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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 224 – Ah Li has killed a person “Are you two intending to run away or not?” Xun Yi who was currently weak walked over slowly and asked. The two shook their heads. Right now, running away is equivalent to looking for death. If anyone here wants to get pierced right through the stomach, they can go ahead and choose to run away. Right now, Ye Hua was lying down on the sofa, and his mood has become a little bit better. From the looks of it, it seems like killing is the only way that can make my mood become slightly better. I should stop thinking about those two women for now. Right when Ye Hua was preparing to kill off those people, Donghuang Li suddenly opened the door and walked into the room, then shouted out sweetly, “Daddy~” Ye Hua opened his eyes and revealed out a light smile, “Ah Li, what’s the matter?” Donghuang Li could be seen running to the front of Ye Hua and holding onto the arm that Ye Hua was using to control the Xuan Yuan Sword with both of her hands, then said adorably as she began shaking onto the arm that she was holding onto, “Daddy, come and play with Ah Li~” Along with Donghuang Li’s shaking, Ye Hua’s index finger began swaying back and forth acutely, “Ah Li, daddy is currently working.” “Hmmm~ Daddy, Ah Li miss you.” Donghuang Li could be seen increasing the strength in her hands, and the swaying of Ye Hua’s hand became faster. Right now, the Xuan Yuan Sword seemed just like a drunk as it began flying around the air in disorder. “Run!” Song Huang shouted out hurriedly. Everyone began running away in all directions. However, the range that the Xuan Yuan Sword was flying around became bigger and bigger, and the speed of the Xuan Yuan Sword also became faster and faster. Many people who were running away were indescribably either chopped in half at the waist or beheaded. When everyone saw that the Xuan Yuan Sword seemed to be going out of control, they began running away even harder than before. In just seconds, the scene seemed just like purgatory, blood was flying around everywhere. On the other hand, Tang Wushuang who was lying down on the ground managed to avoid this crisis. And Xun Fang, Hai Daisi, and Guang Tianlu’s luck were much better compared to most of the others that were at the scene. The three of them managed to run away. “Daddy~ How about Ah Li bring you to eat chicken and let you show off your might in front of Aunt Qing. And who knows, maybe after that, Aunt Qing will forgive you.” Donghuang Li said adorably while shaking onto Ye Hua’s arm. Donghuang Li was truly mischievous. Who knows how many people have died because of her shaking onto Ye Hua’s arm? “Alright, Ah Li can go and wait for daddy first, daddy will head over in a moment.” “Then, pinky promise~” Donghuang Li extended out her pinky. Naturally, Ye Hua would satisfy all of his daughter’s requests. After seeing that her daughter left, Ye Hua looked towards the scene, and immediately, Ye Hua’s expression sunk! The Xuan Yuan Sword that was flying around in disorder also came to a halt. They actually ran away! Ye Hua let out a breath. After thinking about it, accompanying my daughter is much more important. Ye Hua moved his index finger, and the Xuan Yuan Sword immediately pierced through the ground that was situated right beside Xiao Yi. Ling Tian looked dazedly at the scene in front of him, then said towards Xiao Yi who was currently unconscious, “And you still dare to say that you never act cool! I have never seen anyone who can act cool like you!” “Quickly get up, everyone left already, there won’t be anyone here to clap for this act of yours.” Ling Tian shouted out helplessly at Xiao Yi. Looking at the Xuan Yuan Sword that was right in front of him, Ling Tian did not dare to go and grab it. Ling Tian was afraid that the situation from just a while ago would happen again. What happened just now was too terrifying! Take this Tang Wushuang for example, just now, the Xuan Yuan Sword actually stabbed into his crotch by accident. Who knows if he is still fine or not after that stab into his crotch. Right now, not only was Tang Wushuang’s stomach red, even his crotch was red too. Without too long, Xiao Yi gradually woke up. “Big Brother Xiao, you finally woke up!” Ling Tian cried out in surprise as he walked up and held onto Xiao Yi. “What happened?” Xiao Yi asked with a blank look on his face. Ling Tian rolled his eyes, “Brother Xiao, I know that you are modest, but if you continue being modest like this, you won’t have any friends.” Xiao Yi’s face was filled with confusion. Xiao Yi wants to express that he really didn’t know what happened. While being supported by Ling Tian, Xiao Yi slowly stood his body up. “Brother Xiao, what do we do with that Tang Wushuang?” Ling Tian looked towards Tang Wushuang who was currently pretty much about to die soon and asked. Xiao Yi took a look at Tang Wushuang, then said gravely, “Whether if he dies or lives, it will all depend on his luck. I, Xiao Yi, do not owe him anything.” Ling Tian nodded his head. After the two left, a man appeared. While with his brows wrinkled, the man looked at his phone and said, “F**k, no more chapters again, I will break another leg of his when I return back!” This man was Gui Chengren, Tang Wushuang’s master. Looking at his disciple’s miserable state, Gui Chengren shook his head. This disciple of mine has truly thrown my face away. “Master… save me.” Tang Wushuang stretched out his hand which had blood on it. Gui Chengren said coldly, “Don’t touch me, your hand is dirty!” “Master…” Tang Wushuang shouted out weakly. Gui Chengren let out a sigh, then waved his hand, and the two disappeared from the scene. The entire place became peaceful once again. The black clouds within the sky gradually scattered, and only the bloodstains that were on the ground could prove that a battle had happened here. Within the bedroom, after thinking for a bit, Ye Hua decided to contact Wei Chang first. I cannot let them off so easily! “Your Honor! Have your mood become a bit better?” Wei Chang appeared within the bedroom and asked respectfully. Ye Hua let out a sigh, “I was interrupted by Ah Li.” “The Little Honor definitely didn’t mean to do it on purpose.” “I of course know that, which is why I called you over. Go and deal with those people from the north who managed to run away.” Wei Chang remained silent for a moment, then said, “Your Honor, there’s something that subordinate doesn’t know if he should say or not.” “Speak.” “For this time’s fight for the ancient godly item, the north and south had an agreement beforehand. Therefore, I think that it would be much better if the three people that are from the south died in the north.” Ye Hua was startled. I didn’t expect that Wei Chang would be able to possess such comprehension. “Wei Chang, your performance lately has been really good! If you have any requests, you can go ahead and tell me!” Ye Hua was very happy. It is a good thing for my subordinates to have brains, especially someone like Wei Chang, who went from brainless to having a brain. Wei Chang has truly changed greatly. Wei Chang didn’t dare to take the credit for himself as he said hurriedly, “Although Your Honor didn’t say it, in actuality, what Your Honor was trying to do was to test subordinate’s adaptability to changes. It is fortunate that subordinate managed to answer correctly.” Ye Hua was startled and he had a flabbergasted look on his face. Soon after, Ye Hua revealed out a smile and said, “To be able to perceive my true intentions, Wei Chang, you are truly becoming smarter and smarter!” “Subordinate do not dare to take the credit for himself, this is all thanks to Your Honor’s teachings. Also, subordinate does not have any requests, subordinate just hopes that Your Honor could increase subordinate’s pay. After all, after having a girlfriend, my pay is somewhat unable to keep up with my expenses anymore.” Right now, Wei Chang indeed did not have any money. I’m currently in the situation where when I’m refueling the Porsche, the money that I used to pay for the fuel belongs to Xiao Tang. Ye Hua nodded his head, “This is a small matter, I will double your pay.” “Thank you, Your Honor!” Wei Chang hurriedly gave his thanks. I have finally entered into the ranks of households that possess an annual income of 10k rmb and above. “That’s right, who do you intend on calling to go and deal with those three people?” Ye Hua asked curiously. “Green and red brothers, those two require battle experiences. I will use those three people to give the green and red brothers a practice at battling.” Ye Hua said faintly, “That would be good. Give them more missions in the future so that they can increase their battle experiences, and thus be able to protect Ah Li properly in the future.” “Yes!” “You can leave.” After Wei Chang left, Ye Hua rubbed onto his head and mumbled to himself, “When did this Wei Chang become so smart, I’m sort of not used to Wei Chang being so smart. However, after all is said and done, this is still a good thing.” Ye Hua arrived at Qing Yutong’s bedroom, and it could be seen that, Ye Hua’s daughter and Ye Zizi were currently playing with their games, while Qing Yutong was nowhere to be found. “Daddy, Ah Li has already started playing, you can go back and continue sleeping.” Donghuang Li was very serious in playing with her game because she was currently competing with Ye Zizi. “Big brother, Big Sister Qing went to your office, she was called over by sister-in-law.” Ye Zizi added. Ye Hua’s eyes lighted up. I hope that Qing Yutong’s talk with Qing Ya would work. I will go and listen to what they are talking about with each other. Actually, forget about it! Am I, the Supreme Overlord, the kind of person that would eavesdrop on others! If words of it were to spread out, I would become a laughingstock! A minute later, Ye Hua stood in front of the office’s door and began eavesdropping on the conversation that was happening within the office. While eavesdropping, Ye Hua thought to himself, if anyone saw what I’m doing, I will silence them by killing them. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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