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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 233 – The two women having a conversation with each other When looking at Ah Li, Ye Hua felt as if he was looking at a similar reflection of himself. “Ah Li, don’t be anxious, your mind has to be calm. Do not try to rush things, take it slow and easy.” Ye Hua guided attentively. After hearing what Ye Hua said, Donghuang Li gradually became relaxed. Zi, zi, zi. A purple spark could be seen appearing on the tip of Donghuang Li’s finger. Upon seeing that, Donghuang Li became exulted, while Ye Hua became stupefied. Pfft! A small and tiny Firmament Ghost Fire appeared on Ah Li’s fingertip, “Daddy, Ah Li succeeded!” Right now, Ye Hua was still currently in a stupefied state. Back then, I used one hour to congeal out the Firmament Ghost Fire, and yet Ah Li actually only used 20 minutes to congeal out the Firmament Ghost Fire. As expected of my descendant, her innate talent is much more talented than mine. If Ye Hua’s thoughts were to be heard by others, they would definitely scold this pair of father and daughter for being too overpowered as the two were pretty much like they had cheats on. Normally, without a few hundred years, Firmament Ghost Fire could not be congealed out. Furthermore, various kinds of flames had to be combined together first before Firmament Ghost Fire could begin to congeal. And yet, when it came to the two, they were easily able to congeal out the Firmament Ghost Fire, especially Donghuang Li, who only used 20 minutes to congeal out the flame, while Ye Hua on the other hand, was sighing that his one hour was too long compared to his daughter’s 20 minutes. “Ah Li sure is formidable.” Ye Hua gave Ah Li encouragement and rubbed onto Ah Li’s head. Ah Li squinted her beautiful eyes, having a look on her that showed she was enjoying getting her head rubbed onto by her father. Ye Hua stretched out both of his hands, and various different kinds of flames could be seen appearing on each finger, “Ah Li, this will be your first lesson.” Donghuang Li looked dazedly at the flames that were on her father’s fingers. So pretty… so formidable… I definitely have to try my hardest to learn from daddy and not let daddy become disappointed. I have to let daddy feel proud of me. Right now, Donghuang Li’s eyes were flickering with resolute conviction. Ye Hua was very satisfied. I wonder if Qing Ya’s child will be like Ah Li or not, I really look forward to when the child is born. On the second floor, while the pair of father and daughter were bonding with each other, Qing Ya came downstairs and saw Donghuang Baizhi who was drowning her sorrows away with alcohol. After taking in a deep breath, Qing Ya walked over and sat at Donghuang Baizhi’s side, then poured herself a glass of alcohol. “You are drinking when you are pregnant?” Donghuang Baizhi reminded, then slowly took a sip of her alcohol. Qing Ya went into a daze for a moment, then placed down the glass of alcohol that she was holding onto her mouth on the table, “Thank you for reminding.” The two women just sat there and didn’t speak. The atmosphere was a little odd and awkward. “You must have been in a lot of pain during those three years, right?” Qing Ya said slowly. Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly, “Pain? Pain had long been but a normal thing for me, I have already gotten used to it during those three years.” “Back then, if Ye Hua had come downstairs, perhaps, you wouldn’t have been in so much pain.” Qing Ya said faintly. I feel that Donghuang Baizhi is also a victim too, and from what Ah Li told me, she didn’t seem to be living happily. Donghuang Baizhi looked towards Qing Ya and said seriously, “Qing Ya, if Ye Hua came downstairs back then, nothing would have happened between you and Ye Hua, would you be willing for that to happen?” Qing Ya remained silent, because right now, she wasn’t willing for that to happen. However, at the same time, she was also feeling angry at Ye Hua. And when those two feelings intertwined together, it caused Qing Ya to become extremely miserable. In actuality, Ye Hua was basically just a bit too lazy. If he was willing to just coax the two women more, perhaps, he could have already been living together happily with the two women. Unfortunately, Ye Hua wasn’t that kind of person, he was the kind of person that would become angry when the other party doesn’t give in after he had already tried to coax them for a bit. “Qing Ya, to tell the truth, I am pretty envious of you.” Donghuang Baizhi said calmly, and there was indeed envy in her tone, she did not lie. Qing Ya laughed bitterly, “What is there to be envious about, I’m just an ordinary woman who is slightly rich and looks pretty. Those are the only reasons that led me to end up becoming swindled by Ye Hua.” “Qing Ya, I’m envious of your luck.” Donghuang Baizhi sighed. “Luck?” “I’m envious that when you came to the bar to look for him while you were pregnant, he came downstairs to meet you.” There was a drunk looking smile on Donghuang Baizhi’s face. Perhaps, only while she was drunk, then would she reveal out her inner feelings. Qing Ya understood what Donghuang Baizhi meant. If I was in Donghuang Baizhi’s shoes, and Ye Hua did not come downstairs to meet me when I came to look for him, I reckon that I would have had the heart to want to die. And yet, even though that happened to her, she was able to persevere for so long while raising Ah Li by herself. Her willpower is much stronger compared to mine. In actuality, no one knew just how much pressure Donghuang Baizhi had to carry on her shoulders. The pressure that came from the Voidless Realm, and also the pressure that came from the outside world. However, now that everyone knew of Ah Li’s existence, Donghuang Baizhi didn’t have to continue pretending anymore. “Then, did Ye Hua explain why he didn’t come downstairs to meet you back then?” Donghuang Baizhi laughed in disdain, “He explained, I will just treat what he said as the truth.” “Could it be that, he lied to you again?” Qing Ya was a bit indignant. Everything is good about Ye Hua, just that, Ye Hua just likes to talk big and lie to others. “He said that he wasn’t convenient during those few days, do you believe such words?” Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd Ye Hua’s reason was. Qing Ya was dazed when she heard what Donghuang Baizhi said. Not convenient? It is not like you are a woman, so just what could have caused to you be inconvenient? This explanation of yours is obviously just a lie made up by you. Donghuang Baizhi filled her glass with alcohol, then drank the entire glass of alcohol in one shot. From this, it could be seen just how angry Donghuang Baizhi was right now. After quite a while, Qing Ya said gravely, “In actuality, you two are a very great match for each other, since both of you are cultivators.” “Qing Ya, you cannot say it like that, right now, the issue isn’t if we are a great match with him or not, the issue right now is that he is keeping us here in the bar by force!” Qing Ya held her hands into fists, “That’s right, if I am stronger than him, I would definitely give him a good beating and show him who is boss!” “Haha, you think exactly the same as me. If I am stronger than Ye Hua, I would give him a good whipping and let him know just how formidable I am! To actually dare to lie to me!!!” Although Donghuang Baizhi was smiling, tears were flowing out from Donghuang Baizhi’s beautiful eyes. Qing Ya was also feeling miserable, and the moment the atmosphere became like this, tears subconsciously flowed out from Qing Ya’s eyes too. The two women sat at the bar counter and cried their hearts out. And this scene was saw by Ye Zizi who came downstairs to grab a bag of spicy sticks. While eating a spicy stick, Ye Zizi sighed repeatedly. The two madams truly match with each other, to actually cry with each other. After finish thinking that to herself, Ye Zizi happily went back upstairs to continue playing with her game. After crying enough, the eyes of the two beautiful women became red and swollen. Donghuang Baizhi said while whimpering, “Qing Ya, do you want to leave this place?” “I want to.” Qing Ya nodded her head. In actuality, I had long wanted to leave this place and go somewhere else alone to relax my mind. “If the opportunity arises, I will bring you to Voidless Realm. The air there is very good and is suitable for nurturing your fetus.” Qing Ya asked confusedly, “Voidless Realm?” “En, that place is my territory, no one would be able to disturb you when you are there. Even if Ye Hua were to come knocking at Voidless Realm’s doorstep, I would be able to make him know his place and retreat!” “But… but, we are completely unable to leave this place at all right now.” Qing Ya sighed. How could we possibly be able to run away from this place when we are faced against such a tyrant like Ye Hua? Donghuang Baizhi also didn’t know how she was going to be able to run away from this place, “Let’s see how the situation goes, I guess. He can’t possibly lock us both here for the entire rest of our lives, right?” “Baizhi, you probably don’t know about this, but Ye Hua would really do such a thing, he is not joking around with us.” Right now, Qing Ya understood Ye Hua. Although Ye Hua would dote on me, once you provoked him, he wouldn’t talk reasons with you. Donghuang Baizhi said coldly, “That wouldn’t do, I still have a lot of things that I have to deal with outside!” I left Voidless Realm and came here in secret, if it was to be discovered that I went missing, wouldn’t Voidless Realm end up being in a mess? No, this won’t do! I definitely have to quickly return back to Voidless Realm! Thinking up to here, Donghuang Baizhi pounded onto the air wall and shouted out, “Ye Hua! Come downstairs!” Qing Ya was very confused as she stretched out her hand to touch onto the air. After touching onto nothing but air, Qing Ya thought to herself, “What is she hitting on? There isn’t anything in the air.” Donghuang Baizhi laughed miserably, “Qing Ya, this is the difference between you and me.” Qing Ya’s face was filled with shock. I thought that she was only being locked up here in the bar, but who would have thought, while being locked up in the bar, she is also being locked up by an invisible wall. This is basically a cell within a cell. This Ye Hua is too heartless! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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