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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 225 – It’s time to get hard! Within the office. Qing Ya’s surroundings were filled with tissues that were crumpled into balls. Qing Ya was currently wiping onto her tears and seemed very pitiful. Qing Yutong was sitting at the opposite side of her big sister and sizing up her big sister. It is good that big sister is able to cry and get angry. At the least, this shows that big sister still cares about brother-in-law. If she really didn’t care about brother-in-law anymore, she would be acting indifferent right now. “This bastard, I am going to freeze his card!” While speaking, Qing Ya took out her phone and dialed the bank, then told the bank to freeze Ye Hua’s bank card. Ye Hua who was eavesdropping outside almost rushed into the office. Just a while ago, I promised Wei Chang that I would increase his pay, and yet, in the blink of an eye, you froze my card! How am I going to act as the boss if you do this! Qing Ya said while whimpering, “Boohoo, I will see just how he is going to afford to buy crayfishes to eat. Yutong… your brother-in-law is too much.” “Big sister, the current situation is already pretty good.” Qing Yutong consoled as she took out a piece of tissue from the tissue box and handed the tissue over to her big sister. Qing Ya asked while sobbing, “How is this situation counted as already pretty good!” “Of course! Back then when brother-in-law wanted to make me a member of his harem, didn’t you say that you would deliver protection over to me and brother-in-law if I were to become a member of brother-in-law’s harem?” “Qing Yutong! I called you over to help me think of a plan, not to let you speak nonsense!” Qing Ya shouted out indignantly. What time is it already right now, and yet this Qing Yutong is still making such a joke like this! Ye Hua who was outside the office wished that he could smack onto Qing Yutong’s butt right now. Your big sister is already feeling angry enough, and yet you still went and add oil to the fire! Qing Yutong said seriously, “Big sister, let’s take a step back and think for a moment. That woman is basically brother-in-law’s past love affair, and regarding the matter that the woman became pregnant with Ah Li, brother-in-law most probably didn’t know about it at all. If brother-in-law knew about it, based on his attitude towards Ah Li during those few days, he would have long brought Ah Li back to the bar.” “Therefore, this shows that brother-in-law indeed did not know that Ah Li was his daughter until just a few days ago.” Qing Yutong spoke based on facts and was being completely unbiased. Ye Hua who was standing outside the door nodded his head. There is nothing wrong with Yutong’s interpretation. “However, that woman is indeed very beautiful, and brother-in-law is tempted to take that woman in.” What Qing Yutong said next caused Ye Hua’s expression to sink. What do you mean by I am tempted to take that woman in, that woman is my woman, therefore, it is only right for me to take her in! Upon hearing that, Qing Ya began crying harder, “Your brother-in-law is basically a fickle bastard! In the past, I didn’t know that he was such a fickle fellow, but right now, I have seen completely through him!” “Big sister, which man isn’t fickle? Those who aren’t fickle, they all prefer men instead of women.” “Qing Yutong! Your big sister has been swindled by a man, and you are still all smiles here!” Qing Yutong laughed dryly, “Big sister, you say that brother-in-law swindled you, but just what did he swindle away from you?” “He… he… In any case, he swindled me!” If not for Qing Ya being pregnant, Ye Hua really wanted to smack Qing Ya’s butt. This Qing Ya, she is basically placing an accusation on me by force. “Did brother-in-law swindle you to get in bed with him, or did he swindle your money away from you?” Qing Yutong raised her eyebrows and said. “Qing Yutong, get out!” “Big sister, think back to those days during your honeymoon with brother-in-law. During those days, the two of you would constantly kiss ardently with each other while in front of me and Ye Zizi, and that tongue of yours would even extend all the way into brother-in-law’s mouth. Tsk, tsk, tsk… I remember just watching the two of you kiss would make my entire body go numb~” “Scram!” Qing Ya’s face was flushed with both anger and embarrassment as she shouted out and threw a pillow towards Qing Yutong. Qing Yutong let out a breath, then persuaded, “In actuality, I think that brother-in-law is pretty good. Brother-in-law cares very much about you, and aside from the fact that he likes to act cool, drink, and smoke, he doesn’t seem to have any bad habits.” “Are those not counted as bad habits?! Amongst the five big bad habits, he already possesses two of them! As of now, he is basically only lacking gambling, visiting brothels, and doing drugs!” (Five big bad habits – Smoking, drinking, gambling, visiting brothels, and drugs) “Big sister, you know that brother-in-law definitely wouldn’t go and visit brothels, after all, brother-in-law is only interested in you.” Qing Yutong teased. “Get out, get out, I don’t want to listen to your fallacious reasonings, your brother-in-law definitely bribed you to say good things about him!” Qing Yutong placed her hands onto her waist and said solemnly, “Big sister, you can insult other things about me, but you cannot insult my moral quality! No matter what, I, Qing Yutong, was born as one of the young pioneers. When someone tries to bribe me, I wouldn’t even give them the time of day! Yesterday, I even went off on brother-in-law and told him that he can prepare to become divorced soon.” “Ah!” Qing Ya could be heard crying out in surprise. Soon after, feeling that her reaction was very big, Qing Ya immediately turned her head away from Qing Yutong. Qing Yutong’s face was filled with disdain. With the way you are acting, what are you even being angry at brother-in-law for? Upon mentioning divorce, you immediately become so nervous. “You didn’t see brother-in-law’s expression at that time, he seemed as if his wife had died.” “Qing Yutong, who are you cursing to have died!” “Big sister, I’m just making an analogy. Alright, I might as well just act and show you how brother-in-law acted yesterday.” Qing Yutong coughed lightly, then began to adopt Ye Hua’s usual indifferent expression. After adopting Ye Hua’s usual indifferent expression, Qing Yutong’s expression collapsed in the next second as she began pleading, “Yutong, please quickly go and beg your big sister for me, I cannot not have her, if your big sister were to leave, you can forget about living too…” Ye Hua took in a deep breath. If this Qing Yutong’s talk ends up not having any positive effect, she can prepare to get it from me! Moreover, would I, the Supreme Overlord, beg a woman like this! What kind of a joke is this Qing Yutong even cracking? “Yutong, your performance is a bit over-exaggerated, Ye Hua wouldn’t say something like that.” Qing Ya could be said to understand Ye Hua’s personality rather well. That Ye Hua is basically someone who wants to keep his own face no matter what, therefore, there is no way he would say something like that. “Eh…” “Don’t pay attention to those minor details. Last night, brother-in-law had a conversation with me for about an hour, and you should have seen just how miserable he was…” Thinking back to last night, brother-in-law even killed a few people, and in the end, under Ye Zizi’s carry, brother-in-law ate a round of chicken dinner. “Alright, I don’t want to listen anymore, you can leave the room now.” Qing Ya felt that she could not continue listening anymore. The more I listen to Yutong talk, the softer my heart gets. I have to be a bit more resolute! That’s right! I must be resolute in my own beliefs! Qing Yutong felt that it was more or less enough. Looking at how big sister is acting, she’s basically just jealous and is currently unable to get over the situation. Upon hearing Qing Yutong's footsteps getting closer to the door, Ye Hua immediately walked away from the office door and pretended that he was passing by. After leaving the office and closing the office door, Qing Yutong walked up to Ye Hua and said with a smile, “Brother-in-law, don’t pretend anymore, I’m sure you have heard everything, right?” This sister-in-law really doesn’t give me any face at all. “What is your big sister’s situation right now?” Ye Hua asked gravely. Qing Yutong shook her eyebrows at Ye Hua, having a look on her that seemed like she was saying, you understand, right? “Tonight’s dinner will be meat, and I won’t leave out your portion.” Ye Hua said petulantly. “Hehe~ Thank you, brother-in-law~ In actuality, big sister is just jealous, there isn’t any big problem at all. Brother-in-law, if you just give big sister the cold shoulder for half a month, I guarantee you that big sister will come running to you and seek reconciliation with you.” Qing Yutong said very relaxedly, seemingly like she was very experienced in such matters. Ye Hua felt that Qing Yutong’s suggestion won’t work. After all, Qing Ya was serious this time. Qing Yutong could be heard adding on another sentence, “Brother-in-law, sometimes, when it’s time to get hard, you should get hard.” “What do you mean?” “My big sister is just an ordinary human, so, you tell me, what do I mean by getting hard?” Qing Yutong rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. This brother-in-law of mine, to not even be able to understand something like this… Ye Hua immediately understood what Qing Yutong was trying to say. “Brother-in-law, good luck~ Get hard a few times, and my big sister will naturally give in.” “Yutong, once this crisis passes, if you have anything that you want, you can tell brother-in-law.” Ye Hua was very generous. As long as he could become reconciled with Qing Ya, he doesn't mind giving away anything that he could give. Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, “Brother-in-law, you are penniless right now, you should look after yourself first before you make such a promise. Let me tell you first, I don’t have any money~” After finish speaking, Qing Yutong left. Ye Hua lightly let out a breath. After I am done with coaxing Qing Ya, I will naturally have money again. How could I let this little wealthy woman of mine slip away from me so easily? Right now, it’s time for me to get hard! Ye Hua opened the office door. “Yutong, I told you, I don’t want to speak with you right now!” Qing Ya said. “It’s me!” Qing Ya could be seen taking a look at Ye Hua, then immediately lied down on the sofa while with her back faced against Ye Hua. “What did you come here for, leave!” Qing Ya shouted out coldly. Ye Hua walked to the front of the sofa and said faintly, “Qing Ya, I will give you one second to change your mind, if not, I’m going to start using tough methods!” “Ye Hua! Don’t think that I, Qing Ya, am afraid of you!” “Are you going to get up or not!” “Go and die!” Shoot, to actually tell me to go and die, you are starting to become just like that Donghuang Baizhi! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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