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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 227 – I wasn’t convenient during that day Qing Ya straightforwardly jumped onto the bed, sat on top of Ye Hua, then picked up a pillow and began hitting onto Ye Hua with the pillow. Soon after, Ye Hua turned his body over and pressed Qing Ya down on his body, then shouted out coldly, “You dare to hit me!” “So what if I hit you!” Right at this moment, the door was pushed open, and Donghuang Li who saw the scene that was within the bedroom cried out in surprise, “Daddy, you have reconciled with Aunt Qing, this is great!” Qing Ya used all her strength to try and push Ye Hua who was currently above her away from herself. Ye Hua didn’t want to hurt till Qing Ya, thus got up from the bed and carried onto his daughter, “Ah Li, your Aunt Qing came over to admit her mistake.” Qing Ya was feeling very indignant. However, she didn’t say anything because Ah Li was here. “Daddy is so dashing~” Donghuang Li gave a thumbs up to her daddy. “The best thing that one can do when they make a mistake is to admit their own mistake. Ah Li, have you bear what daddy just said in your mind?” Donghuang Li nodded her head muddleheadedly. Soon after, Donghuang Li said, “Daddy, Ah Li has become tired from playing and wants to sleep now.” “Let Aunt Qing accompany Ah Li to sleep, okay? Aunt Qing is tired too as she didn’t have a good sleep last night.” Ye Hua knew that Qing Ya wouldn’t reject Ah Li. With Ah Li here to accompany Qing Ya, I will be able to relax for a bit. I will let Ah Li break into the enemies’ bases first, then slowly disintegrate everything from inside out. Donghuang Li blinked her big bright eyes, then said, “En.” “Qing Ya, take good care of Ah Li.” Ye Hua said faintly after placing his daughter onto the bed. In actuality, Qing Ya felt very complicated towards Ah Li. On one hand, she really likes how sensible and clever Ah Li was, while on the other hand, Ah Li was the child of Ye Hua and another woman. If I were to say that I do not have any hostility towards that woman, I would be lying. However, after listening to that woman’s recount, she is rather pitiful too. She went to the bar to look for Ye Hua when she was pregnant, and yet she was met with Ye Hua’s ignore. And after being ignored, she still went ahead and gave birth to the child and raised the child on her own. Just how hard must it have been for her? If not for Ah Li running away from home and came all the way to the bar to look for us, the people who she met online in a video game, Ye Hua most probably wouldn’t have come to know that he has a child outside. Sigh, we are all pitiful women… But what I just can’t stand is that, even after telling a lie, that Ye Hua still acts like a big boss. He obviously did something wrong, and yet he is not remorseful about it in the slightest bit! What’s worse is that he still has the cheek to talk about others’ wrongs! Even if you are a cultivator, you cannot be so unreasonable! I am your wife, not your mistress! Ye Hua walked out of the bedroom, then closed the bedroom door. I will let the two of them interact amongst themselves first, while I go downstairs and educate that Donghuang Baizhi. These two women have to be educated, so that they know just how to be a qualified madam. Especially that Donghuang Baizhi. Looking at things now, this is the second time that I have met face to face with that Donghuang Baizhi, and yet, our daughter is already close to three years old… This is truly unimaginable. Arriving downstairs, Ye Hua saw that Donghuang Baizhi was sitting at the worn-out bar counter and drinking alcohol. Donghuang Baizhi’s gaze was currently a bit blurred. Without the support of the spiritual energy, Donghuang Baizhi was basically just an ordinary human. Therefore, it was only natural for her to become drunk when drinking alcohol. Upon seeing Donghuang Baizhi’s state, Ye Hua let out a sigh. Back then, if I had come downstairs, I reckon that nothing would have happened between me and Qing Ya. It is fortunate that I did not come downstairs, if not, I would not have been able to meet with Qing Ya. Just that, with how the situation is right now, I have to slowly make it up to this Donghuang Baizhi for the hardships she had suffered. Ye Hua walked to Donghuang Baizhi’s side and sat beside her, then went ahead and poured himself a drink. The two just sat at the bar counter and drank one glass after another, and neither of them opened their mouth to speak. “Does your butt still hurt?” In the end, Ye Hua couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he opened his mouth and asked. In this battle of remaining silent, Donghuang Baizhi won. When has Donghuang Baizhi’s butt ever been smacked before? Upon hearing Ye Hua’s question, Donghuang Baizhi sneered, “Weren’t you having a great time when you were smacking onto my butt?” “If you didn’t make me angry, would I have smacked your butt?” Ye Hua said calmly. If Ye Hua was swapped with another man, the man would definitely plead and apologize in every possible way. This way, Donghuang Baizhi’s heart would become soft, and thus be willing to become reconciled. After all, before coming to the bar, Donghuang Baizhi had thought about it. If Ye Hua sincerely apologized, for her daughter’s future, Donghuang Baizhi was intending on bringing Ye Hua back to Voidless Realm. But in the end, Donghuang Baizhi didn’t expect that, not only was Ye Hua not an ordinary human, he was even more formidable than her too. Based on the fact that Donghuang Baizhi had intended on bringing Ye Hua back to Voidless Realm, it shows that she was willing to shoulder the slanders and rumors that would come from bringing Ye Hua back to Voidless Realm. As an empress, for her to marry an ordinary human, such a matter like this was a big joke. But for her daughter, Donghuang Baizhi was still resolute on her decision on bringing Ye Hua back to the Voidless Realm. Of course, that was what Donghuang Baizhi thought before she had come to the bar. From this, it could be seen just how important Donghuang Li was to Donghuang Baizhi. And of course, her feelings towards Ye Hua was very vague. Donghuang Baizhi had hated Ye Hua for three years, thought about him for three years, and missed him for three years. Every time when Donghuang Baizhi saw her daughter, she would be reminded of Ye Hua. Ye Hua’s figure had long taken root within Donghuang Baizhi’s heart. Back then when Donghuang Baizhi heard that Ye Hua had become married, Donghuang Baizhi became angry and decided that she was going to take revenge on Ye Hua by cucking him. However, before she was even able to take revenge on Ye Hua, she had been captured and held prisoner in the bar by Ye Hua. “Why didn’t you come downstairs back then during those few days?” While propping onto her chin with one of her hands, Donghuang Baizhi asked. Why is this woman so fixated on this question, what is the point of being so fixated on this question? It has already been so long since that matter. This question may perhaps be unimportant to Ye Hua, but to Donghuang Baizhi, Ye Hua's answer to this question was what she was going to use to decide if she was going to forgive Ye Hua or not. Ye Hua didn’t know what to say. Just what should I say? Should I tell her that, back then during those few days, I was in a very bad mood because Lie Gu bit my internet cable into half while he was dreaming, causing me to not be able to watch Calabash Brothers? This is all Lie Gu’s fault. If he didn’t bite my internet cable into half, I would have still been in a good mood, and perhaps, I would have come downstairs and met with this Donghuang Baizhi, then began living together with this Donghuang Baizhi. And since I would have begun living together with this Donghuang Baizhi, I wouldn’t have met Qing Ya. Eh… After thinking about it, Lie Gu did a good job of biting the internet cable into half. After pondering for a while, Ye Hua said faintly, “I wasn’t convenient during those few days.” Upon hearing Ye Hua’s explanation, Donghuang Baizhi laughed mockingly, “Wasn’t convenient? Did your big aunt came during those few days?” (大姨妈: Big aunt – In Chinese, the word big aunt can be used to refer to menstruation) “Big aunt? I don’t have any relatives.” Ye Hua didn’t understand the meaning of big aunt and was thinking to himself about just what correlation does being inconvenient has to do with a big aunt. Donghuang Baizhi said, “To not even understand something like this, how did you even act as that woman’s man?” What is this woman even talking about? This woman couldn’t have gotten drunk from the alcohol, right? “Regarding the matter that happened three years ago, I will slowly make it up to you in the future.” As a man, I should put an end to the matter that happened in the past, whatever that I will have to do to make it up to her, I will do it. After all, only if the entire family is harmonious, then would I be able to be at ease and concentrate on doing other things. If the entire family is in a mess, how would I even have the mood to go and care about other trivial matters? “Make it up to me? How are you going to make it up to me? Are you going to help me assemble the pieces of my broken heart back together?” Donghuang Baizhi was leaning onto the bar counter while resting her head onto her own arm. Looking at Donghuang Baizhi, she looked very drunk right now. After letting out a breath, Ye Hua took a small sip of the alcohol, then said faintly, “I can make it up to you however that you want.” “Haha, I don’t need you to make it up to me, all I want is Ah Li. Ah Li and I are living very well, we don’t need you to come into our lives.” Bang! The wine glass that was within Ye Hua’s hand broke into pieces. This woman is really obstinate! “What? Want to beat me again? Go ahead and beat me then, it would be best if you beat me to death… This way, there won’t be anyone to disturb you anymore.” After hearing what Donghuang Baizhi said, Ye Hua immediately became angry. Back then, even Qing Ya also didn’t act like this. The most that Qing Ya had done was make powerless threats like wanting to take me down with her and so on. Why do those women always like to use death to threaten me? If it wasn’t for the fact that you all are my women, I wouldn’t have cared if you all are alive or dead! Ye Hua got off the chair and said coldly, “You can be at ease, I won’t beat you! But, you can forget about leaving this bar for the entire rest of your life!” After finish speaking, Ye Hua turned around and walked to the stairs. Two rows of tears flowed down from Donghuang Baizhi’s beautiful eyes as she picked up the wine bottle and threw it towards Ye Hua, “Ye Hua! I hate you! I won’t ever forgive you in this entire rest of my life!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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