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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 217 – Donghuang Baizhi is very hurt The big aunt’s business was very good today, there was actually a long queue of 10+ people. And when those 10+ people saw Ye Hua who was carrying onto a child, and the woman who was cold as ice that was following behind Ye Hua, their eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets. This woman gives off the air of an empress, she has a bright future ahead of her! Donghuang Li was very shy towards everyone looking at her and she buried her head within Ye Hua’s embrace. Donghuang Li’s action caused everyone to reveal out a smile on their faces. What an adorable child this child is. While carrying onto his daughter, Ye Hua stood behind the end of the queue and began queueing up patiently. Donghuang Baizhi wrinkled her willow brows. As an empress, when has Donghuang Baizhi ever needed to queue up, everyone had to make a path for her when she arrived! Donghuang Baizhi could be seen to intend to walk towards the front of the queue. However, right after she took a few steps forward, Ye Hua said gravely, “What are you doing!” Donghuang Baizhi turned her head around and took a look at Ye Hua, seemingly like she was asking, for such a mere thing like buying breakfast, you are intending on queueing up? “Come back!” Ye Hua said faintly. This woman really does not have the slightest bit of etiquette at all, she actually intends to cut the queue! If words of it were to spread out, my face would be thrown away by her! In actuality, during the beginning, Ye Hua also tried to cut the queue. After all, as a Supreme Overlord, how could he wait in the queue together with some mere humans? In the end, the big aunt didn’t give any face to Ye Hua at all and wasn’t willing to sell the Chinese crepe to Ye Hua no matter what. If the Chinese crepes that the big aunt made didn't taste so delicious, Ye Hua would have long flipped out. Donghuang Li shouted out secretly to her mother, “Mommy, quickly come back, don’t cut in line~” Donghuang Baizhi seemed as if she was struck by ten thousand points of damage. Forget it that I was chid by Ye Hua, after all, my strength is inferior to his strength, but now, even my daughter has defected over to the enemy side. Most of the people that were queueing up were males, and furthermore, they were males that were rushing to go to work. However, upon seeing such a beautiful woman like this, forget about cutting the queue, in their mind, she could do whatever she wants to. “Beautiful woman, I know that you are in a rush, I will let my spot over to you.” “That’s right, that’s right, all of us doesn’t have it easy.” “Those men, upon seeing a beautiful woman, they are not able to move their eyes away from the beautiful woman.” Some of the females that were queueing up disdained men that were like this. If it were an ugly woman, I would dare to confirm that they wouldn’t act like this. Donghuang Li felt that it was embarrassing, “Mommy, quickly come back~ We have to abide by the rules.” “Look, even Ah Li also knows to abide by the rules. What are you still standing there foolishly for, quickly come over.” Ye Hua shook his head. Even Qing Ya also wouldn’t do such a thing like this. Donghuang Baizhi was angered to the point that her face turned thoroughly red, and immediately, she appeared incredibly beautiful. However, even if that was the case, Donghuang Baizhi did not reveal out an embarrassed expression on her face. Like an empress, she turned her body around and walked back to Ye Hua while with an unordinary presence emitting out from her. Upon seeing that Donghuang Baizhi was still able to act like this after doing something so embarrassing, Ye Hua really had to give it to Donghuang Baizhi. “Look at your deportment from just a while ago, don’t you feel embarrassed!” Ye Hua began educating Donghuang Baizhi once again. I have to teach this Donghuang Baizhi starting from the most fundamental thing, which is, how to conduct herself with integrity! Donghuang Li helped her mom to speak, “Daddy, don’t blame mommy~ Mommy has always been living alone and rarely goes out, therefore, it is inevitable for mommy to not know about some things.” Donghuang Baizhi, “……” Ye Hua rubbed onto his daughter's cheek, “Ah Li is much sensible compared to mommy, Ah Li sure is clever.” “Hehe~” Donghuang Baizhi was about to not be able to hold herself back anymore. These two are teaming up to bully me, you tell me, isn’t it infuriating! If not for us being outside currently, I would have definitely begun cursing out at this Ye Hua. Endure! Maintain your empress aura! After waiting for 10+ minutes, it was finally Ye Hua’s turn. The big aunt long saw Ye Hua, and she was curious as to why this time, there was a little girl with Ye Hua, and also a different beautiful woman. Just that, why does this beautiful woman seems so familiar to me? “6 Chinese crepes, add additional ham and egg for one of them.” While carrying his daughter, Ye Hua said faintly. “Daddy, Ah Li wants to add additional ham and egg too.” Right now, whenever Donghuang Li saw whatever that her father wanted, she would also want it too. Donghuang Li was basically a little fan of Ye Hua right now. Ye Hua said faintly, “Would Ah Li be able to finish eating it?” Donghuang Li rubbed onto her small stomach, “En, Ah Li’s small stomach is able to handle it.” “Add additional ham and egg for two of them then.” Ye Hua said towards the big aunt. The big aunt who was making the Chinese crepes suddenly cried out in surprise, “I remember now! You were the one who stood here every morning for quite a number of days three years ago!" Donghuang Baizhi wrinkled her brows and did not respond. Ye Hua and Donghuang Li immediately looked towards Donghuang Baizhi. “Mommy, were you secretly looking at daddy?” Donghuang Li asked naively. Stab~ A small blade was stabbed into Donghuang Baizhi’s chest. “Back then, she stood here for at least 10+ days.” The big aunt added. Donghuang Li’s face was filled with astonishment as she said, “Wow, so mommy actually secretly likes daddy.” Stab~ Another small blade stabbed into Donghuang Baizhi’s chest. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi wasn’t feeling good at all. Back then, when I, the empress, stood here, I was feeling indignant! I wasn’t secretly in love with Ye Hua! Ye Hua rubbed onto his child’s head, then said faintly, “Ah Li, it’s normal for mommy to have such a reaction like this. After all, your daddy is indeed very outstanding.” “En, daddy is the most handsome, even mommy is smitten by daddy.” Stab~ Stab~ Donghuang Baizhi’s heart was stabbed continuously by an incorporeal blade, and what's worse was that Donghuang Baizhi didn’t know how to explain herself. “Young fellow, this is your daughter?” The big aunt asked curiously. Without waiting for Ye Hua to speak, Donghuang Li said with a smile on her face, “Hello granny, I am called Donghuang Li, he is my daddy, and she is my mommy.” “Eh… Young fellow, being fickle is not a good thing.” The big aunt began lecturing Ye Hua once again. The big aunt was probably the only person who Ye Hua could withstand being lectured by, and it was most probably because Ye Hua was used to the big aunt lecturing at him. Of course, Ye Hua would also retort back at the big aunt, take for example right now, “Fickle? That doesn’t exist. This is my new wife, and as for my other wife, she is currently at home sleeping.” Young fellow, if this is not fickle, then what is… “Who is your new wife! Pay attention to your wording!” Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t endure it anymore as she spoke and denied what Ye Hua just said. Donghuang Li was much formidable, Donghuang Li clapped onto her hands and said with a smile, “Is mommy going to become a bride? Ah Li is so happy.” “Ah Li, don’t speak.” Donghuang Baizhi stopped Ah Li from speaking anymore. “Oh.” Donghuang Li pouted her little mouth and responded. Afterward, she buried her head within her daddy’s embrace, making herself seem pitiful. The big aunt sighed, “You young fellows, don’t let the child undertake your mistakes, after all, the child is innocent.” What the big aunt just said makes sense. Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi did not retort, and Little Ah Li smiled towards the big aunt, then buried her head in her daddy’s embrace once again. After waiting for a while, Ye Hua held onto the bag of hot Chinese crepes and headed back to the bar. On the other hand, Ah Li held onto her Chinese crepe and began eating it. “Hold it.” Ye Hua stretched out the bag towards the front of Donghuang Baizhi. “I’m not holding it!” “As my woman, do you not even understand the basic established standards that you should have!” Ye Hua said gravely. This Donghuang Baizhi is really too unruly! “Sorry, I am not your woman.” Donghuang Li asked curiously, “If mommy is not daddy’s woman, then who does mommy belong to?” “Ah Li, don’t speak!” Right now, Ye Hua was much more cool-headed than before, “Donghuang Baizhi, you best start being obedient soon.” Donghuang Li who was within Ye Hua’s embrace nodded her head while remaining silent. “You are in delusion!” Ye Hua did not pay attention to what Donghuang Baizhi just said. Upon returning back to Leisure Bar, Ye Hua locked up Donghuang Baizhi once again, then headed to the second floor while carrying onto the breakfast. Two of the Chinese crepes were for the two that played with their computer games for an entire night. Right now, the two still haven’t wake up. Standing at the outside of the office door, Ye Hua opened the door and entered into the office. Qing Ya could be seen curling up in the sofa just like she did last night. Qing Ya seemed so pitiful right now. And when Ye Hua saw Qing Ya like this, he was also feeling very heart pained. “Time to wake up and eat breakfast.” Ye Hua shouted out lightly. Qing Ya said while with whimpering in her tone, “I don’t have the appetite, you can leave now.” “Why even do this, to use your body to go against me?” Ye Hua asked coldly. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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