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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 218 – Little Ah Li’s manipulation 1/2 “Leave!” Qing Ya yelled. Qing Ya’s state was enough to make one feel very worried for her, and also at the same time, feel very heart pained for her. Without choice, Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and left the office. Within his hand, a Chinese crepe that was still piping hot was being held. Walking downstairs, Ye Hua saw Donghuang Baizhi and Donghuang Li sitting together. The two were chatting merrily while feeding each other food one bite after another. “Ah Li, you come over for a while.” Ye Hua shouted out faintly. Donghuang Li was like a small bird as she rushed into Ye Hua’s embrace. This caused Donghuang Baizhi to become very jealous. Why is my daughter so clingy to her daddy, in the past, she wasn’t like this at all. “Report to daddy, Ah Li has arrived in position~” Ye Hua was very happy and he said tenderly, “Ah Li, can you help daddy do something?” “En~” “Go and give this Chinese crepe to Aunt Qing. Aunt Qing is currently angry and doesn’t want to eat. So, Ah Li’s mission is to think of a way to get Aunt Qing to eat the Chinese crepe.” Towards Qing Ya, Ye Hua himself felt that he had really let Qing Ya down. Sigh, I will slowly make it up to Qing Ya in the future. Donghuang Li patted onto her chest and said, “Daddy, you can be at ease, Ah Li will definitely get Aunt Qing to eat the Chinese crepe.” “En.” Donghuang Li held onto the Chinese crepe, then ran towards the second floor. Ye Hua let out a breath. I hope that seeing on the child’s sake, Qing Ya would stop being obstinate. “It is very normal for her to be angry. Back then, I also felt very angry, and wasn’t able to eat anything for a few days.” Donghuang Baizhi said faintly while sitting haughtily on the chair with her legs crossed. Ye Hua walked to Donghuang Baizhi’s side and sat down beside her. After lighting up a stick of cigarette, Ye Hua said, “Seems like you still constantly keep me in your mind. If that’s the case, why didn’t you come and look for me after you gave birth to Ah Li?” Donghuang Baizhi said coldly, “I have my own dignity too. I can raise Ah Li by myself, so there is no need for you to worry about us!” “It is fortunate that my Ah Li found me, if not, you would have got it from me!” “Humph! Shameless man!” Ye Hua said gravely, “If you want to be locked up here for the entire rest of your life, you can scold me however you want to.” “You are practically a scoundrel! Bastard!” Ye Hua’s expression turned cold as he dragged Donghuang Baizhi over to him and placed Donghuang Baizhi onto his own thigh. Donghuang Baizhi’s expression changed greatly. Because my spiritual energy is currently sealed up, I am practically just like an ordinary human right now. Therefore, how would I be a match for this man right now! “What are you trying to do!” Pa! “Ah!” Ye Hua slapped onto Donghuang Baizhi’s butt with the palm of his hand and said gravely, “Don’t think that I won’t dare to give you a lesson! I heard that you even made my daughter kneel on a keyboard! During one of the days in the future, I am also going to make you kneel on a keyboard!” “Bastard, let go of me!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out. A burning pain is coming from my butt, this bastard, to actually slap so hard onto my butt! While smoking onto his cigarette, Ye Hua’s palm landed onto Donghuang Baizhi’s butt once again, “Donghuang Baizhi, you best recognize the current situation. Since you have come to the bar, you can just properly be my woman and stop thinking about whatever useless stuff that you are still thinking of right now.” “Scram! I won’t ever be your woman in this entire life of mine!” Donghuang Baizhi was not afraid of being threatened at all as she shouted out coldly. However, Ye Hua just likes women like this who wouldn’t give up no matter what. Immediately, the symphony of slapping sounds rang out within the main hall, and from the beginning till the end, Donghuang Baizhi had never cried out in pain, and had constantly been enduring the burning sensation that was coming from her butt! After quite a while, Ye Hua gave up on this move. Seems like this move is useless towards her. “We will stop here for today. In the future, if you dare to be disrespectful towards me again, I won’t let you off this easily!” “Ye Hua! I hate you!” With her eyes red, Donghuang Baizhi shouted out coldly. Back then, you were the one that was being heartless, and yet right now, you are acting like this, wanting me to be your woman! Do you think that I, Donghuang Baizhi, is the kind of woman that you can order around however you like! While looking at Ye Hua walk up the stairs, Donghuang Baizhi tightly wrinkled her brows, then rubbed onto her butt. It hurts~ https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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