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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 221 – Revealing their own might 1/2 During the final moment, it wasn’t that Ling Tian discovered his own conscience! And it was that, Ling Tian discovered that Xiao Yi was pretending to be injured all along! As expected of the act cool king. Back then, my acting cool skills were taught by him, and who would have known, he would use a different kind of skill today, the skill of pretending to be injured! Formidable! I have learned another skill from you, Xiao Yi! Xun Yi shouted out as she withdrew back her sword. Immediately, sparks appeared within Ling Tian’s hand. “Brother Xiao! Today, we should fight with our all together! I don’t wish that we were born in the same month and day, but I wish that we would die together in the same month and day!” Ling Tian shouted out, and a surging aura burst out from his body. If one didn’t know, they would think that Xiao Yi and Ling Tian were extremely close friends. After finish speaking, Ling Tian even patted onto Xiao Yi’s shoulder and said, “Be at ease, with me here, no one will dare to touch a single hair of yours!” Meanwhile, Ling Tian thought to himself, “I reckon that Brother Xiao is most likely feeling extremely touched right now. That Tang Wushuang really has poor judgment, how could Brother Xiao, the act cool king, let go of such a chance to act cool?” “Good brother! You hold them back first, while I go to the side and rest for a while first!” Xiao Yi said gravely, then walked to the side while using the Xuan Yuan Sword as a crutch. Brother Xiao, you can’t do this, don’t scare me please, I have already announced that I will be siding with you! “Hai Daisi! You go and stall Ling Tian first! Guang Tianlu! Let’s besiege Xiao Yi together!” Xun Yi shouted out. Guang Tianlu’s brows became tightly wrinkled as three cards that were emitting out red lights suddenly appeared between his slender fingers. Ice bone dragons! Followed by Guang Tianlu tossing out the three cards, three ice bone dragons were immediately condensed out by the three cards. Those bone dragons were not ordinary bone dragons. Their bones seemed to be formed by ice chunks, and they possessed sharp ice claws. Roar! The three huge ice bone dragons raised their heads towards the sky and roared. The dragon roars that were emitted out by the ice bone dragons were enough to make one exclaim in astonishment. Guang Tianlu could be seen tossing out three cards once again, and each of the cards landed onto each of the ice bone dragons! Gold lights flickered, and after the gold lights disappeared, a gold color armor could be seen being worn onto each of the ice bone dragons! The gold color armors caused the ice bone dragons to appear even more majestic, and adding on with the ice bone dragons’ huge bodies, the ice bone dragons seemed much more terrifying than before. As expected of Guang Family’s family head! Xun Yi wasn’t willing to be outdone by Guang Tianlu. Although Cloud Sect was widely known for their sword skills, Cloud Sect’s biggest trump card wasn’t their sword skills, and it was… "Thousand Mountains Emperor!" Xun Yi shouted out, and a huge amount of spiritual energy gushed out from her body. Soon after, the spiritual energy covered onto the entire ground! Bang! A loud sound rang out, and a huge crack appeared on the ground. Soon after, a huge claw appeared out from the crack! And afterward, another huge claw appeared, followed by a head, and then, an entire body! The aura that was being emitted out from the beast caused everyone to gasp. “Ancient godly beast!” Ling Tian cried out in astonishment. This woman actually summoned an ancient godly beast! How is this possible! Not only was Ling Tian stupefied, everyone else asides from Xun Yi herself was stupefied too. To actually summon out an ancient godly beast, from the looks of it, this should be Cloud Sect’s trump card! This woman sure is willing to light out her trump card like this. Usually, a sect definitely wouldn’t light out their trump card unless they have reached the moment of life and death. I didn’t expect that for the ancient godly item, this woman actually brought along her sect’s ancient godly beast! What a waste! Xiao Yi looked at the ancient godly beast in front of him, and his expression was grave. The ancient godly beast looked a bit like a tyrannosaurus rex, and what was different was that, the ancient godly beast possessed two heads, and all four of its limbs were on the ground. And what was astonishing was that, the four eyes of the ancient godly beast actually possessed the ability to place its target into confusion! The black scales on the ancient godly beast’s body were squirming at a slow speed and looks extremely disgusting. As expected of the ancient godly beast, Thousand Mountains Emperor! However, Xiao Yi and the others have not seen before Ying Family’s Heavy Dust. Compared to Heavy Dust, the ancient godly beast was a lot thinner and smaller, seemingly just like a baby that was just born. For the three big powers to be able to stand above all of the other powers, it was only natural that the three big powers would possess their own trump cards. However, Ying Family didn’t even manage to light out their trump cards, and they were already suppressed by Ye Hua’s absolute strength. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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