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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 236 – Discovered After dinner, Ye Hua undid the air wall that locked up the two women, then brought a bed over to the office. The office was going to be Donghuang Baizhi’s bedroom for the time being. Donghuang Baizhi was currently keeping her daughter company. It could be said that, this was the first time that Donghuang Baizhi was wholeheartedly keeping her daughter company, and Donghuang Baizhi really cherished this moment. On the other hand, Qing Ya was brought to the bedroom by Ye Hua, or to be precise, Qing Ya was carried into the bedroom by Ye Hua. Within the bedroom, Qing Ya cried and shout, causing Ye Hua to be helpless, and without choice, he placed a spell onto Qing Ya, then did Qing Ya quietly fell asleep. If it was possible, Ye Hua wanted to just use magic and turn Qing Ya into the kind of woman that he wants. However, if he had used magic on Qing Ya, Qing Ya wouldn’t be Qing Ya anymore and would be but just a shell without a soul, and that was not what Ye Hua wanted. While lying on the comfortable big bed and hugging onto Qing Ya, Ye Hua lightly wiped onto the tear stains that were on the corners of Qing Ya’s eyes, “Why won't you listen to me? If you had been a bit more obedient, I, the Supreme Overlord, wouldn’t have had to bully you.” “Saying stupid things like wanting to get a divorce, if it were placed in the past, I would have definitely smack your butt till it becomes swollen. Furthermore, you even froze my card too, you are truly a mischievous little thing.” While mumbling to himself, Ye Hua smiled. Qing Ya was just precisely this charming, even when she was angry, Ye Hua still likes her. Ye Hua’s feelings toward Donghuang Baizhi weren’t very deep. But it could be said that, Ye Hua felt both apologetic and grateful to Donghuang Baizhi. Apologetic for not having come downstairs to meet her back then, and grateful that she had given birth to Ah Li. Just based on the point that Donghuang Baizhi had given birth to Ah Li, Ye Hua would definitely look after Donghuang Baizhi. Furthermore, Donghuang Baizhi was his woman, so how could he leave her outside and ignore her? That was completely not possible. Within the office, Donghuang Baizhi was going to sleep while hugging onto her daughter. Ever since Ah Li was born, I had never gone to sleep while hugging onto her. As a mother, I feel really ashamed, I was a failure as a mother. However, after this incident, Donghuang Baizhi decided that she would keep company with her daughter more often and let her daughter be able to experience what a mother’s warmth feels like. Looking at Ah Li who was nestling within her embrace, Donghuang Baizhi revealed out a slight smile on her face. The smile of the empress was truly incomparably beautiful. Rumble~ When all was said and done, the empress was a human too, and without spiritual energy to support her, she would become hungry too when she didn’t eat. From yesterday till now, asides from the Chinese crepe that she had eaten during this morning, all she had taken in was alcohol. And right now, the moment her mood became somewhat better, her stomach immediately felt hungry. Donghuang Baizhi lightly placed the quilt onto her daughter, then got off the bed, intending to go and see if there was anything to eat. Voidless Realm’s empress searched around the office for food just like a thief, but there wasn’t any food in the entire office. Donghuang Baizhi secretly opened the door and took a look. After discovering that Ye Hua wasn’t around, she decided to go downstairs and look for food. At the bar counter, asides from alcohol, there was nothing else, and right now, Donghuang Baizhi didn’t want to drink alcohol. If I drink alcohol again, Ah Li is going to complain again that there is an alcohol smell on my body. “There should be something to eat inside, right?” Donghuang Baizhi walked towards the place where Leisure Bar stored its goods. And after searching for quite a while, all she discovered was beverages. Little did she knew, Ye Hua had long hidden all of the spicy sticks, to prevent Qing Yutong from stealing his spicy sticks. And right now, there was one more person who he had to prevent from stealing his spicy sticks, Ye Zizi. “There should be some food in this storage room, right? I’m about to die from hunger…” It has been a very long time since Donghuang Baizhi had experienced what hunger felt like. After all, with the support of spiritual energy, it would be fine for her even if she didn’t eat for a month. Donghuang Baizhi opened the door of the storage room, and it was pitch-black inside. She then stretched out her hand to the light switch. Click. The light was turned on, and Donghuang Baizhi immediately became exulted. In front of her, there were a few boxes of instant cup noodles. Donghuang Baizhi opened one of the boxes and took out one cup of instant cup noodles. I finally don’t have to feel hungry anymore. This damn Ye Hua, to actually make me, the empress, search for food so late in the night! While holding onto the instant cup noodles, Donghuang Baizhi turned around and walked towards the door. Suddenly! Donghuang Baizhi stopped her footsteps and slowly turned her head around towards a corner. Why do those two red chests look so familiar? Donghuang Baizhi walked forward and opened one of the red chests, and the red chest could be seen to be filled with gold bars! Looking at the imprints that were on the gold bars, Donghuang Baizhi’s expression changed. Soon after, she opened the other red chest, and when she saw the God Leaf Fan that was within the chest, she confirmed her suspicion! So Ye Hua is the one who intercepted my people! If not, why are those betrothal gifts of mine here! This bastard actually killed my people! “Ye Hua! Get over here!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out loudly. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists, and she looked like she was going to fight it out with Ye Hua. Ye Hua who was on the bed wrinkled his brows. What is this woman up to this time! Ye Hua immediately disappeared from the bed and appeared in the storage room. “Instead of sleeping, what are you doing here so late in the night!” While standing behind Donghuang Baizhi, Ye Hua asked. Donghuang Baizhi suddenly punched her fist towards Ye Hua’s face. However, her speed was too slow, and her wrist was grabbed onto by Ye Hua. “Donghuang Baizhi, you better don’t go too far! Don’t think that just because you are my woman, you can be so rude towards me!” Ye Hua tightly wrinkled his brows and chided. “Where did you get those two red chests from!” A fierce glint appeared in Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes. This man is taking revenge on me for trying to marry someone else, which is why he snatched away my betrothal gifts and killed my people! Ye Hua looked at the red chests that were at the side and said faintly, “Where I get those from has nothing to do with you, so quickly go back and sleep!” “You bastard, you snatch those betrothal gifts because you knew they were mine, right!” Donghuang Baizhi questioned. Ye Hua’s expression immediately froze, “Betrothal gifts? You are marrying someone?” “That’s right, but I am not the one who is marrying into the man's family, the man is the one who is marrying into my family!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out. Ye Hua immediately became angry, and the strength of his grip was becoming stronger and stronger. Donghuang Baizhi was able to feel the strength of Ye Hua’s grip changing, and her wrist felt like it was going to break, but she didn’t make a sound. “You are intending on cucking me!” Ye Hua’s icy-cold tone felt just like something that came out from hell, the tone was enough to make one tremble in fear. “That’s right, I am indeed intending on cucking you, what are you going to do about it!” Ye Hua’s face was slightly twitching, his gaze was changing, and he seemed as if he was about to return back to the state he was in five years ago. Looking at the look on Ye Hua’s face right now, Donghuang Baizhi was honestly feeling a bit afraid. Suddenly, Ye Hua let go of Donghuang Baizhi’s wrist and collapsed powerlessly onto the floor. The devil that had been in slumber for five years was currently awakening, and Ye Hua’s remaining humanity was currently being devoured by the devil. This woman actually cucked me! Damn it! Everyone has to die! Donghuang Baizhi was in a panic right now. Ye Hua’s state right now looks the same as when one goes into spiritual energy deviation. Although it feels very great to see how Ye Hua looks right now, my heart is somewhat unable to bear seeing him be in such a state. “Ye Hua! What’s going on with you?” Donghuang Baizhi hurriedly held onto Ye Hua and asked nervously. Ye Hua looked dead-on at Donghuang Baizhi and questioned, “You cucked me?” “The betrothal gifts have already been snatched away by you, so who is there for me to even cuck you with!” Donghuang Baizhi was about to become speechless. Does this Ye Hua not have this bit of common sense at all? Ye Hua was startled, and the devil within him slowly went back to slumber, and his humanity returned back to normal. Just now, for a split second, Ye Hua thought that Donghuang Baizhi had already cucked him, and that was something that he completely could not accept. During that moment, he had the inclination to just kill everyone. Seems like I have gotten the wrong idea, she merely had the idea of cucking me, and she still hasn’t succeeded in carrying out her idea. However, she is not allowed to even possess such an idea in her mind! Seeing that Ye Hua slowly recovered back to normal, Donghuang Baizhi let out a breath of relief. I evidently called him over to question him, so how did it end up with me being concerned about him? It seems like I have truly gone mad. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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