~” Donghuang Baizhi opened her eyes muddleheadedly, and upon seeing her daughter, she immediately hugged her daughter tightly into her embrace, “Ah Li…” “Mommy, why are you sleeping here, why don’t you sleep with daddy?” Donghuang Li asked curiously. Donghuang Baizhi looked at her daughter and said tenderly, “Because mommy doesn’t like daddy, therefore mommy can’t sleep with daddy.” “If you two don’t sleep together, how did you two give birth to Ah Li?” There wasn’t anything wrong with what Ah Li said, and what Ah Li said caused Ye Hua to laugh, and Donghuang Baizhi’s expression to sink. “Ah Li, you have to call me mother, you can’t call me mommy.” “Ah Li doesn’t want to~ Ah Li just want to call you mommy, mommy sounds nicer than mother~” Donghuang Li acted coquettishly towards Donghuang Baizhi, causing Donghuang Baizhi to have no way to deal with Donghuang Li. Ye Hua felt that it was more or less enough as he shouted out lightly, “Ah Li, let’s go, daddy will bring you to go eat breakfast.” Donghuang Li could be seen dashing into Ye Hua’s embrace. This caused Donghuang Baizhi to become stupefied. Even my daughter has defected over to the enemy… “Mommy, let’s go eat breakfast together~” Donghuang Li shouted out to her mother. Donghuang Baizhi did not respond, because she knew that Ye Hua wouldn’t let her go. “Let’s go together then.” Ye Hua said faintly. While speaking, Ye Hua brought along Ah Li and walked towards the entrance. Donghuang Baizhi touched onto the empty space, and the air wall had disappeared. With the wall gone now, later on, I will carry my daughter and run away… However… how many steps would I be able to even run away from before I get captured again by that guy… After letting out a sigh, Donghuang Baizhi followed after Ye Hua and Ah Li. At this time, within the office that was on the second floor, Qing Ya haven’t slept for an entire night, and currently, she was standing at the window and looking at the blue sky. Suddenly, Qing Ya saw three figures appeared within the small alley. Immediately, tears began flowing out from Qing Ya’s eyes. This liar, big liar! I won’t ever forgive him in this entire life of mine! Ye Hua knew that Qing Ya was watching him from the office. This is what my sister-in-law told me to do, to make her big sister become jealous. I’m only doing this because my sister-in-law told me that it would definitely work. If not, why would I allow this Donghuang Baizhi to tag along with us? To act cool? Ye Hua was indeed suspected to be trying to act cool when he allowed Donghuang Baizhi to tag along with him. After all, Donghuang Baizhi’s appearance was not paling compared to Qing Ya’s appearance. Donghuang Baizhi’s deportment was far above Qing Ya’s deportment, but that tenderness that Qing Ya possessed was something that Donghuang Baizhi did not possess. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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