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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 237 – Got into the mood Ye Hua pulled Donghuang Baizhi into his embrace and asked coldly, “Why do you want to cuck me!” Donghuang Baizhi struggled within Ye Hua’s embrace, but it was useless. “Because you are a heartless and ungrateful man!” Ye Hua positioned Donghuang Baizhi onto his thigh, then raised his hand and slapped onto Donghuang Baizhi’s butt. “Ah!” Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t help but moan. “You bastard, you are beating me again!” “Pa!” “Ah!” Ye Hua said coldly, “Baizhi, if not for Ah Li, I would have beaten your butt till it swells today!” “Go on and beat me then! Later on, I will tell my daughter what happened and let her know just how her father beat her mother!” Donghuang Baizhi’s words seem to be conveying some sort of message, and this caused Ye Hua to stop his hand. Adding on with that look of concern on Donghuang Baizhi’s face just a while ago, Ye Hua felt that Donghuang Baizhi definitely still had feelings for him. “Baizhi, could it be that you still like me?” Ye Hua asked curiously. “I would rather like a ghost than to like you!” This woman doesn’t mean the things that she said, she is just the same as Qing Ya! Ye Hua pressed Donghuang Baizhi onto the floor, then suddenly kissed towards Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes were opened wide and she tried her best to struggle free from Ye Hua, but faced against the formidable Ye Hua, it was completely useless. Ye Hua’s sinful hand stretched into Donghuang Baizhi’s shirt and began wandering around Donghuang Baizhi’s tender and exquisite body. This Donghuang Baizhi’s body feels superb, compared to three years ago, her body is much plumper, and her skin is much bouncier. This situation caused Donghuang Baizhi to not be able to help but recalled back to that night during three years ago, where she experienced both pain and joy at the same time. “Baizhi, you are still the same as you were three years ago, you get into the mood very quickly.” Ye Hua took out that sinful hand of his and waved it in front of Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes. Who knows where Donghuang Baizhi even got her strength from, she pushed Ye Hua to the side, then ran away while covering onto her face. Ye Hua did not chase after Donghuang Baizhi. While sitting on the floor, Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Seems like my charm is still as charming as it used to be back then.” Donghuang Baizhi who had run upstairs got onto the bed and covered herself with the quilt. Her face was currently flushed red. Thinking back to just now, why am I so incompetent, I originally called him over to scold him, and yet, in the end, I ended up being caressed by him… and even got into the mood… This is really embarrassing to death. The empress right now seemed just like a girl who was in love, the combination of shyness and anger made her look extremely beautiful. Actually, I don’t know why, when I saw those two red chests in the storage room, I felt a little happy. Hearing the sound of the door being opened, Donghuang Baizhi wrinkled her brows. What is he coming in for! Could it be that, he wants to! Bastard, our daughter is still sleeping right now! Soon after, Donghuang Baizhi heard the sound of the door being closed, and the footsteps getting further and further away. Donghuang Baizhi slightly raised her head and took a look. That guy came in and went out just like this? What does he mean by this! However, when Donghuang Baizhi saw the cup of instant cup noodles that was on the coffee table, she immediately understood. My face has really been completely thrown away. In any case, since my face has already been thrown away, it wouldn’t make a difference to continue throwing my face away. I should go ahead and eat this cup of instant cup noodles. Who would have thought, he actually prepared a big piece of ham sausage for me too, he is rather attentive, huh? The fragrance of the instant cup noodles woke up Donghuang Li from her sleep. Slurp~ Seeing that her mother was slurping onto something, Donghuang Li rubbed onto her eyes and asked, “Mommy, what are you eating?’ “Eh… mommy is eating cup noodles.” Donghuang Baizhi felt very awkward for getting caught red-handed like this by her daughter. “It smells so good, Ah Li wants to eat it too.” “Ah Li, come over, mommy will feed you.” Eating cup noodles for the first time, Ah Li felt that it tasted very great. This noodle is springy yet firm, and furthermore, it tastes super delicious~ In just a short while, the mother and daughter pair finished the entire cup of noodles. “Mommy, Ah Li still hasn’t had her fill, Ah Li is still hungry~” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth. Donghuang Baizhi also hasn’t had her fill and still wanted to eat another cup of instant noodles. “Let’s go downstairs and get ourselves each a cup of instant noodles. However, Ah Li must not tell daddy about this, if not daddy would become very fierce.” “En, Ah Li will keep this matter a secret.” The mother and daughter pair secretly ran downstairs and got themselves each a cup of instant noodles. Ye Hua who was hugging onto Qing Ya laughed lightly. This Donghuang Baizhi is a bit interesting, she can be counted as to my liking. Ye Hua finally got through this annoying day, but at the same time, a new day was here, and who knows just what would happen on this new day? Voidless Realm’s morning was like a land of paradise, clouds and mist lingered throughout the entire Voidless Realm, and the entire Voidless Realm was filled with spiritual energy. Voidless Realm was a superb place for cultivating. Right at this moment, within the palace, the faces of the eight elders were grave, and the throne was completely empty. “I feel that something is wrong!” Yuan De shouted out angrily. Xing Han stroke onto his beard and asked, “Why do Brother Yuan say that?” “The Little Majesty bizarrely went missing, and right now, even Her Majesty went missing too. Isn’t this enough to indicate that something is wrong!” Yuan De shouted out while with his hands placed behind his back. The empress has gone missing for a day already. So, how could the eight elders not feel worried? “What Brother Yuan just said is extremely correct. I feel that the disappearances of Her Majesty and Little Majesty were both not a coincidence. In all likelihood, everything was all planned by someone! And perhaps, it could have been that group of robbers who robbed our betrothal gifts.” He Xuan agreed with Yuan De’s viewpoint. Xing Han shook his head, “Her Majesty’s strength is extremely high, so just who would have been able to kidnap Her Majesty? I presume that, Her Majesty most likely just went out to look for her daughter by herself.” Everyone remained silent. Everyone hoped that Xing Han’s speculation was right. After all, no one would want the empress to have met with a mishap. An imperial guard suddenly ran into the palace and shouted out, “Ying Family’s Ying Shang, and Ying Kangshi, are requesting to meet with Her Majesty.” Yuan De waved his hand, and the imperial guard retreated respectfully. “This is great, where are we going to be able to get an empress to meet with those two.” Yuan De stamped his foot on the floor angrily. Those two couldn’t have picked a better time to come, huh? Right when Her Majesty went missing, those two immediately came to request to meet with Her Majesty. Everyone remained silent, and soon after, He Xuan said gravely, “You all say, in this world, how many powers possess the capabilities to kidnap Her Majesty?’ “Ying Family, and Ji Family.” The seven elders said immediately without even having to think. He Xuan continued and said, “The reason that Ying Family came today is definitely to demand for an explanation. And yet, at this moment, Her Majesty isn’t here. You all say, would they be willing to leave without meeting with Her Majesty?” “He Xuan! Are you saying that, Ying Family kidnapped Her Majesty, then purposely came to Voidless Realm to request to meet with Her Majesty? And their reason for doing so is to look for an excuse to go to war with us?” Yuan De exclaimed in surprise. He Xuan nodded his head. However, right after nodding his head, He Xuan continued and said, “Perhaps, I may have thought too much into it.” “It would be better to kill wrongly than to let one get away. Thus, we might as well just take their lives!” Xing Han was someone that was vicious and merciless. He Xuan shook his head and said faintly, “If Her Majesty was really kidnapped by Ying Family, by killing those two, we would be placing Her Majesty in grave danger. And if Her Majesty was kidnapped by Ji Family, by killing those two, we would be doing exactly what Ji Family wants.” “From the looks of it, no matter what, we can’t kill those two Ying Family members, right?” Yuan De sneered. Without Her Majesty here to take charge of the situation, everything is truly in a complete mess. He Xuan nodded his head, “Yuan De, you should come along with me to meet with those two Ying Family members and pacify them first. Sigh, now that everyone knows that Her Majesty has an illegitimate child, her reputation is at risk.” Donghuang Baizhi’s reputation was far worse than just being at risk. Right now, the entire Cultivation World was discussing about the empress. Was the empress’s illegitimate daughter a case of decline of morality, or was it the distortion of human nature? In any case, no matter what was said, although no one dares to discuss about it in the open, everyone in the Cultivation World knew that the empress has an illegitimate daughter. The empress’s man sure is formidable! To actually dare to get in bed with the empress, I really have to give it to that man’s courage! However, at the same time, I also feel very jealous… To be able to use the empress to warm the bed, this is practically the dream of most men, and even more, it could be said to be the pinnacle of life’s goals. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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