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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 243 – About to start at any moment Ying Jingshan who was standing in the courtyard tightly wrinkled his brows. His Honor will be showing up on that day? Why does His Honor intend on showing up? Could it be that, His Honor is planning on subduing Voidless Realm? The possibility of that is very high! Ying Jingshan immediately went and called all of the Ying Family’s relatives over for a meeting. At the meeting, Ying Jingshan informed everyone of what Xun Fang just came and informed him a while ago. "At that time, if His Honor were to really appear at the scene, everything will still continue going as we had planned, and all of you must take care of your own mouth, lest His Honor’s big matter get ruined by anyone of you, and thus leading to the destruction of our Ying Family!" Within Ying Family’s inner circle, while with a tense atmosphere surrounding everyone, everyone was ardently preparing for the war that will be coming soon. Everyone was guessing about what His Honor’s motive was. If His Honor was intending to destroy Voidless Realm, just Death Mage alone is more or less enough, but His Honor actually decided on sending two people over to help us with the war against Voidless Realm, and even more, His Honor himself is most likely going to personally show up in the war too! From the looks of it, His Honor is not intending to destroy Voidless Realm, and is intending to subdue Voidless Realm! Everyone within Ying Family seemed to be a bit happy about this matter. Finally, our Ying Family is no longer going to be the only one who is enslaved by His Honor! Soon, Voidless Realm will be coming to accompany us, and our Ying Family won’t be all alone anymore! If that is how things are going, Ji Family would probably be next on the list, and whether if Ji Family would choose to submit, or be exterminated by His Honor, in actuality, it is very easy to guess. Of course, it would be best if Ji Family gets exterminated. That way, our Ying Family would become the only big power within the south. At Voidless Realm, everyone was currently busy preparing for the war against Ying Family. Donghuang Baizhi personally gave a speech to her fellow generals and soldiers, causing Voidless Realm’s morale to get ignited. Everyone was currently very excited. After all, it has been hundreds of years since Voidless Realm had last gone to war with another power. Qing Ya was currently living in Ah Li’s courtyard house, and right now, while with a gloomy expression on her face, Qing Ya was sitting in the courtyard’s pavilion and gazing at the stars. It hasn’t even been a day since Qing Ya had left the bar and she was already beginning to miss Ye Hua. In actuality, standing in Ye Hua’s shoes, he doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong. Could it be that, I was being too willful? Qing Ya was a bit unsure of whether what she did was right or wrong. What should I do if Ye Hua really doesn’t come looking for me? Sigh, it seems like I have really become a captive of Ye Hua. “Qing Ya, why haven’t you gone to rest?” Donghuang Baizhi suddenly appeared in the courtyard. Donghuang Baizhi had just finished giving her speech a while ago and thus decided to come over here to check on Qing Ya’s situation. Qing Ya barely squeezed a smile out of her, “I was just about to. Are you fine?” Donghuang Baizhi sat at the opposite side of Qing Ya, and a maid immediately walked over and poured a cup of tea for Donghuang Baizhi. “Barely so. Ying Family’s attack forces will be coming in three days’ time, and at that time, rivers of blood are bound to be formed.” Qing Ya said embarrassedly, “To not be able to provide you with any support, I am truly ashamed.” “Qing Ya, don’t say that, in the first place, this war doesn’t have anything to do with you.” Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly. Donghuang Baizhi felt that Qing Ya’s temperament was rather good, and Qing Ya could be counted as someone who she was able to talk to. “If you need money, I still have some here with me, Ye Hua won quite a huge sum of money quite a while ago and the money is with me.” “I am not going to take his money!” Donghuang Baizhi snorted coldly. Qing Ya laughed, “In actuality, Ye Hua is quite formidable. If you were to get him to come here and help you, it would make things much easier for you.” “I am not going to request him for his help. In any case, this is Voidless Realm’s battle, and it has completely nothing to do with him, so what would I even need him here for.” Donghuang Baizhi naturally knew that Ye Hua was formidable. To be able to seal up my spiritual energy, Ye Hua’s strength is definitely above my strength. If he were to come and help me out in the war against Ying Family, he would definitely be a great help in the war. However, Donghuang Baizhi who possessed a strong self-esteem definitely wouldn’t go and request Ye Hua for help. “Baizhi, in actuality, you still like Ye Hua, right?” While chatting with each other, the topic suddenly moved onto Ye Hua. “You are the same, right?” Qing Ya remained silent. The two women could be counted to have agreed that they still like Ye Hua. This situation could be said to be very good for Ye Hua. Right now, all Ye Hua had to do was to light up the fire within the two women’s hearts. “Qing Ya, you rest early, I will bring you around Voidless Realm tomorrow.” “Alright, you rest early too.” Although the two women liked the same man, the two women were very courteous towards each other, and the two could just barely be counted as friends. However, if Ye Hua wants to make those two women become like Lie Gu’s women, Ye Hua still has to work even harder. After all, those two women of Ye Hua’s weren’t ordinary women. If Ye Hua wants to embrace the two women on each side of his arms, just this big act of a hero saving the beauties alone was not enough. However, if the big act was successful, Ye Hua’s relationships with the two women would definitely become better. Three days went by very quickly, and today was the day that Voidless Realm was going to fight against Ying Family. A tense atmosphere filled the entire Voidless Realm. Over ten thousand fully armed warriors gathered at the front of the barrier, and in the air, there were a thousand cavalries. The mounts of the cavalries were gold winged crows, spiritual beasts that were raised by Voidless Realm. The combat strength of a gold winged crow was extraordinary, its hard feathers were just like reinforced iron blades, which allowed it to possess both high defense and attack power! Right now, with a dragon phoenix gold crown worn on her head, and a dragon patterned purple gown worn on her body, Donghuang Baizhi was standing in the air while with an icy cold expression on her face. Behind Donghuang Baizhi stood the eight elders, and every one of them was holding onto a different kind of ancient godly item. Just this scene alone was enough to make others exclaim in surprise. Donghuang Baizhi who was standing in the air was emitting out an astonishingly strong spiritual pressure. While looking at all of her generals and soldiers, Donghuang Baizhi shouted out, “My fellow generals and soldiers, the war is just around the corner! Blood will be spilled! But for Voidless Realm, your death will be worthwhile!” All of the generals and soldiers kneeled down and shouted out in unison, “For Your Majesty! For Voidless Realm!” Resounding words rang out through the entire Voidless Realm, and even Qing Ya who was standing in the courtyard house’s courtyard could hear it too. Upon hearing those words, Qing Ya thought to herself, “If I have the capability, I would definitely help out Donghuang Baizhi. Unfortunately, I am just a flower vase who is being protected by everyone else.” Donghuang Baizhi who was standing in the air slowly closed her beautiful eyes, and when she opened her eyes again, her pupils turned into gold color, and a drop of blood could be seen slowly rising up the air! “With the blood of Donghuang, I pray for the ancient godly beast to descend!” Suddenly, the entire sky seemed to be set on fire, and a frightening pressure was slowly descending down from the sky! A huge silhouette circled above the red clouds, and the cry that the huge silhouette was emitting out made others couldn’t help but feel fear. Roar! A huge giant beast could be seen flying downwards at high speed. The huge giant beast possessed golden color wings and feathers, a head that was shaped like that of a bird, three sharp claws, and a pair of eyes that seemed to look down on all living things. This beast was called Three-Legged Golden Crow, and it was an ancient godly beast. This Three-Legged Golden Crow was a part of Voidless Realm’s accumulation. Donghuang Baizhi’s summon was similar to that of Xun Yi’s summon. But what was different was that, one was an adult beast, and the other was still a young beast. This Three-Legged Golden Crow was more or less in the same division strength as Ying Family’s Heavy Dust, just that, Three-Legged Golden Crow was a godly beast, while Heavy Dust was a ferocious beast. When everyone saw the godly beast descend, their confidence increased greatly, and they immediately began cheering. “Long live Her Majesty!” “Long live Her Majesty!” The Three-Legged Golden Crow landed right beside Donghuang Baizhi, then shook its wings. Right after, a golden color light spread out from the Three-Legged Golden Crow. After being illuminated by the golden color light, all of the generals and soldiers felt that they had an inexhaustible amount of strength, and they wished they could immediately begin fighting now. This was the benefit of having a godly beast, a godly beast was able to provide a passive buff to the side it was on. A passive buff was something that fierce beasts do not possess. The war was about to start at any moment now! Outside of Voidless Realm was a desert that stretched into the distance as far as the eyes could see. Suddenly, a white light flickered, and 8000+ people suddenly appeared! And along with the 8000+ people that appeared, a huge beast also appeared! The huge beast was precisely the ancient ferocious beast, Heavy Dust! Heavy Dust's nails that were polished with a red color nail polish were very eye-catching. However, Heavy Dust did not feel that those nails were ugly in the slightest bit, and instead, it even felt proud of those nails. From time to time, Heavy Dust would even show off its pretty nails. “Family head, His Honor still hasn’t appeared, what do we do now?” Ying Shang was currently fully armed, and he was wielding an ancient godly item. From the looks of it, rivers of blood were definitely going to be formed today. Ying Jingshan’s silver armor was very eye-catching, and the might pressure that was emitting out from the armor was very astonishing. From the looks of it, the armor that Ying Jingshan was wearing was an ancient godly item! As expected of one of the big powers, ancient godly items were like appetizers to them. Ying Jingshan said faintly, “Wait!” Donghuang Baizhi who was within Voidless Realm was quietly waiting for Ying Family to attack. If Ying Family wants to get into Voidless Realm, they were going to have to deal with the barrier first! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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