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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 239 – Prepare to jailbreak “Lord Xun, it’s like this, in three days' time, my Ying Family will be going to war with Voidless Realm. I intentionally came over to inform you about this.” While bowing forward slightly, Ying Jingshan said respectfully. Going to war with Voidless Realm, isn’t this the result that His Honor wanted? Xun Fang nodded her head, “En, I got it. If there’s nothing else, you can go ahead and prepare for the war then.” “Alright.” After informing Xun Fang, Ying Jingshan went to take charge of the preparation. Ying Family was determined on winning the war against Voidless Realm as the war was going to be the stage that they will be using to stop staying low-profile and appear in the eyes of everyone. Returning back to the room, Xun Fang told the matter to Death Mage, and Death Mage did not bother to report the matter to Ye Hua. His Honor had already said, the fiercer they fight with each other, the better it is. Xun Fang leaned onto Death Mage’s bone shoulder, then said while starting up her game, “Dou Fushi seems to have brought Heavy Dust to the sea to look for treasures.” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “The treasures that were on this Ying Family’s island had all been dug out by him.” Xun Fang let out a breath, “It would be great if you could speak like a human, then I wouldn’t have to always guess just what you are saying every time you speak.” “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “You can go and beg His Honor to give me a corporeal body then. In any case, I am not going to go and beg His Honor for a corporeal body. If not, His Honor would think that I actually like you that much.” “Are you telling me to go and beg His Honor to give you a corporeal body? I am not going to~ If I were to do that, it will make it seem as if I like you that much. There isn’t a bit of meat at all on your body, it feels very hard when leaning onto you.” While speaking, Xun Fang took a pillow and placed it onto Death Mage’s bone shoulder. Death Mage was speechless. You now know that my body is hard, huh? Last night, when His Honor said that he was going to bestow me a corporeal body, you were the one who declined it, so who else do you have but yourself to blame. Xun Fang was very annoyed with her own action last night. If I had known, I wouldn’t have cared that much about my face and just agreed for His Honor to bestow a corporeal body to this skeleton. I have a boyfriend right now, and yet, I am not able to touch him. You tell me, isn’t this infuriating? The women of Ye Hua’s subordinates were thinking of ways to push over their partners, while Ye Hua was currently thinking of ways to resolve his family conflict. While holding hands with Qing Ya who had a cold look on her face, Ye Hua came to the Chinese Crepe store to buy Chinese Crepes. The big aunt smiled and remained silent. This young fellow brought one woman here yesterday, and today, he brought another woman here. This young fellow sure is formidable, is he not afraid of his car crashing? Cough, Ye Hua’s car had long crashed, and right now, he was currently in the process of fixing his car. “Qing Ya, don’t keep on having a cold look on your face, have a smile.” Ye Hua said lightly. “Scram to the side.” Qing Ya shouted out coldly, then ruthlessly took a bite of the Chinese crepe. My stomach is about to shrivel from hunger, I shouldn’t let my stomach suffer just because I am angry at him. “Eat slowly, no one is here to snatch your food away from you.” Ye Hua couldn’t help but tease, then took the lead to walk into Leisure Bar. Qing Ya who was at the back said ruthlessly, “I am precisely not going to eat slowly, I am going to eat it in big mouthfuls, what are you going to do about it!” While holding onto a bag of Chinese crepes, Ye Hua walked into the office. Currently, Donghuang Baizhi had gotten off the bed, while Donghuang Li was still sleeping with a smile on her face. “I bought breakfast for you and Ah Li.” Ye Hua placed the bag of Chinese crepes on the coffee table. “Get out.” Donghuang Baizhi stood at the window, with her back faced against Ye Hua. “It is not good to eat too much instant cup noodles. Do you think that I wouldn’t know just because you threw the cups away? The entire room is filled with the smell of instant cup noodles.” Donghuang Baizhi said gravely, “I don’t need you to care.” Ye Hua slowly walked towards Donghuang Baizhi, and when Donghuang Baizhi heard the footsteps getting closer and closer to her, her heartbeat became faster and faster. Ye Hua stretched out his hands and held onto Donghuang Baizhi’s willow waist, then pulled Donghuang Baizhi into his embrace. “Let go of me!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out. Ye Hua said faintly, “Baizhi, although you are not very honest, your body, on the other hand, is very honest.” “You scoundrel!” A layer of red appeared on Donghuang Baizhi’s white pretty face. “Although the amount of time that I have spent with you isn’t much, I know what you think in your mind. If you really hated it, you would have resisted.” Ye Hua moved his head right next to Donghuang Baizhi’s right ear and said. This caused Donghuang Baizhi’s heart to start beating quickly. “How am I going to resist when you are grabbing onto my hands!” Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Baizhi, for Ah Li’s sake, we should set aside our grudges. I hope that Ah Li would be able to receive her mother’s care and love, and of course, my care and love too. We will be a family together.” Donghuang Baizhi remained silent because deep in her heart, this was what she longed for the most. For Ah Li’s sake, she was willing to try. Seeing that Donghuang Baizhi wasn’t speaking, Ye Hua’s sinful hands began moving around again. “Don’t mess around! Our daughter is still here!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out in a low voice. “Baizhi, what you are saying is, it would be fine if our daughter isn’t here?” “Go to hell!” “A woman who doesn’t mean the things that she says. Although your mouth is saying no, your body is leaning towards my embrace.” Ye Hua laughed lightly. Donghuang Baizhi wasn’t willing to look at Ye Hua as she said, “You definitely placed a spell on me! If not, how would I be acting like this!” “Baizhi, don’t bluff yourself anymore, you know that you still like me.” “Rubbish!” Donghuang Li who was on the bed rubbed onto her eyes, then turned her head around and looked towards her father and mother. Immediately after Donghuang Li turned her head around, she exclaimed in surprise, “Daddy, mommy, have the two of you reconciled with each other? Ah Li is so happy.” Ye Hua let go of Donghuang Baizhi and carried onto his daughter, “Daddy has forgiven mommy.” “Yay, that’s great, daddy is so handsome~” After finish speaking, Donghuang Li kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek. Soon after, Donghuang Li didn’t forget to kiss onto her mother too. Looking at the three right now, they seemed just like a harmonious family of three. However, Ye Hua knew that, if he wanted to make the two women be willing to completely accept living together, all those things that he had been doing weren’t enough, he had to plan something stimulating for the two women to experience. Last night, when Ye Hua was in the storage room, Donghuang Baizhi’s concern gave Ye Hua somewhat of an idea. Looking back at last night when Donghuang Baizhi showed concern for me, it shows that, only when I am in danger, then would the two women reveal their true feelings. Seems like I am going to have to call for another meeting today, and the meeting will be to discuss on how to make me become in danger, while at the same time, not throw away my face. “Baizhi, bring Ah Li to go and wash up, then eat the breakfast. I have something to attend to, so I will be leaving now.” After finish speaking, Ye Hua left the office. Donghuang Baizhi carried her daughter, “Ah Li, do you like daddy more? Or do you like mommy more?” “Erm… Ah Li likes both mommy and daddy.” Donghuang Baizhi pinched onto her daughter’s nose affectionately, “You little fellow, you now know how to play dumb, huh?” “Hehe~ Ah Li loves mommy the most~” “Mommy loves Ah Li too.” The feelings between the mother and daughter pair were slowly getting better and better. After all, Donghuang Baizhi was very strict in the past, and right now, Donghuang Baizhi was finally acting like how a mother was supposed to act. After finish washing up and eating breakfast, when Donghuang Baizhi saw Qing Ya walking by, Donghuang Baizhi shouted out, “Qing Ya, there is a matter that I need your help with.” “En?“ Qing Ya was very puzzled. “Come in and talk.” Donghuang Baizhi was very careful, seemingly like she was afraid to be discovered by Ye Hua. Seeing that Donghuang Baizhi seemed to have a plan, Qing Ya looked around to see if there was anyone, then stealthily entered into the room. Donghuang Li had long gone to Qing Yutong’s room. “Have a seat.” Donghuang Baizhi said with a slight smile on her face. Qing Ya asked curiously, “You seem to be in quite a good mood today.” Upon hearing that, Donghuang Baizhi’s expression immediately changed. Who is in quite a good mood right now? I, the empress, am currently in a very bad mood! “Qing Ya, do you still remember the matter that we talked about yesterday?” Donghuang Baizhi asked. “The matter about leaving this place?” Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head. “But we don’t possess any superpowers at all, so how are we going to be able to leave this place? And even if we managed to leave this place, Ye Hua would come searching for us and bring us back to this place.” Qing Ya could be considered to have already resigned herself to not being able to leave the bar. However, she was definitely not going to surrender to Ye Hua. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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