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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 222 – Sage doctor 1/2 The sudden sneak attack caused everyone to become stunned. Everyone knew that the relationship between Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang was pretty good, and even if they had a fall out with each other, it was unlikely for either of them to take a stab at the other’s back. After all, it was not a glorious matter to take a stab at the other’s back in such a situation like this, and if one of them were to actually do it, the person who did it would lose his face once words of the matter began spreading. Regarding Tang Wushuang’s action, even if he managed to obtain the Xuan Yuan Sword, he won’t be able to get a passing grade in the Aristocratic Families’ evaluation, and the reason that the Aristocratic Families would give for giving a failing grade to Tang Wushuang would be that, there is a problem with how this family head acts! Right now, Tang Wushuang’s gaze was no longer on the Xuan Yuan Sword, all Tang Wushuang wanted to do now was to kill this ungrateful brother of his! “Tang Wushuang!” Ling Tian shouted out angrily as he struck his fist towards Tang Wushuang. The fist that Ling Tian struck out possessed ferocious might, and along with the fist being struck out, Ling Tian’s vigorous spiritual energy formed into a huge gold fist! Tang Wushuang’s eyes became focused as he pulled out the dagger from Xiao Yi’s chest, then tightly held his right hand into a fist and struck his fist towards the huge fist! Don’t forget, Tang Wushuang was very strong too! If not, Tang Wushuang wouldn’t have been able to land a sneak attack so easily onto Xiao Yi! Tang Wushuang wasn't called a soldier king for nothing! Bang, bang, bang! Huge sounds erupted out in succession, and an astonishing amount of spiritual energy swept towards all directions. The sight was an astonishing sight to look at. Xun Yi, Hai Daisi, and Guang Tianlu were exulted. This Tang Wushuang has helped us greatly! The Xuan Yuan Sword that was floating within the sky lost Xiao Yi’s control and fell towards the ground while with the tip of its blade faced towards the ground. Xun Yi was the first to react as she ran straight at the Xuan Yuan Sword. Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu came to their senses a few seconds later. After scolding Xun Yi for being shameless, the two hurriedly rushed towards the Xuan Yuan Sword too. As for Xiao Yi, he retreated back quite a number of steps, then fell powerlessly onto the ground. Blood was gushing out from Xiao Yi’s chest, however, if one were to look at Xiao Yi’s wound, they would be able to see that a lump of black fog was currently slowly healing Xiao Yi’s wound. Xiao Yi didn’t discover that as his eyes were currently looking at Tang Wushuang. Xiao Yi didn’t dare to believe that Tang Wushuang would actually do something like this. Xun Yi’s speed was extremely quick, and she was the first to reach the Xuan Yuan Sword. After grabbing onto Xuan Yuan Sword’s hilt with her delicate hand, Xun Yi firmly pulled out Xuan Yuan Sword from the ground, then laughed unrestrainedly, “Xuan Yuan Sword belongs to me, Xun Yi!” Right when Xun Yi was rejoicing, three ice bone dragons suddenly rushed towards Xun Yi and used their huge heads to attack onto Xun Yi. Xun Yi snorted as she casually brandished the Xuan Yuan Sword that was within her hand. Immediately, gold light blossomed, and the three ice bone dragons were forcibly repelled! “Guang Tianlu! What are you doing!” Xun Yi questioned coldly. “Sect Master Xun, for you to snatch away the Xuan Yuan Sword just like this, I’m afraid that it’s not appropriate, right!” Anger appeared within Guang Tianlu’s calm face. Xun Yi laughed loudly, “Guang Tianlu, before coming here, we have already agreed that whoever manages to snatch the Xuan Yuan Sword first, the Xuan Yuan Sword will belong to that person!” “Hai Daisi! What are you still being in a daze for! Snatch the sword!” Guang Tianlu shouted out towards Hai Daisi who was at his side as he tossed out a card. The three ice bone dragons could be seen to actually began merging together and transforming into a three-headed ice bone dragon king! Hai Daisi’s expression was grave as he quickly formed a seal with both of his hands and shouted out, “Ice roar!” A bunch of huge ices could be seen suddenly appearing around Xun Yi’s surroundings and the temperature around Xun Yi’s surroundings began decreasing rapidly. Each of the ices possessed a majestic amount of spiritual energy, and when combined together, the ices formed into a strong ice formation! Faced against the attacks of Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu while being trapped in the ice formation, Xun Yi appeared to not be having it easy. After all, Xun Yi had only just obtained the Xuan Yuan Sword just a while ago and still hasn’t had the time to unravel the marvels that were stored within the Xuan Yuan Sword. Under Guang Tianlu’s control, the ice bone dragon king spurt out three ice flames. Immediately, cold frost filled the sky, and a blizzard actually formed within the sky that was filled with dark clouds. “Hai Daisi! Guang Tianlu! My Cloud Sect will remember the two of you!” Hai Daisi sneered, “Xun Yi! Hand over the Xuan Yuan Sword obediently and you can still continue being your sect master, or else!” “Dream on!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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