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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 231 – Disaster “Quickly finish up with things here, your sister-in-law has already brought the groceries, we are waiting for you two to come back and eat dinner.” After finish speaking, Wei Chang disappeared. Green and red brothers both let out a breath, then looked towards the three. “Big brother, how about you sever another artery of theirs? This way, it may perhaps speed things up.” “Good idea!” Right now, the three didn’t even have the energy to curse at the two even if they wanted to. These two are simply inhumane and cruel to the extremity! To actually torture us like this! I curse the two of you to die a horrible death! 10 minutes later, the green and red brothers returned back to the rented apartment. Seeing that the two returned, Tang Wei said with a slight smile on her face, “You two must be feeling very unused to things, right? I was the same as you two during the beginning, but I got used to it as I continued killing one after another. Right now, just thinking back about it is enough to make me feel a bit excited.” The green and red brothers took a look at each other, and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of their mouths. Thinking back to the scene from a while ago, it was indeed very violent and exciting. “Alright, stop being in a daze, come over and eat dinner.” “Thank you, sister-in-law.” “Thank you, sister-in-law.” Wei Chang walked out from the bedroom and asked curiously, “Where did you two throw the corpses at? Is the place somewhere eye-catching?” “Little brother, you tell Uncle Wei.” Big Brother Green poked onto his little brother. Little Brother Red was a bit embarrassed as he said hesitatingly, “We left the corpses at a funeral parlor.” Wei Chang, “……” Tang Wei, “……” Immediately, Wei Chang began scolding angrily at the two. Green and red brothers didn’t even eat their dinner and went out to deal with the corpses again. After the two left, Tang Wei laughed and said, “Uncle Wei, don’t be angry, they are still new after all.’ “I’m just afraid that His Honor would blame them if they didn’t do their mission well.” Wei Chang laughed bitterly. Tang Wei laughed lightly, then said faintly, “Uncle Wei, our money… is about to be used up soon, and right now, we still have to take care of the two too.” “Xiao Tang, you can be at ease, Uncle Wei won’t make you suffer.” “Uncle Wei, I’m not afraid of suffering, I’m just afraid that if we run out of money, we won’t be able to afford to keep up with nourishing your body, and your illness won’t be able to recover.” Wei Chang was puzzled as he asked, “Xiao Tang, just what illness do I have?” “Uncle Wei~ It’s enough for you to know it yourself, so, don’t ask anymore.” “How would I know what illness I actually have?” “Alright, alright, you don’t have any illness, alright? Quickly come over and eat dinner.” Wei Chang was very helpless. As for the money problem, I have no choice but to look for Death Mage. I hope that this underling of mine has some money to help me through this tough time. Upon being contacted by Wei Chang, Death Mage expressed that he would immediately bring the money over. I forgot to offer the betrothal gifts that I snatched during quite a while ago to His Honor and master, and this is mainly because I have been too busy. Right now, Ye Hua was currently feeling vexed because of money. Qing Ya really went too far, she’s not intending to give me a single cent… And naturally, I won’t go and ask her for money anymore. Right now, all I can do is look for my subordinates and get some money from them to help me through this tough time. However, I have to express ambiguously when I ask my subordinates for money, I must not show them that I am currently being troubled by money problems. If I had known, I wouldn’t have given the 50 billion rmb to Qing Ya. This is depressing! “Your Honor!” Suddenly, Wei Chang’s voice rang out in Ye Hua’s mind! Ye Hua stood at the balcony of his office and smoked onto his cigarette. While smoking and looking at the hotpot store that was not far away, Ye Hua asked, “What’s the matter?’ “Death Mage has something to offer to Your Honor.” Ye Hua’s eyes lighted up, “Bring him to Leisure Bar’s storage room.” “Understood!” Ye Hua came to the storage room that was located on the first floor of Leisure Bar, and in the storage room, it could be seen that Wei Chang had brought along Death Mage and Xun Fang. The three kneeled down respectfully on the floor, then shouted out in unison, “Subordinate pays respect to Your Honor!” Ye Hua swept his eyes over everyone, then shouted out with a grave voice, “You all can stand up!” “Thank you, Your Honor!” Looking at the red color chests that were at the side, Ye Hua asked faintly, “What are inside these chests?” Death Mage hurriedly said, “Your Honor, the things within these chests are all some small things that subordinate managed to have gotten, I hope that Your Honor would accept subordinate’s offerings.” Ye Hua slowly walked over to the chests and opened one of the chests. Immediately, gold light illuminated the storage room. Next, Ye Hua opened the other chest, and within this chest, it was filled with jewelry, and on top of the jewelry, there was a white color fan. “Your Honor, this fan is an ancient godly item, and the name of this fan is God Leaf Fan.” Xun Fang added. Ye Hua casually picked up the fan and took a look at it, then threw it back into the chest and said faintly, “I don’t need those things.” Death Mage’s and Xun Fang’s hearts sunk. “However… Seeing on the sake that you all meant well, I should reluctantly accept those offerings.” Death Mage and Xun Fang became exulted as they hurriedly gave thanks by bowing towards Ye Hua. Ye Hua let out a breath. It is fortunate that they didn’t realize that I had gone bankrupt. Those offerings simply came at the right time! This little skeleton is not bad! It was not in vain for me to have bestowed a romance upon this little skeleton. “Did Ying Family do anything recently?” Ye Hua asked. Death Mage did not reply, after all, Xun Fang was the one who was placed in charge to supervise Ying Family’s every move. “Reporting to Your Honor, today, Ying Family sent someone over to Voidless Realm to have a negotiation with Voidless Realm.” Xun Fang was very honest when she was in front of Ye Hua and didn’t dare to be negligent in the slightest bit. “What is this Voidless Realm supposed to be?” Xun Fang replied, “Voidless Realm is one of the three big powers.” “Oh, is that so? Let them negotiate then, it would be best if their negotiation fails.” Ye Hua said faintly. The harder they fight with each other, the happier I am. “Wei Chang, how did the green and red brothers perform today?” Wei Chang replied respectfully, “The green and red brothers’ performances have gone beyond my expectation. Their methods of killing are incomparably ruthless, it was enough to make one have goosebumps.” “Great, I like people that are like them. After the three died, what reaction did the south had?” The three remained silent, and from the looks of it, it seems like their intelligence wasn't up to date. Ye Hua’s brows immediately became wrinkled. The three immediately kneeled on the floor, “Subordinate apologizes!” “The intelligence has to keep up with the tempo, I do not want to be the last one to know what happened!” Ye Hua said coldly. In the past, I did not know the importance of intelligence, but right now, I know. “Understood!” The three shouted out in unison. “Xun Fang.” Ye Hua called out. “Subordinate is here!” Ye Hua asked faintly, “How are you getting along with the little skeleton?” Xun Fang’s face immediately turned thoroughly red, “Subordinate… subordinate…” “Seems like this little skeleton didn’t manage to do it, Wei Chang, kill him.” Ye Hua shouted out coldly. Wei Chang nodded his head, “Yes!” Death Mage was stupefied. Not only was Death Mage stupefied, but Xun Fang was also stupefied. “Your Honor!” Xun Fang immediately kneeled down on the floor and shouted out hurriedly. Ye Hua said gravely, “Xun Fang, since you have joined my team, you should be clear about my rules! My team does not need useless people, and towards people that are useless, there is only one way that I would deal with them, which is kill!” Death Mage and Xun Fang absolutely didn’t expect that things would have turned out like this. We came here to offer our offerings, and yet, who would have expected that a disaster would arise from it. “Since this little skeleton wasn’t able to complete the mission that I gave to him, death is imminent for him! Wei Chang! Since he is your underling, you should be the one to end his life!” Ye Hua said faintly, totally not having any sign of letting off Death Mage. Towards Ye Hua’s orders, Wei Chang would only obey, and would not go against. While looking at Death Mage, Wei Chang said faintly, “Do you two still have anything to say to each other?” “Your Honor! He didn’t do anything wrong!” Xun Fang hurriedly pleaded, completely oblivious to just how much she wanted Death Mage to die during back then. Towards Xun Fang’s plead, Ye Hua did not pay attention to it. Death Mage placed his weapon onto the floor, then untied his black robe, revealing his skeleton body. Death Mage placed his hand onto Xun Fang’s shoulder, signaling to her to not anger His Honor, if not, two people were going to die instead of one. Xun Fang turned her head around and looked at Death Mage. Immediately, her beautiful eyes turned red. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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