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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 241 – Scram! Why is the atmosphere so awkward? This won’t do! The two women hurriedly began thinking of a countermeasure. “Ye Hua! Don’t you have anything that you want to explain?” Qing Ya shouted out coldly. Ye Hua felt that this was a chance, a chance that was delivered straight to his doorstep. Just nice, taking the opportunity of this chance, I will chase them out of the bar. “What are you two up to again this time! Do you two want to get smacked in the butt!” Ye Hua shouted out with a stern look on his face. However, because Ye Hua felt like laughing, it caused his expression to become a bit twisted. However, when everything landed on the eyes of the two women, they thought to themselves, “This is great! The situation is going according to our plan!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out angrily, “You only know how to exert domestic violence! I have had enough, I want to leave this place!” “I have had enough too! I want to leave this place too, you cannot lock us up like this forever!” Ye Hua was stupefied. Isn’t this too easy? I haven’t even started to chase them out of the bar, and they themselves had already taken the initiative to make the situation become a situation where I can chase them out of the bar easily. This is great! However, I cannot reveal out how I feel right now on my face. I must make sure that they don't suspect a thing! “Not possible!” Ye Hua shouted out. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi knew that it would turn out like this and the two of them glared at Ye Hua. And when Ye Hua saw that the two women weren’t resisting anymore, he thought to himself, “This isn’t good, was my tone from a while ago too heavy?” “If I had known, I should have just allowed them to leave. Right now, they are just standing there looking at me and not leaving. What I just did is practically picking up a stone and throwing the stone on my foot." “Seems like the time for putting my acting skills to test has come! I, the Supreme Overlord, should show the two of you just what is called true acting skills!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi took a look at each other. Seems like, in the end, we are going to have to depend on our acting skills. “If the two of you dare to leave, I will smack your butt till it swells completely!” Ye Hua shouted out fiercely. Ye Hua’s acting skills were a bit over-exaggerated. But when landed on the two women’s eyes, they felt that it wasn’t over-exaggerated in the slightest bit. This is the expression that we want! “If you have the guts, come and beat me then!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out. Qing Ya wasn’t willing to be outdone, “If you don’t beat my butt today, you are my grandson!” “Alright, the two of you forced me!“ Ye Hua waved his hand, and the two beautiful women automatically flew over and assumed a position with their butts raised toward Ye Hua. Such a position like this was definitely, one hundred percent, a sight to behold. Ye Hua raised both of his hands and slapped toward the butts. Ye Hua slightly used a bit of strength on the hand that was slapping towards Donghuang Baizhi’s butt and used pretty much no strength on the hand that was slapping towards Qing Ya’s butt. Pa~ Pa~ “Ye Hua! I have had enough of you! You are exerting domestic violence on me, I want to leave!” Qing Ya cried loudly. Qing Ya’s acting skills were pretty good. In actuality, she didn’t feel any bit of pain at all. Meanwhile, Donghuang Baizhi really felt a bit painful when her butt was smacked, “Ye Hua, you bastard, it hurts like hell!!!” “I want to leave this place and get away from you, you tyrant!” “I want to leave this place too!” Ye Hua was exulted. I was precisely waiting for you two to say that. Ye Hua stopped smacking onto the two’s butts and said gravely, “Do you two really want to leave me?” This tone, which was filled with melancholy, was simply just like that of an infatuated man calling out to his wife. Seeing that the two women weren’t speaking, Ye Hua wanted to give himself a slap. Why did I even act melancholy for! What am I going to do if they choose to not leave! “That’s right! We precisely want to leave you!” Hearing the two women’s confirmations, Ye Hua finally felt at ease. “Mommy, why do you want to leave daddy?” Donghuang Li suddenly ran over, then pulled onto Donghuang Baizhi and asked. Ye Hua carried onto his daughter and said gravely, “Ah Li, mommy don’t want you and me anymore.” Donghuang Baizhi wished she could smack onto Ye Hua’s butt. What is this man even talking about, he is practically slandering me! After I am done with my matters, I am still going to come back here… Aiya! What’s the matter with me, to actually thought about coming back here… “Qing Ya, do you really want to leave me?” Ye Hua looked at Qing Ya with his deep black eyes that were filled with tenderness. Who said that the Supreme Overlord doesn’t have any acting skills? The Academy Awards owe His Honor a golden trophy. Qing Ya didn’t dare to look straight at Ye Hua’s eyes, “I want to go out and let myself have some peace of mind!" “Alright, since the two of you have decided, I will let the two of you leave. From today onwards, it will just be me and Ah Li. The two of you, scram!” Ye Hua carried onto his daughter and made a gorgeous turn with his body, then waved his hand. The seal that sealed up Donghuang Baizhi’s spiritual energy was removed, and the seal that was locking Donghuang Baizhi up in the bar was removed too. Looking at Ye Hua carried onto Donghuang Li who was weeping up the stairs, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi suddenly couldn’t bear to leave anymore. However, after thinking about all the bad things that Ye Hua did, Qing Ya clenched her teeth and walked out of the bar. Donghuang Baizhi wrinkled her brows. I can be at ease if Ah Li is with Ye Hua. I will explain everything to Ah Li when I returned. After the two women walked out of the bar, Donghuang Baizhi asked, “Qing Ya, have you decided on where to go?” “En, in any case, since I don’t have anywhere to go, I will head to your place first, I guess.” Qing Ya said powerlessly. Qing Ya managed to leave the bar, but right after leaving the bar, she immediately felt reluctant to really leave. Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head. Feeling that something seemed fishy, Donghuang Baizhi asked, “Qing Ya, don’t you feel that Ye Hua was very weird today? Yesterday, he was talking about locking us up in the bar forever, and yet, today, he just let us leave the bar so easily?” As expected of the empress, to be able to sense that something was wrong so quickly. If Ye Hua’s acting skills weren’t on point just now, Donghuang Baizhi would definitely be more suspicious of Ye Hua. “Perhaps, he really gave up on us.” In actuality, Qing Ya wasn’t feeling very comfortable in her heart. Ye Hua really doesn’t want me anymore… Donghuang Baizhi let out a deep sigh. I don’t know if what I just did is wrong or right. Within the office, Ye Hua looked at the two women that were downstairs and mumbled to himself, “Quickly leave, quickly leave, don’t dillydally anymore.” “Daddy, how could you let mommy leave just like this?” Ye Hua smiled and explained everything to his daughter. Ye Hua wouldn’t want his daughter to really believe that her mommy doesn’t want her anymore. After listening to her father’s explanation, Donghuang Li immediately understood what was happening, “Daddy sure is formidable. Mommy and Aunt Qing were both bluffed by daddy.” “Shh… Daddy’s case can’t be counted as bluffing, it is counted as love…” “En, en, Ah Li understands.” Donghuang Li had an understanding and mature look on her face, causing Ye Hua to laugh out heartily. Ye Hua looked downstairs again, and upon seeing that the two women were no longer there anymore, Ye Hua could be said to finally be completely at ease. “Lie Gu! Have you followed after them?” “Reporting back to Your Honor, this Madam Donghuang seems to be a bit formidable…” Lie Gu followed Donghuang Baizhi and arrived at Voidless Realm. And upon arriving at Voidless Realm, he was startled by the scene in front of him. “What do you mean?” Lie Gu sighed, “I don’t know how to explain. A huge bunch of people is greeting Madam Donghuang by kneeling down in front of her.” “So formidable?” Ye Hua was very shocked too. Soon after, Ye Hua said, “Lend me your eyes for a while, I want to take a look.” With the help of Lie Gu’s eyes, Ye Hua saw the scene. As expected of my woman, this empress aura of hers is indeed very formidable! She is making my desire to conquer her to become even stronger! “Lie Gu, continue protecting the two of them and wait for my orders!” “Yes!” Right now, Qing Ya was very stupefied. In a flash of an eye, I seemed to have arrived at a completely new world, and everyone in this world is welcoming Donghuang Baizhi by kneeling toward her. Donghuang Baizhi is actually the empress of this place! My god! Not only is she a cultivator, but she is also an empress… Qing Ya immediately became unconfident. Compared to Donghuang Baizhi, I am merely just rich. I am too incompetent… The eight elders immediately hurried over and said gravely, “Welcome back, Your Majesty.” “You all may stand up.” “Your Majesty, Ying Family will be attacking us in three days’ time. This one requests Your Majesty to lead us and fight against the enemy!” Yuan De shouted out gravely. Soon after, everyone within Voidless Realm began shouting out. The scene caused even Qing Ya to become fired up. Donghuang Baizhi’s beautiful eyes became focused as she said, “If they dare to come, we should make that day the last day for them!” “Glory to Your Majesty!” “Glory to Your Majesty!” “Glory to Your Majesty!” Little did they know, last night, their empress was pressed onto the floor and caressed by Ye Hua. And even more, while being caressed by Ye Hua, their empress got into the mood. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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