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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 228 – First time The wine bottle landed onto the air wall and fell onto the ground, while Donghuang Baizhi lied on the table and cried just like a child. Three years ago, Donghuang Baizhi didn’t even cry like this before. Hearing the crying sound that was coming out from the downstairs, Ye Hua let out a heavy sigh. I really don’t know just what I should do. Requesting for help, I am currently online waiting… Very urgent… At Wei Chang’s rented apartment, Wei Chang was currently drinking the wolfberry ginseng tea that Tang Wei made for him. During those few days, my entire body feels so hot, and it feels like my body is going to explode any time soon… Furthermore, the amount of wolfberries that Xiao Tang has been putting in the tea has been increasing as the days go by. In just a single day, I have to drink quite a few cups of this tea that Xiao Tang made for me. Using Xiao Tang’s words, she said that I have to drink plenty of this tea, because the tea is good for my body, and is even able to treat my illness. Towards what Tang Wei said, Wei Chang was rather puzzled. I don’t have any illness, so why do I have to get treated for an illness that I do not have? However, that worried look on Xiao Tang’s face makes it seem as if I have gotten an incurable illness or something. “The two of you, come over for a while, I have a mission for the two of you.” Wei Chang shouted out towards the green and red brothers. Green and red brothers were currently drinking wolfberry tea too because all of the boiled water within the house have been boiled with wolfberries in it. I really do not understand, only those elderlies in our village would drink so much wolfberry tea. After thinking of Wei Chang’s age, followed by thinking of Tang Wei’s age, green and red brothers immediately understood why. When men reached middle age, they have no choice but to take tonics to boost their bodies, and it seems like Uncle Wei is currently at that age. With a smile on their faces, the two walked over to Wei Chang while clasping onto their own cup of tea. Uncle Wei said that he has a mission for us? Could it be that the boss has been chased out of the house? Or could it be that Uncle Wei wants us to clean up the house? Or could it be that Uncle Wei wants us to go downstairs to buy groceries? Right now, green and red brothers could be seen to have changed their hairstyles. Their hairstyles have been changed from an afro hairstyle to a center parting hairstyle. Seems like the two have acknowledged in admitting a certain someone as their boss. It must be said that, now that the two brothers changed into a center parting hairstyle, they looked much more fresh-looking. However, their hair was still very long, their hair was long enough to reach their chins. It must also be said, their hairstyles make them look a bit artistic. And of course, their hair colors were still the same. The two were also wearing a windbreaker jacket, and matching with their hair colors, it was truly a sight to behold. No matter where they went to, they would be able to act as a beautiful scenery, and even more, they could even act as green and red lights. “Uncle Wei, do you want us to go and buy groceries? I feel that we should buy some vegetables to eat.” Big Brother Green's body was also feeling rather hot. My body feels so hot because we have been drinking so much wolfberry tea lately, and the two of us are unlike Uncle Wei, we do not have a girlfriend. Little Brother Red nodded his head seriously, “Uncle Wei, it is good to eat vegetables, eating vegetables can help to decrease the internal heat in our bodies.” Wei Chang felt that what the two said made sense, “Makes sense, the two of you can go and buy some vegetables back home for dinner then.” “Alright, we guarantee that we will complete the mission that you gave to us.” Green and red brothers stood up, and Big Brother Green could be seen stretching out his hand. Big Brother Green was requesting money from Wei Chang. “Cough! The mission that I am talking about is not for you two to go and buy vegetables. You two can go and buy the vegetables after you two are done with your mission.” Wei Chang added. I almost got brought into their tempo. Big Brother Green immediately clapped his hands, “I knew that Uncle Wei wouldn’t give us such a mission like this since we are after all within the boss’s social circle. The mission that Uncle Wei has for us is definitely something that has to do with punishing evil and upholding justice.” “Big brother, I feel that we are going to become famous soon. Look at my outfit, it should be presentable enough for when we get interviewed by reporters, right?” “Little brother, be at ease, us, the green and red lights combination will definitely become famous!” “Cheers!” “Cheers!” Wei Chang said faintly, “Your mission is to go and kill three people.” Pfft! Pfft! Green and red brothers spat out the tea at each other, then slowly turned their head towards Wei Chang and asked curiously, “Uncle Wei, are you sure that the mission for us is to go kill three people, and not save three people?” “You two have to train your skills in killing people. Just nice, there are three people who have offended the boss today, so you two can go ahead and deal with those three people. After you two are done with dealing with the three, place their corpses at somewhere that is eye-catching.” Green and red brothers swallowed their saliva. How did it go from buying groceries to killing people? I’m really not used to killing people. There should at least be a process first, right? For example, our first mission could be to go and bash someone up? Then afterward, the next mission could be to go and cripple someone. And yet, we haven’t even gone through such a process, and the first mission that we got is to go and kill three people… “It can’t be that you two are afraid, right? Last night, didn’t you two say that you two have quite a few lives in your hands? And that you two wouldn’t blink an eye when taking lives?” Wei Chang asked curiously. F**k, is there even a man in this world that doesn’t brag? Moreover, I indeed do not blink when killing a chicken. One chop and the chicken is dead. After counting, I already have more than a hundred lives in my hands. While with his brows tightly wrinkled, Big Brother Green said hesitatingly, “Uncle Wei, you can be at ease. Offending the boss means to offend Little Ah Li, and to offend Little Ah Li, it means to offend us brothers. We guarantee that we will accomplish the mission given to us!” “Not bad, the boss will definitely appreciate this mentality that you two have. I will give you two five minutes to prepare, we will be leaving in five minutes time.” Green and red brothers turned their bodies around, and immediately, their expressions collapsed. The two walked to the side, then talked in a low voice to each other. “Big brother, what should we do?” “What else can we do. Bring your weapon along, we are going to risk it all with our lives!” “But, I am afraid…” “What are you afraid of, we are already wanted criminals, and after we are done with killing the three people that offended the boss, our title as wanted criminal will thus become justified.” Little Brother Red covered onto his face with his hands, “Why do I feel that our lives are becoming more and more brilliant.” “As long as we work under the boss, we will definitely become famous in the future.” “That’s right! Not only will we become famous, but we will also become killers.” Five minutes later, the two were done preparing and were currently standing in a straight line in front of Wei Chang and waiting for their next order. Wei Chang picked up his thermos cup with one hand, then waved with his other hand, and a black whirlpool immediately appeared within the living room, “You two, follow along with me.” Green and red brothers took in a deep breath, then followed along with Wei Chang and stepped into the black whirlpool. After walking into the whirlpool, the two took a look at their surroundings, and all they could see were the blue sky and white clouds~ Little Brother Red pointed to an eagle and shouted out, “Big brother, quickly look, that eagle is flying so close to the ground.” Big Brother Green was confused for a moment. Feeling that something wasn't right, Big Brother Green slowly lowered his head, and immediately, Big Brother Green began sweating cold sweat. Little Brother Red followed along his big brother’s line of sight and looked below. The two of them froze. We are actually standing in the sky! And looking at how far we are away from the ground, we should be at least a few kilometers high in the sky! Wei Chang looked towards the north, then said casually, “The two of you stay here and wait.” “Uncle Wei, where are our targets?” Green and red brothers were holding hands with each other. “In a few moments, you two will be able to see three people flying over toward your direction, those three people are your targets.” After finish speaking, Wei Chang opened the lid of his thermos cup, then drank a mouth of the wolfberry tea. Afterward, Wei Chang stepped into the whirlpool and disappeared. Green and red brothers went silent for a while, and their expressions could be seen gradually turning from being nervous to being excited. “Big brother! We can fly!” “That’s right, we have turned into birds.” Big Brother Green said. A few days ago, we were enduring starvation, and yet, today, we have turned into superheroes, the kind of superheroes that kills people. Indeed, looking at the sky from the ground, it seemed as if there were two big birds in the sky, one that was green in color, and another that was red in color. Right when the brothers were feeling excited, three black dots could be seen flying at high speed toward their direction. The three black dots were precisely Xun Yi and the other two. “Big brother! They are here!” Little Brother Red suddenly began feeling nervous. “Yeah, I can see, I’m not blind!” Big Brother Green was feeling very nervous too. Looking at the figures that were getting closer and closer, Little Brother Red suddenly asked, “Big brother, I recall that the characters within wuxia films have to announce their titles when they come across others. How should we announce our titles?” “Watch and learn from me later on!” Big Brother Green had long thought up his own title. Little Brother Red became reassured. Big brother is indeed clever and quick-witted. Xun Yi and the other two also saw green and red brothers. Upon seeing the two, the three were very puzzled. “Alliance Master Hai, are those two your people?” Guang Tianlu asked. The reason Guang Tianlu asked Hai Daisi that question was because the two that were in front of them were dressed up very strangely and looked like people who belonged to the ability power world. Hai Daisi shook his head, “Although us ability power users are hidden throughout the cities, we are all people who possess identities, we wouldn’t dress up like how those two are dressed up.” “The people in my Cloud Sect wouldn’t dress up like this too.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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