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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 238 – War Yuan De and He Xuan came to the guest room to meet with the two Ying Family members. Ying Shang and Ying Kangshi didn’t have a smelly look on their faces. Ying Shang’s state could be classified as normal, while Ying Kangshi had a face full of excitement. I am going to be able to meet with the empress soon, just thinking about it is making me feel so excited. Upon meeting with each other, both sides greeted each other politely. Diplomacy was always the first choice, and violence was the choice that came next when the first choice didn't work out. Ying Kangshi couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he asked, “When will the empress come?” He Xuan said with a smile, “Young Master Ying, Her Majesty has recently gone into closed-door cultivation, and it would take quite a while before Her Majesty comes out of her closed-door cultivation.” “From what you are saying, I can take it that the empress isn’t willing to meet with us, right?” Ying Shang’s attitude immediately changed. The empress had gone into closed-door cultivation is obviously just an excuse made up by this He Xuan! Ying Kangshi hurriedly said, “It’s fine, we will just wait then.” “Shut your mouth! You good-for-nothing!” Ying Shang shouted out strictly. Why did big brother make me bring along such an idiot like this? With a gloomy expression on his face, Yuan De said coldly, “Forgive me for being straightforward. Her Majesty indeed had the intention to join forces with Ying Family through marriage, but since your family’s young master doesn’t seem to be able to function as a man anymore, it is only natural for the marriage to be canceled. Moreover, the betrothal gifts that we prepared had already been robbed.” Bang! Ying Shang slammed onto the table, and his eyeballs were about to pop out of his eye sockets, “Whatever that your empress says, means whatever it should be? Is your empress toying around with my Ying Family?!” “Third uncle, cool your temper, the empress definitely didn’t mean it like this.” Ying Shang raised his hand and slapped onto Ying Kangshi's face. Why is there such a male in Ying Family, has this Ying Kangshi’s pride been eaten completely by a dog! After being slapped, Ying Kangshi's figure landed on the floor. “Third uncle~ You hit me~ I am going to tell my dad about this…” Bringing up dad when faced with an unwinnable situation, this was basically how a child would act. Yuan De and He Xuan took a look at each other. It is fortunate that this Ying Kangshi had been crippled. If not, had Her Majesty married such a man like this, it would be an embarrassment for Her Majesty. Resumes can’t be trusted, you can only trust your own eyes. In actuality, Ying Kangshi wasn’t to blame. After being crippled, Ying Kangshi began to slowly develop towards the feminine direction. “You disgraceful thing, I really want to f**king chop your head off with a slash.” Upon hearing what Ying Kangshi said, Ying Shang immediately became angry. This Ying Kangshi is really a disgrace, in the future, it would be best to just lock him up on the island. He Xuan said with a slight smile on his face, “Young Master Ying is still a child and doesn’t know any better, so don’t make it difficult for him anymore.” This He Xuan is openly taunting me. Would a man that doesn’t know any better be worthy to be the empress’s man? The answer is evidently no! “He Xuan, I, Ying Shang, will just say it as it is! If your empress doesn’t come out and give my Ying Family an explanation! Three days later, Ying Family’s main forces should pay a visit to Voidless Realm!” Yuan De who possessed a fiery temper immediately stood up and shouted out, “Sure thing, Voidless Realm should look forward to your Ying Family’s visit!” He Xuan held onto his forehead. I really can’t stand it, aren’t the two of you being too negligent? Ying Shang didn’t expect that the other party’s attitude would be so tough. Originally, Ying Shang merely wanted to give them a scare, but right now, since he had already given his threat, it was impossible for him to take back his threat. “Alright! We should meet again in three days' time!” After finish speaking, Ying Shang picked up Ying Kangshi from the floor with one of his hands. Ying Kangshi shouted out, “I don’t want to leave, I want to meet the empress.” Ying Shang gave Ying Kangshi a slap and made Ying Kangshi faint. This Ying Kangshi is truly an embarrassment! While looking at the two who were leaving, Yuan De said indignantly, “Let’s just kill off the two of them right now.” “If we were to kill off the two of them right now, it is quite possible that Ji Family would get themselves involved in this matter. Don’t forget, Ying Family and Ji Family both belong to the south.” He Xuan shook his head. When two forces cross swords, it was a tacit rule to not kill envoys. Everyone understood that. “You two were too negligent, agreeing to go to war with each other just like that.” Yuan De had nothing to say. That Ying Shang was the one who made a threat first! Should I have back away and yielded? The answer is evidently no. Who has Voidless Realm ever been afraid of? Ying Shang hurried back to Ying Family, and upon returning back to Ying Family, he immediately called for a meeting. Everyone was present at the meeting, asides from Death Mage and Xun Fang. Xun Fang's job was to supervise Ying Family, and there was no need for her to meddle in Ying Family’s internal matters. This was something that made Ying Family let out a breath of relief. “Family head, Voidless Realm is truly too much, that empress didn’t even bother to meet with us.” Ying Shang reported everything that happened at Voidless Realm. Right now, Ying Kangshi had already woken up, and he could be seen hurriedly saying, “Father, perhaps, the empress had really gone into closed-door cultivation.” “Ying Kangshi! Just whose side are you on!” Ying Shang chided coldly. As the family head, how would Ying Jingshan not know just how this son of his was like? This son of mine, even till now, he is still dreaming. “Since Voidless Realm has accepted our invitation for war, war it should be then! Our Ying Family has been quiet for far too long already, it is time to let everyone see our Ying Family’s accumulation and just how strong our Ying Family is!” No one opposed what Ying Jingshan said. Our Ying Family has indeed been staying too low-profile. Taking the opportunity of this chance, our Ying Family should rise before everyone’s eyes. “Father!” “Shut your mouth! From today onwards, you are forbidden from leaving this island!” “Father~” Ying Kangshi’s tender moan gave everyone a shock, and some even felt like vomiting. No matter what, you are still one of Ying Family’s men, so how could you let out such a feminine moan? “Scram!” Ying Jingshan shouted out strictly. Ying Kangshi stamped his foot onto the floor, then left the hall while with his butt stuck out. Seeing that, the relatives all shook their heads. This is a family disgrace. “Family head, should we inform Lord Xun about this matter? After all, our Ying Family is going to be making some big movements soon.” Ying Shang reminded. Things that should be informed should be informed, if not, if we were to anger His Honor, our Ying Family would be done for. Ying Jingshan nodded his head, “Start preparing for the war, I will go and inform Lord Xun about the matter now.” The relatives all stood up, and with murder intent emerging out from their bodies, they shouted out in unison, “Yes!” With a gloomy look on his face, Ying Jingshan left the hall and went to report to Lord Xun about this matter. Standing outside of the ordinary room, Ying Jingshan was honestly feeling rather puzzled. There are so many other top-notch rooms on this island, and yet they would rather choose to live in such a remote place. Those two sure are not greedy at all… However, upon recalling of the treasures that had been dug out, my heart is starting to ache… “Little skeleton! Be gentler, your fingers are hurting me!” “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “I will be gentler then.” Immediately, Xun Fang let out a moan of pleasure, “Use a bit more force… Ah~ Comfortable~ A bit more to the left… That’s right, that’s right, this is the spot. Use a bit more force~” “This feels great~ Little skeleton, your hands are pretty good.” “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “I have something that is even more formidable, which is the speed of my fingers. Do you want to have a try?” Ying Jingshan who was standing outside was feeling very awkward. They are currently enjoying the joy that can be found on beds, it wouldn’t be good to interrupt them right now. I guess I will just wait for them to be done first. Within the room, the two were currently sitting on the bed. Xun Fang’s back was faced against Death Mage, and Death Mage’s fingertips were currently scratching onto Xun Fang’s itch. Xun Fang was feeling comfortable to the point that she was having goosebumps. “Alright, don’t scratch anymore, there’s someone outside, I’m going to go and see what’s the matter.” Xun Fang rolled her eyes at Death Mage. Ever since the two had torn apart the last piece of paper that was separating the two of them, the atmosphere between the two would often end up becoming ambiguous, and Death Mage was no longer as strong-willed as he was before. Right now, Death Mage was pretty much just like a little puppy. Death Mage picked up his phone and began tapping onto his phone screen, “Biubiubiu.” Recently, Death Mage had returned back to the fishing world. Don’t ask why, it was because Death Mage was rich now. Right now, Xun Fang no longer wanted to kill Death Mage anymore, and recently, Xun Fang had been playing Honor of Kings, a game that Death Mage was completely uninterested in. What fun is there in a game where you can’t become a big boss by topping up in-game currencies? “What’s the matter?” Xun Fang opened the door and asked. Looking at Xun Fang whose face was flushed red, Ying Jingshan silently thought to himself, “Lord Xun sure has a very unique taste.” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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