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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 232 – Willing to die together “Quickly kneel down and beg His Honor for forgiveness, what are you still standing there foolishly for?” Xun Fang shouted out towards Death Mage. Death Mage took out his phone, then typed onto his phone. “Xun Fang, your wish is about to be fulfilled soon.” Looking at those words, Xun Fang’s tears finally fell from her eyes. That’s right, my wish is about to be fulfilled soon, but why do I not want it to be fulfilled? Without this endearingly silly skeleton, who am I going to bully in the future? Who am I going to play games with? Furthermore, I won’t be able to see the scene where smoke is coming out from his entire body anymore… Xun Fang let out a sigh, then kneeled down in front of Ye Hua and said, “Your Honor, subordinate’s wish is to kill Death Mage, then end my life afterward. Thank you, Your Honor, for helping Xun Fang to take revenge. But, after Your Honor has dealt with Death Mage, could Your Honor please end subordinate’s life too.” Death Mage didn’t have the time to type on his phone, and ‘jiejiejie’ could be heard coming out from his mouth. Imperial translation: “Are you an idiot! To actually request for death!” While looking at Xun Fang who was kneeling on the floor, Ye Hua seemed to be pondering about something. “In actuality, I could spare this little skeleton’s life, but are you willing to die for him?” Ye Hua asked. Xun Fang turned her head around and took a look at Death Mage, then said gravely, “Xun Fang had long not wanted to live anymore. To be able to die in the hands of such a formidable existence like Your Honor, Xun Fang feels that it is worth it.” F**k, the underling of my underling actually managed to get himself such a beautiful woman while using his skeleton body, and this woman is actually willing to die for him! Ye Hua immediately felt that it was unfair. I, the Supreme Overlord, am so handsome, and yet those two women still make a scene here and there. If I were to reveal my true body, who knows what would even happen! We are both skeletons, but why are thou so outstanding? “Alright! I should grant your wish then!” Ye Hua slowly raised his hand, and a gold color flame could be seen appearing on his palm. Death Mage couldn’t care about too much anymore as he immediately rushed forward and used his skeleton body to block in front of Xun Fang, “Your Honor, please forgive subordinate for being rude, but if Your Honor wants to kill, just kill subordinate instead!” Looking at Death Mage and Xun Fang, Ye Hua suddenly thought of an idea. I have never met with any difficulties, except for that one time. If there comes a day where I couldn’t make it and was going to die, how would those two women react? Ye Hua wants to express that he was very curious. Keeping away the flame, Ye Hua said faintly, “Alright, I’m just joking, look at just how nervous the two of you are.” Joking??? But you didn’t look like you were joking at all??? Death Mage and Xun Fang were completely stupefied, and Xun Fang’s face could be seen turning red as she hurriedly pushed Death Mage away from her. “Your Honor!” Xun Fang’s face seemed like it was about to bleed soon. His Honor is an existence that is extremely formidable, but I didn’t expect that His Honor would be so mischievous too, to actually make me and that skeleton tear through that last piece of paper that was preventing us from confirming our relationship with each other. Ye Hua said with a slight smile on his face, “Xun Fang, it is okay to like someone, there is nothing wrong with it. Although you two belong to two different races, it doesn’t matter at all.” “Your Honor…” Xun Fang felt that she was about to have to start digging a hole to hide in. Death Mage was very exulted. This woman is willing to even die for me, and yet she still says that she doesn’t like me. I feel so touched, as expected of the ugly woman that I like. Ye Hua kept away his smile and said calmly, “Xun Fang, if you want to have children, I will bestow a corporeal body to this little skeleton. Such a thing like this, I, the Supreme Overlord, am able to help you with it.” “Your Honor, who would want to have children with him.” Xun Fang said shyly. My inner feelings were actually sounded out by His Honor. Once we head back, I am definitely going to get laughed at by this skeleton. “Alright, I should accept your request then. In actuality, it is fine to not want to have children.” Death Mage and Xun Fang were stupefied. His Honor doesn’t take the normal routes, I was only being shy just now, who would talk about wanting to have a child or not at such a time like this… Ye Hua waved his hand, “The two of you can go back, but do pay attention to the intelligence from now on!” “Yes!” “Yes!” Death Mage brought along Xun Fang and left. Looking at the two, the two were going to verbally attack each other once they returned back to Ying Family. And of course, it was going to be the sweet kind of verbal attack. Wei Chang revealed out a respectful smile on his face, “Your Honor truly empathizes with us subordinates. Not only did Your Honor help them get together, Your Honor even helped to tear apart the last piece of paper that was separating the two of them. Your Honor has subordinate’s full respect.” “Xun Fang is a good woman, and also a good subordinate. If there are any important missions in the future, you can assign the missions to her.” “Understood.” “Alright, you can go back and accompany your Xiao Tang, I still have things to do.” “Yes!” After Wei Chang left, Ye Hua opened the red color chest once again, then mumbled to himself, “Qing Ya, you would have never expected it, right? What I, the Supreme Overlord has, is money!” But, how do I change those golds into money? Do I have to find the time to sell the golds away? Ah, this is so troublesome. I should have got them to change the golds into money first before they left. Actually, forget about it, if I had gotten them to do that, they would have come to know that I currently do not have any money. Ye Hua opened the door and walked out of the storage room. Right after walking out of the storage room, Ye Hua saw Donghuang Baizhi who was currently sleeping while lying down on the bar counter. Ye Hua let out a sigh. That Xun Fang is able to die for that Death Mage, and yet my own women wish that I would die quicker. This is the difference between my women and that little skeleton’s woman… F**k! I shouldn’t have put on a show to help those two. If I didn’t put on a show to help those two, I wouldn’t be in such a bad mood right now. Hmm, I might as well just order all of them to break up, and before I resolved this family conflict of mine, they are not allowed to get back together. Ye Hua came to the bedroom, and on the bed, two beauties, one big, and one small, were actually not sleeping and were currently chatting with each other. When Qing Ya saw Ye Hua appeared, the arcs that were on the corners of her mouth immediately turned flat. And when Donghuang Li saw Ye Hua appeared, Donghuang Li shouted out with a smile, “Daddy~” Ye Hua carried onto his daughter and said with a smile on his face, “What was Ah Li talking about with Aunt Qing?” “Daddy, Ah Li pinky promised with Aunt Qing. Ah Li can’t tell others what Aunt Qing and I talked about, if not, Ah Li is going to be a person who breaks her promise. Mommy often told Ah Li that, one must uphold their promises and must not tell lies to others.” Judging from what Ah Li just said, that Donghuang Baizhi must have definitely been indirectly talking bad about me. Qing Ya who was on the bed snorted. This guy here is precisely a big liar. After pinching onto his daughter’s small nose, Ye Hua said faintly, “Ah Li, how about daddy teach you some formidable techniques?” “Daddy, really?” “Of course, how would daddy lie to Little Ah Li?” “That’s great, Ah Li wants to learn.” After the two left the room, Qing Ya got off the bed and decided to go and have a talk with Donghuang Baizhi. Meanwhile, Ye Hua brought his daughter to the office. Ye Hua sat on the office chair, while Donghuang Li, whose face was currently filled with anticipation, sat on Ye Hua's legs. Ye Hua could be seen stretching out his finger. Pfft. A purple color flame appeared on the tip of Ye Hua’s finger. The flame looked very pretty. Donghuang Li’s eyes were attracted by the flame, “Daddy, this purple flame looks so pretty and beautiful.” “Ah Li, this is Firmament Ghost Fire, one of the most powerful flames in the entire history, it is able to burn the souls of others. Do you want to learn it?” Ye Hua said with a smile on his face. “En, en, en, en, Ah Li wants to learn it. But Ah Li is afraid that Ah Li wouldn’t be able to learn it and thus make daddy become disappointed.” Donghuang Li was a little unconfident. “Foolish child. It is okay to fail at things, but what is not okay is to give up before even trying.” Ye Hua guided attentively. During the two years where I wasn’t by Ah Li’s side, I didn’t expect that Ah Li’s mental state had become so bad. How did that Donghuang Baizhi even acted as a mother? Donghuang Li pondered for a moment, then said seriously, “Daddy, Ah Li understood, Ah Li will be brave and try to learn the techniques that daddy is going to teach Ah Li.’ “Ah Li is truly daddy’s good daughter. Ah Li, you have a try.” As Ye Hua’s descendant, Donghuang Li had inherited all of Ye Hua’s innate skills, just that, those skills were still not yet awakened. Donghuang Li’s current state was just like the characters within games. Donghuang Li possessed all of the skills, but because she was currently only level one, she had to slowly level up to unlock the skills. Donghuang Li imitated her father and stretched out her small index finger, then began staring at the finger with a serious look on her face. After a long while, there was still not even a single spark on her finger, and immediately, Ah Li became anxious. However, because she didn’t want to disappoint her father, she didn’t give up. Perseverance was filled on her entire small face. Looking at the look on his daughter right now, Ye Hua was very gratified. Back then when I was still weak, I was just like Ah Li too. Faced against failures, I did not compromise, and instead, I accumulated experiences through my failures and slowly walked towards the direction of success one step at a time. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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