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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 219 – Sound out others’ feelings 1/2 Zijin City. Location: Xiao Family Mansion’s main hall. Right now, with a pale complexion on his face, Xiao Yi could be seen sitting in a wheelchair and being attached to an iv drip. Xiao Yi’s current state was very weak. Standing behind Xiao Yi were his two wives, Shu Nan, and Yu Qi who was currently pregnant with his child. While accompanying Xiao Yi, Shu Nan and Yu Qi's beautiful eyes could be seen to be filled with worries. Sitting on the redwood chair that was at the opposite of Xiao Yi was Tang Wushuang, who was currently taking a sip of his tea. There was a slight trace of peculiarity within Tang Wushuang’s expression, and if one didn’t observe closely at Tang Wushuang’s expression, they wouldn’t be able to discover it. “Big Brother Xiao, the situation right now is extremely grim. I feel that it would be better for you to retreat for the moment right now.” Tang Wushuang was currently struggling in his heart. Xiao Yi had done a favor for me in the past, and I owe him for it, but for the entire family’s interest, and for my own personal reason… If Xiao Yi hands the Xuan Yuan Sword over to me, it would be the best, because, with that, a show of brothers having a fall out with each other and becoming enemies would be prevented. Right now, I just hope that Xiao Yi is able to clearly see the current situation. “How did those Aristocratic Families decide?” Xiao Yi asked weakly, however, deep within Xiao Yi’s eyes, there were shrewdness, and also sadness. For this good brother of mine to come over to my place at a time like this, I know why without even having to think too much. Tang Wushuang let out a breath, then placed the teacup down onto the table and said, “This time, three different powers from the north went to the south to snatch the ancient godly item away from the south, and with this as the reason, the south’s Aristocratic Families raised a complaint against the north. Furthermore, the south’s two big powers are supportive of the south’s Aristocratic Families’ action. The north’s big power did not respond, so from the looks of it, the north’s big power most likely tacitly agreed that the north was in the wrong this time.” “Therefore, in order to prevent a large-scale death from happening, both sides reached an agreement.” “What agreement?” Xiao Yi asked gravely. Tang Wushuang found it hard to open his mouth to speak. After quite a while, Tang Wushuang said, “The south’s families will pick three family heads to come over to the north to try and snatch an ancient godly item away from the north! However, the three family heads cannot bring anyone along with them! Whether if the three family heads will be able to snatch an ancient godly item away from the north or not, it will all depend on their own capabilities.” “Then, within the agreement, is there anything that is required for the north’s families to do?” Tang Wushuang shook his head. If there was something that was required for the north’s families to do, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. In actuality, to the Aristocratic Families, this matter was of no importance at all. For the purpose of getting back the face that they lost, the south won over a chance for them to openly go to the north and try to snatch an ancient godly item away from the north. And because the north’s Aristocratic Families did not give any restrictions to the north’s families, it meant that the north’s Aristocratic Families were allowing the north’s families to guard against the south. Of course, the north’s Aristocratic Families weren’t trying to protect Xiao Family, and instead, they were trying to protect the ancient godly item from falling into the hands of the south. After all, if the ancient godly item was to get snatched away by the south, the north would lose their face. As for whose ancient godly item the south’s three family heads were going to come and try to snatch away from. It goes without saying, it was definitely going to be Xiao Yi’s Xuan Yuan Sword. After all, everyone knew that Xiao Yi had sustain grave injuries from the fight against the black-robed, and the idea of getting someone while they were down was a very simple one. Also, it would be very irrational to attempt to try and snatch away Bai Family’s ancient godly item. After all, that Bai Cixin was a very strange one, and that Wang Dabao was someone who possessed immeasurable luck. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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