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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 229 – I belong to Buried Love Family Guang Tianlu said gravely, “We are currently still not out of the north’s boundary, could the two be…” The expressions of the three became grave. Seems like we are faced with a disaster. Adding on with the fact that we are all injured, this is basically one disaster on top of another. In the blink of an eye, the three arrived at the front of green and red brothers. Looking at Xun Yi, green and red brothers swallowed their saliva. Why is there a woman amongst the three? This woman is so beautiful! Wouldn’t it be a pity to kill her? “Who are you two!” Xun Yi shouted out. Although I am injured, I cannot show them any signs that I am injured, I have to pretend that I am fine. Big Brother Green said coldly, “Since you have asked us with sincerity, I will be merciful and tell you who we are! I am Buried Love Family’s green protector!” After finish speaking, Big Brother Green struck a very cool pose. Little Brother Red understood what to do in no time. After striking a pose first, Little Brother Red shouted out, “I am Buried Love Family’s red protector!” The three were still very puzzled. When did a family that is known as Buried Love Family appeared within the north? Why is the name of the family so weird? And furthermore, those two look rather dim-witted. “Why are you two blocking our path!” Hai Daisi asked. Right when Big Brother Green was about to speak, a spanner fell out from his windbreaker jacket, and Little Brother Red caught onto the spanner by reflex. The atmosphere became awkward. Green and red brothers were currently conversing with each other with their eyes. “Big brother, we are killers, we can’t expose our identities like this!” “I know, but the spanner had already dropped out from my windbreaker jacket.” “Then, big brother, you try and make something up to cover up yourself.” “I guess that’s all I can do for now.” Big Brother Green took over the spanner from Little Brother Red, then said with a smile, “This… as a repairman, it should be normal to carry a spanner along with me, right?” Right after Big Brother Green finished speaking, a plastic pipe dropped out from Little Brother Red’s windbreaker jacket. Little Brother Red hurriedly caught onto the plastic pipe. With a very unnatural look on his face, Little Brother Red scratched onto his head, then said, “Erm, as a plumber, it should be fine to carry along a plastic pipe with me, right?” Xun Yi and the other two had a very strange look on their faces, they were completely dumbfounded by the two that were in front of them. A spanner and a plastic pipe, are those two preparing for a street fight? Suddenly! A kitchen knife fell out from Big Brother Green’s windbreaker jacket, and Big Brother Green immediately caught onto it. “F**k, big brother, you even brought the kitchen knife along with you!” Big Brother Green gave his little brother a glare, then explained to the three, “In actuality, not only am I a repairman, but I also work as a knife sharpener on the side.” In order to prove his occupation, Big Brother Green coughed lightly, then shouted out, “Knife sharpening~ Knife sharpening~ If anyone wants to have their knives sharpened, visit my store~” Big brother is formidable, there are often people shouting out those lines in the village, I didn’t expect that big brother would be able to imitate them so well. Xun Yi and the other two were quite shocked by the two, however, they were also angered very much by the two. We have actually just been toyed with by those two! “I am Cloud Sect’s sect master! If the two of you are clever, the two of you best scram now!” Xun Yi shouted out. Upon hearing Xun Yi announced her title, green and red brothers felt a bit pressured. “Big brother, it’s Cloud Sect! Within novels, Cloud Sect is a very formidable existence!” Big Brother Green rubbed onto his chin and said, “I heard that a lot of protagonists are from Cloud Sect.” “That’s right. Whatever starting from being crippled, or starting from marriage being declined, all of them have all kinds of cheats. I reckon that this sect master here is going to get defeated by the protagonist that is in her sect soon.” “Perhaps, the protagonist is currently playing around with woods at the Cloud Sect’s woodshed.” “Or perhaps, he had just been slandered by his senior brother, and is currently preparing to go and slap his senior brother’s face?” “Or perhaps, he is currently at his junior sister’s room… Hehe~” The two laughed slyly. Hearing the two insult her Cloud Sect like this, Xun Yi felt very furious. However, after hearing what they said, there is indeed this one disciple within my Cloud Sect who is very outstanding and has been doing quite a few big matters recently. “Audacious fellows, to dare to insult my Cloud Sect, watch my sword!” Xun Yi could be seen condensing out a sharp sword, and with a sharp killing intent, she stabbed towards the two with the sword. Faced against the sword that was stabbing towards them, green and red brother became dazed, especially Little Brother Red. Little Brother Red closed his eyes, not daring to look at what was going to happen next, then stretched out both of his hands to block onto the sword. Ding~ A light sound rang out. Upon feeling that the palm of one of his hands was feeling a bit itchy, Little Brother Red slowly opened his eyes. The tip of the sword is stabbed onto the palm of my hand, but the sword didn’t pierce through my palm… What’s going on? A fake sword? Little Brother Red pinched onto the tip of the sword. Crack! The crisp sound gave Little Brother Red a scare and caused Little Brother Red to jump. The entire sharp sword could be seen to begin breaking apart starting from the tip of the sword. And in just moments, only the sword hilt remains of the entire sword. Everyone was stupefied. “Little brother, how did you do it?” Big Brother Green asked curiously. “I don’t know, I just merely touched onto it.” “Let me give it a try too.” After finish speaking, Big Brother Green touched towards Xun Yi’s body. Upon seeing that, Little Brother Red shouted out, “Big brother, you are so lowly!” What I touched is the sword, and yet you are trying to touch the woman! Xun Yi came back to her senses. Concentrating her gaze, surging spiritual energy erupted out from her left palm, and Xun Yi struck her left palm towards Big Brother Green. The two palms, one big and one small, collided onto each other. Pa~ Xun Yi straightforwardly flew out while coughing out a huge amount of blood from her mouth, and her beautiful eyes could be seen to be completely filled with shock. Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu were stunned too. That red hair just touched onto the sword for a bit, and the sword broke. And as for that green hair, he didn’t seem like he used a lot of strength, and yet, he actually sent Xun Yi flying away! “Big brother! You will be single for the rest of your life if you act like this!” Little Brother Red cried out in surprise. That woman is so beautiful, and yet big brother is still willing to lay his hands on her. Big Brother Green didn’t expect that he would be so formidable as he laughed, “It’s fine, big brother still has you!” “Big brother, I am not into that kind of thing.” Guang Tianlu could be seen taking out three cards, then snorted coldly, “The two of you can stop being arrogant!” Little Brother Red cried out in surprise, “Playing cards!” Little Brother Red’s figure immediately disappeared, and when he returned, he was holding onto three playing cards within his hand. “Big brother, aren’t you very fond of playing with playing cards? Take a look at these three cards, what do you think these cards can do?” Big Brother Green raised his hand and smacked onto Little Brother Red’s head, “What are you doing! We are currently trying to kill people, and the other party is currently attacking at us! If you snatched away that person’s weapon, how is he going to attack us? Quickly go and return his cards back to him! You are so rude!” Little Brother Red scratched onto his head, then said with grievance, “I was just curious about just what abilities these cards possessed.” Guang Tianlu and Hai Daisi were stupefied, especially Guang Tianlu. He is actually holding onto my summoning cards in his hand! This is nonsense, right! Even Xiao Yi also wouldn’t dare to hold onto my cards like this, and yet, this red hair is actually holding onto my cards! This is not possible! This is definitely not possible! They are definitely cheating! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Guang Tianlu’s eyeballs almost popped out of his eye sockets as he slowly lowered his head. Three playing cards could be seen to have pierced into Guang Tianlu’s body. “Ah! Big brother, I didn’t do it on purpose, I thought that he would dodge…” Little Brother Red became flustered and immediately did not know what to do. Big Brother Green hurriedly went and consoled his little brother, “This is not your fault, that person chose to not dodge.” “Really?” “Really.” “If that’s the case, I can be at ease.” Little Brother Red patted onto his chest in relief. Guang Tianlu spat out a mouth of blood from his mouth. That green hair actually said that I chose to not dodge! You have to at least give me some f**king time to react so that I can dodge, right! Upon seeing what happened, Hai Daisi knew that things were bad. In such a short moment of time, the two of them have already been defeated. I have to quickly run away now! “Big brother, that single-arm hero is running away!” Little Brother Red shouted out loudly. Big Brother Green could be seen taking out a wok spatula from his windbreaker jacket. “Big brother, you actually even brought along a wok spatula with you, you have my respect.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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