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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 220 – Confirmed through expression 1/2 Xiao Yi who was on the main seat deeply let out a sigh, then squeezed out a smile and said, “Brother Ling, thank you for your concern. This injury of mine, it’s not able to recover in such a short time.” Ling Tian could be seen letting out a heavy sigh, “Brother Xiao, if that’s the case, it really won’t do. I just received news that Cloud Sect, South Alliance, and Guang Family, are already on their way here!” After hearing that, Xiao Yi said lightly, “Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Xun Fang, South Alliance’s Hai Daisi, Guang Family’s Guang Tianlu, they sure think highly of my Xiao Family!” Ling Tian grinned and laughed. Right now, because Xiao Yi doesn’t have any information sources, he doesn’t even know of the latest news. Ling Tian said, “Brother Xiao, Cloud Sect’s sect master has already been changed, the current sect master is Xun Yi.” “Xun Yi?” Xiao Yi indeed did not know about that. During this period of time, where would Xiao Yi even have the mood to go and investigate on matters that were happening in the south? Ling Tian nodded his head, “This matter started from the ancient godly item that appeared within the north. The previous Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Xun Fang has an affair with the black-robed.” “Has an affair with the black-robed!” Xiao Yi was very astonished. That black-robed is a skeleton, and that Xun Fang is a human. Even more, that Xun Fang is the noble south’s prideful woman. How could she possibly have an affair with a skeleton… Does this skeleton have a special technique or something? “This information has already been proven to be true. During the day where everyone was fighting for the ancient godly item, the black-robed brought along Xun Fang and appeared at the scene. And at that time, how do I say this… the two were rather touchy with each other. This black-robed is truly an expert too, to actually be able to get with south’s prideful woman, Xun Fang.” Speaking up to here, Ling Tian felt rather envious of black-robed. It is a pity, that Xun Fang’s appearance could be considered as top-notch. However, I heard that the black-robed is extremely frightening and that Xun Fang’s mind has already gone crazy. This Ling Tian was thinking too much. Xun Fang was very happy right now, playing with her games, poking onto the skeleton from time to time, and has Ying Family on the side who has to listen to her orders. This was much more interesting compared to being a sect master. And of course, to be able to receive her current position, it was all thanks to Ye Hua giving it to her. However, for Ye Hua to be able to give the position to Xun Fang, it meant that he could also take it back whenever he wants. This was what people meant by deciding one’s fate within a moment of thought. Take Xiao Yi for example, the reason Ye Hua gave Xiao Yi another life was because Ye Hua hoped that Xiao Yi wouldn’t die so quickly. Don’t think that what Ye Hua was doing was donating to the poor. Alright, Ye Hua was indeed donating to the poor. Xiao Yi’s life was given by Ye Hua, thus, naturally, Ye Hua was also able to take it back anytime he wants. Right now, it all depends on how strong Xiao Yi’s perception was, and whether if he will be able to achieve Ye Hua’s goal during this upcoming crisis. Shu Nan and Yu Qi were also rather astonished. During that time, all of them were present, and they all had an innate fear towards that black-robed. Right now, upon hearing that the black-robed has an affair with the south’s prideful woman, they felt that their entire world view was changing. Skeleton and human? Human and animal? Tang Wushuang did not speak. Although the black-robed is formidable, master said that he is able to defeat the black-robed. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. However, there were many things that Tang Wushuang was unaware of. How did that one sentence go? You do not know anything about your enemies at all. However, not only do those people not know anything about their enemies, they do not even know who their true enemies were. Xuan Yuan Sword? Xuan Yuan Sword was merely a bait. Nine Demons Pagoda? In Ye Hua’s eyes, the Nine Demons Pagoda was just merely a black iron, and the reason he tossed the Nine Demons Pagoda to Wang Dabao was that he felt that Wang Dabao possessed some credibility. However, the biggest reason was that Ye Hua wanted to impute the blame onto Wang Dabao. And Wang Dabao who was oblivious to all of that, right after he obtained the Nine Demons Pagoda, he happily ran back to fawn upon his wife and present the Nine Demons Pagoda to his wife. Everything was being controlled within the palm of Ye Hua's hand, and if there wasn’t a family dispute, he would definitely be enjoying the show that was happening right now. In any case, everything was personally directed by me, if I don’t appreciate my work for a bit, how would that do? https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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