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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 220 – Confirmed through expression 2/2 Xiao Yi who was sitting on the main seat remained silent. Three people from the south are on their way here! And two people that are from the north are here! Furthermore, those are just the ones that are out in the open, and who knows how many are still hiding in the dark? Seems like there is going to be a bloody battle today! Right at this moment, three figures appeared within the sky, and the three figures were flying at high speed towards Xiao Family Mansion. Phew! Phew! Phew! The three figures were precisely the three that came from the south! Xun Yi, Hai Daisi, and Guang Tianlu! The three were secure in the knowledge that they were being backed up. After all, the upper ups had already announced that, asides from the possessor of the ancient godly item, the three that came from the south cannot be harmed. However, although the north’s Aristocratic Families promised that the three that came from the south wouldn’t be harmed, who really knows if everyone within the north wouldn’t harm the three that came from the south? Because of that, some of the powers within the south didn’t dare to carelessly decide if they should fight for the chance to come to the north or not. However, there were still people who like taking risks. After all, riches come from taking risks! When the three landed in Xiao Family Mansion, the three were still rather courteous as they cupped their hands towards Xiao Yi, “Xiao Family Head, I trust you have been well since we last met!” Xiao Yi replied with a light smile on his face, “The visitors are guests, Shu Nan, serve them tea.” The three pondered for a bit, then decided to take a seat and observe the situation first. However, they didn’t drink the teas that were served to them, after all, who knows if the teas had been spiked or not. Hai Daisi did not want to drag on the matter and headed straight to the main topic, “Xiao Family Head, I’m afraid that you already know our reason for coming here this time, right? Hand over the Xuan Yuan Sword and a battle can be avoided.” “What you said is right. Handing over the Xuan Yuan Sword is indeed a choice for me, but, I still want to try and fight it out.” Xiao Yi waved his hand and signaled to his two wives. Shu Nan and Yu Qi both left the main hall, however, they seemed very worried about Xiao Yi. Xun Yi snorted as she looked at Xiao Yi who was attached to an iv drip and said, “Since Xiao Family Head insists on doing so, then, don’t blame us!” Xiao Yi plucked out the iv drip and slowly stood his body up. Everyone here was all big shots. Looking at Xiao Yi, they could see that Xiao Yi’s body was weak and Xiao Yi was lacking spiritual energy. With Xiao Yi’s current state, they could stab him to death with just one of their fingers. Everyone followed behind Xiao Yi and did not make things difficult for Xiao Yi. After all, they were here to snatch the ancient godly item, and not exterminate Xiao Family. Xiao Yi could be seen bringing everyone to a spacious and empty space. The space seemed as if it had gone through the baptism of an atom bomb, this space was evidently a part of the mountain forest, and yet, within the radius of a few kilometers, there was not even a single grass at all, the space was completely barren. “This is the place where I fought the black-robed on that night.” Xiao Yi’s words caused everyone to gasp. Hearing about the battle was one thing, but the feeling of seeing the scene where the battle took place with their own eyes was a completely different kind of feeling. It’s not that the people that were here weren’t able to create such a landscape, just that, it was very difficult for them to do it. Unless they were faced with a life and death moment, the might that they released wouldn’t be able to create such a landscape. Seems like during that night, this Xiao Yi was really faced with a life and death moment, and looking at this landscape, it shows just how strong the Xuan Yuan Sword is! The three were glad that Xiao Yi was currently gravely injured, if not, they would really have quite a bit of trouble in dealing with Xiao Yi right now. Xiao Yi could be seen holding his hand into a fist, and the gold color Xuan Yuan Sword which was emitting out a dense aura immediately appeared within his hand. Upon seeing the Xuan Yuan Sword, the three’s breathing became urgent. Compared to the Nine Demons Pagoda, this Xuan Yuan Sword is much more attractive! Tang Wushuang took in a deep breath, then silently walked to the side, in thus expressing his attitude towards this matter. Xiao Yi took a look at Tang Wushuang. Xiao Yi did not feel disappointed, and instead, he felt heartbroken. Ling Tian hesitated. Ling Tian appeared to be in a dilemma and seemed like he was fighting with the demon within his heart. “Ling Tian, I, Xiao Yi, do not regret being friends with you, it’s time for you to make your decision.” Xiao Yi used the Xuan Yuan Sword to prop his body, and adding on with Xiao Yi’s feeble tone, it seemed as if Xiao Yi was trying to lure others into snatching his Xuan Yuan Sword. However, right at this moment! Xun Yi’s delicate hand moved, and a sharp sword appeared within her hand. With a fierce sword aura and astonishing speed, the sword stabbed towards Xiao Yi. To be able to become Cloud Sect’s sect master, Xun Yi was not one that was easy to deal with. The strong wind that was emitted out from the sword aura caused Xiao Yi’s clothing to flap crazily. Furthermore, when the strong wind blew onto Xiao Yi’s face, it caused Xiao Yi’s face to feel painful. With a grave expression on his face, Xiao Yi tightly held onto the Xuan Yuan Sword. You have come at the right time! I, Xiao Yi, have been enduring for far too long already! The pain of losing my wife and the bitterness of pleading others for favors have been tormenting me for every second of my life. I, the emperor, had shaken the entire heaven and earth for a millennium, but I didn’t expect that, after rebirthing, I would meet with such a setback. Right now, I will let you all witness just what kinds of consequences and pain one would have to endure when they angered an immortal emperor! However, right when Xiao Yi was about to brandish his sword, a big hand suddenly grabbed onto the sword that was attacking towards Xiao Yi! Gale wind suddenly began blowing around everywhere. Ling Tian’s weapon was each and every single part of his entire body! Xiao Yi looked towards Ling Tian who was at the side, and with a smile on his face, Ling Tian looked at Xiao Yi. Confirmed through expressions~ https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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