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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 234 – Family conflict escalates Ye Hua who was currently watching Donghuang Li practice wrinkled his brows. What is this woman shouting for this time round? “Ah Li, practice on your own first, daddy will be leaving for a moment.” Ye Hua patted onto his daughter’s small head. Donghuang Li nodded her head seriously, “Ah Li understood.” After coming downstairs, Ye Hua was startled. They are actually together? What is the meaning of this? “Donghuang Baizhi, the way you shout and make a big fuss right now makes you seem like you do not have the least bit of deportment at all!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely. As my woman, look at just how she is acting right now, she is pretty much acting just like a big aunt. If my subordinates were to see how she is acting right now, my face would really be thrown away by her. While with her willow brows wrinkled, Qing Ya stood at the side and remained silent. Right now, I am starting to sort of sympathize with Donghuang Baizhi. In the past, I had also been chided at like this by Ye Hua. However, Donghuang Baizhi’s situation is different from my situation. Donghuang Baizhi raised the child by herself, and yet this Ye Hua didn’t even say a nice thing to her. Instead, the moment he came downstairs, the first thing that he does was to chide at her. “Ye Hua! Let me out!” Donghuang Baizhi pounded onto the air wall and shouted out. Ye Hua stood outside of the air wall and said faintly as he looked straight at Donghuang Baizhi, “If you don’t change even in the slightest bit, you can prepare to just continue on staying here.” “Ye Hua, it’s more or less enough already, is there a need to lock her up like this?” Qing Ya said, trying to persuade Ye Hua. This caused Ye Hua to become very unhappy. Just whose side are you standing on? Looking at Qing Ya, Ye Hua said coldly, “Qing Ya, you go upstairs and rest.” “No! I want to leave this place too!” Qing Ya shouted out with a stern look on her face. This caused Ye Hua to become even angrier. Do those two women really want to leave this place so badly? I just precisely won’t let them leave this place then! “Qing Ya, don’t try to provoke me any more than you already have!” Qing Ya was totally not afraid as she continued shouting out, “Ye Hua, let me tell you! I am not a canary that you are raising!” “Enough!” Ye Hua shouted out angrily. Ye Hua’s shout caused the two women to become stupefied. Right now, Ye Hua’s face was very fierce-looking, and red lights were flickering within his black pupils. In all of the campaigns that Ye Hua went through in his life, no one was able to cause him to become so angry, not even those Overlords. But who would have thought, the two people that managed to do it would be his own women. “Qing Ya! I am talking to this woman! And while I am talking to her, you either choose to go upstairs and wait, or keep your mouth shut!” Ye Hua calmed down the anger within his heart, then said coldly. Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua in disbelief. He actually bellowed at me! This goddamn bastard! Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi could both be seen picking up a chair and throwing the chair towards Ye Hua. The expressions on their faces seemed as if they wished they could kill Ye Hua. Ye Hua was angered to the point that his veins were popping out, and his entire face had turned red from anger, “Qing Ya! You ask for it! The two of you can prepare to just stay here at my place and not go anywhere else!” After finish speaking, Ye Hua turned around and headed upstairs. Not only did the family conflict not get resolved, it even escalated and became worse. Right now, even Qing Ya was locked up here too. Right now, Qing Ya could be seen holding onto a chair and smashing the chair onto the air wall while shouting out loudly, “Ye Hua, I dislike you! I hate you!” Donghuang Baizhi who was at the side was also shouting out at Ye Hua, “Ye Hua, you tortoise! Bastard! I, Donghuang Baizhi, will never be your woman in this entire life of mine!” “I, Qing Ya, am the same too! I want to divorce you!” Faced against the two women's threatens, Ye Hua slowly turned his head around and said coldly, “You two can stay here for the rest of your lives then!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi collapsed onto the floor powerlessly, then began crying. Soon after, the two hugged onto each other and cried together. Ye Hua stood on the staircase and lighted up a stick of cigarette. Great, now even Qing Ya had also become just like this Donghuang Baizhi. What a day! Suddenly, Ye Hua recalled of a matter and walked back down the stairs. Back on the first floor, Ye Hua shouted faintly to Donghuang Baizhi, “Donghuang Baizhi, from today onwards, Ah Li’s surname will be Ye.” Donghuang Baizhi who was currently crying her heart out went into a daze, and soon after, she hit onto the air wall crazily as if she had gone mad, “Ye Hua! You don’t have the rights to do that, Ah Li is mine! You cannot snatch her away from me!” “I am merely informing you, I am not seeking your approval.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua went upstairs. “No! Ye Hua, you cannot do this, I was the one who raised Ah Li! Ah Li! Ah…” Donghuang Baizhi’s heart tearing yell was enough to make others felt endlessly heart pained for her. After yelling, Donghuang Baizhi collapsed onto the floor and powerlessly hit onto the floor. This caused Qing Ya who was at the side to feel very worried for Donghuang Baizhi. Not having the leisure to even care about herself, Qing Ya went and console Donghuang Baizhi. This Donghuang Baizhi is too pitiful. She has been raising the child by herself for so long, and right now, the moment that Ye Hua took over the child, he immediately intends on changing the child’s surname. Which mother would be able to bear such a thing? What that scoundrel Ye Hua is doing is basically snatching Donghuang Baizhi’s sweetheart away from her. Ye Hua stood outside of the office and finish smoking onto his cigarette before entering into the office. Right now, Donghuang Li was currently practicing seriously, and her small face was filled with sweat. Right now, only my daughter is able to make me feel at ease. As for the other two, not a single one of them is able to not give me a headache. “Daddy~” Seeing that her father came back, Donghuang Li immediately stretched out her arms and requested for a hug. Ye Hua’s mood became better by a lot as he stretched out his arms and carried onto his daughter, “How has Ah Li’s practice been going?” “Daddy, Ah Li is only able to congeal out the flames and is not able to control the flames~” Donghuang Li said frustratedly. Donghuang Li was somewhat afraid that her father would become angry, because in the past, when she was at Voidless Realm, when she wasn’t able to reach her mother’s requirements, her mother would punish her. Of course, Ye Hua wouldn’t punish Ah Li because of that. While pinching onto Ah Li’s small cheek, Ye Hua said, “It’s fine, slowly.” Seeing that her father didn’t scold her and even consoled her, Donghuang Li was happy to death as she said with her tender voice, “Ah Li likes daddy the most~” Little children were just like this, whoever that treats them well, they would like that person. While carrying onto his daughter, Ye Hua sat on the sofa, then took out a piece of tissue from the tissue box and helped Ah Li to wipe onto her sweat. Donghuang Li’s brows suddenly became tightly wrinkled, and in the next moment, she actually began crying. “Ah Li, what’s the matter?” Ye Hua asked worriedly. “Boohoo, daddy treats Ah Li so well… mommy has never help Ah Li wipe onto her sweat before.” From the looks of it, Donghuang Baizhi was the kind of mother that was strict with her child. “Alright, don’t cry, don’t cry, from now on, with daddy here, no one will be able to bully you!” Ye Hua said gravely. Who knows how much my Ah Li has suffered while she was with that Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Li cried while tightly hugging onto her father. This feeling of being doted by her father was something that she had never experienced before. “Ah Li, daddy has a matter to talk to you about.” Ye Hua said while stroking onto his daughter’s hair. “En~” Donghuang Li responded. Ye Hua said faintly, “Ah Li, from now on, you will have the same surname as daddy, okay?” “Ah, then, Ah Li won’t be called Donghuang Li, and will be called Ye Li?” “En, that’s right.” “Alright, Ah Li will listen to daddy.” Donghuang Li agreed happily. However, after agreeing, Donghuang Li suddenly thought of something and her brows immediately became wrinkled. Ye Hua was very happy. My daughter sure is clever and sensible. “Daddy, if Ah Li’s surname becomes Ye, mommy will become very broken-hearted.” Donghuang Li looked at her father with her eyes opened wide and said. “Do Ah Li not want to have the same surname as daddy?” In actuality, Ye Hua didn’t really care that much about whose surname Ah Li followed after, he was just merely following the custom where children would most of the time had to follow after the father’s surname. Donghuang Li shook her head, “Ah Li of course wants to have the same surname as daddy. But if Ah Li changes her surname, mommy would become all alone.” Ye Hua kept silent and didn’t speak. “Although mommy is very strict towards Ah Li, Ah Li is able to see that mommy actually cares a lot about Ah Li, just that mommy doesn’t say it out. Furthermore, mommy only has Ah Li, and Ah Li is afraid that mommy would become very sad and broken-hearted if Ah Li were to change her surname.” After hearing what his daughter said and recalling back to Donghuang Baizhi’s yell from a while ago, Ye Hua remained silent and did not speak. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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