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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 244 – Tragic At Leisure Bar. Ye Hua was currently drinking alcohol, and Wei Chang and Lie Gu were standing behind him, waiting for the latest instructions. “You two can go first now. Remember to act realistically! But don’t hurt Baizhi!” Ye Hua ignited a stick of cigarette and said. “Yes!” “Yes!” Wei Chang appeared to be very calm, while Lie Gu appeared to be very excited! Outside of Voidless Realm, Ying Family’s army of 8000+ people was currently silently waiting. This caused Donghuang Baizhi’s brows to become tightly wrinkled. “Your Majesty, this doesn’t look good!” Xing Han took a step forward and said. Donghuang Baizhi naturally knew that, “They are waiting for someone!” Looking at the Heavy Dust that was outside, Voidless Realm’s people shook their heads. This ferocious beast doesn’t have the look that a ferocious beast should have at all, it is actually scratching onto its itch like a dog and showing off its nails that were painted red with red nail polish. Voidless Realm’s barrier allowed the people within the barrier to be able to see outside of the barrier, while the people outside of the barrier weren't able to see inside of the barrier. A black whirlpool suddenly appeared in front of Ying Family’s army. All of Ying Family’s generals and soldiers immediately got on their guard, and Ying Jingshan waved his hand to signal to everyone to relax. A figure that was enveloped in shadow could be seen walking out of the whirlpool. This figure was precisely Wei Chang who was going to assume the role of a bad guy. Ying Jingshan was exulted! This person that His Honor sent over is truly formidable! Although there is no might pressure being emitted out from this person, the tranquil and calmness that this person possesses is enough to make me look highly on him. The people within Voidless Realm also saw the shadowed figure, and they were very confused about who the shadowed figure was. On the other hand, Donghuang Baizhi’s expression became even graver. Ying Family actually requested help! Shameless! However, what was more shameless was about to come. Roar! Roar! Roar!!! Dragon roars resonated throughout the horizon, and a frightening spiritual pressure swept through the entire earth. Faced against the spiritual pressure, even Heavy Dust curled its body up and trembled in fear. Looking at the horizon, a black dot could be seen to become bigger and bigger! A huge bone dragon descended from the sky and set off a frightening sandstorm! This bone dragon was precisely Lie Gu. Lie Gu obtained His Honor’s permission to reveal his true body when he was acting as the bad guy. Everyone in Ying Family was stupefied. Everyone in Voidless Realm was dumbstruck. Don’t see that Lie Gu’s true body is smaller compared to Heavy Dust’s body. Though Lie Gu’s body was smaller, his body was much stronger and possessed formidable endurance. Ying Jingshan was currently completely stupefied. This bone dragon is really strong! And I feel that this bone dragon is even stronger than those Giant Water Demon Gods! Within Voidless Realm, Donghuang Baizhi's expression was currently very gloomy. The strength of this bone dragon is too strong! Just where did it come from! And that shadowed figure too! From the looks of it, the two of them are together! Wei Chang naturally wouldn’t stand on top of Lie Gu’s head, because Lie Gu was His Honor’s mount. Asides from being ridden by His Honor, Ye Zizi was the only other person who had the opportunity to ride onto Lie Gu once. “Your Majesty, there is no need to worry, this barrier was built during the ancient time. If they want to attack into our Voidless Realm, they will definitely have to first suffer disastrous losses!” Yuan De said. How would Donghuang Baizhi not know about how formidable this barrier was? However, her sixth sense as a woman was telling her that this barrier won’t be able to obstruct the other party! Ying Jingshan who was outside also naturally knew of how formidable Voidless Realm’s barrier was. “Lord, is it possible for you to help us open the barrier?” Ying Jingshan asked gravely. Wei Chang took a look at the barrier that was not far away, then said, “Why? Are you all not able to even open such a barrier?” “Lord, we are able to open this barrier, but we would have to suffer a lot of losses.” Ying Jingshan hurriedly explained. Wei Chang thought for a moment. If half of Ying Family’s men were exterminated while outside of the barrier, Voidless Realm would have a very great advantage against Ying Family. Furthermore, Lie Gu and I aren’t here to kill the madam’s subordinates, we are merely here to act out a show. Thinking up to here, Wei Chang had already decided. Wei Chang could be seen flicking his index finger, and a lump of black fog shot out and landed on the barrier. The black fog didn’t pierce through the barrier, and instead, seemingly just like an odd organism, the black fog gradually spread out through the entire barrier. In the blink of an eye, the barrier was covered completely by the black fog. The barrier was emitting out a strong spiritual pressure, seemingly like it was trying to struggle free from the disgusting black fog. However, it was useless, the black fog was just like an overbearing man who was embracing his woman. With the sound of a bang, a part of the barrier broke, and soon after, more parts of the barrier broke. In no time, Voidless Realm’s forces could finally be seen by Ying Family. Everyone in Voidless Realm could be seen to have an astonished look on their faces, especially Donghuang Baizhi who was in the air whose small mouth was slightly opened. Ying Jingshan was the first to react. Drawing out his ancient godly item and pointing the ancient godly item towards Voidless Realm, Ying Jingshan shouted out with cold killing intent, “Kill!” “Kill!!!” Ying Family’s army of 8000+ people rushed into Voidless Realm! Heavy Dust raised its head and roared, then straightforwardly charged into Voidless Realm. Immediately, a floating mountain was smashed into pieces by Heavy Dust! The Three-Legged Golden Crow that was beside Donghuang Baizhi let out a loud cry, and Heavy Dust’s eyes immediately became dilated. Godly beasts and ferocious beasts have always disliked each other, and at this moment, raging fury was immediately ignited within the two beasts, and a fight between the two beasts immediately unfolded! In just this short moment, there were already over a hundred people lying on the ground, and the number of people dying was still continuously rising. Donghuang Baizhi shouted out as she went straight for Ying Family’s Ying Jingshan, while the eight elders fought with Ying Family’s relatives. Battles of life and death were happening everywhere on the battlefield! Wei Chang and Lie Gu unhurriedly walked into Voidless Realm. After walking into Voidless Realm, Lie Gu restored the barrier. There is no need for other people to watch this big show. The two stood in the air and silently watched. We have to guarantee that Voidless Realm is on the losing side, if not, how would His Honor be able to act as a hero and save the madams? Although Donghuang Baizhi was fighting with Ying Jingshan, her gaze would move to Wei Chang and Lie Gu from time to time. I thought that those two would begin a massacre, but they didn’t, and instead, they are standing at the side and watching show, and from time to time, those two would kill a few people to amuse themselves. Donghuang Baizhi felt very indignant, but at the same time, she also felt very helpless. If the two were to take part in the war right now, I reckon that Voidless Realm would immediately become destroyed by them! However, those two don’t seem to be helping Ying Family much too… The two seemed like they are waiting for someone. It must be said that, Donghuang Baizhi’s intuition was very frightening. If the big act was to be seen through by Donghuang Baizhi, it was reckoned that Donghuang Baizhi would never reconcile with Ye Hua in this entire life of hers. The situations of both sides were very tragic. Rivers of blood have already been formed, and countless of people were lying down on the ground. Half of Ying Family’s relatives were already on the ground, while only three elders remained in Voidless Realm! The battle between Heavy Dust and the Three-Legged Golden Crow was very astonishing too. There were countless wounds on both of the beasts, and both of the beasts were bleeding continuously. The scene was too tragic of a sight to behold! Currently, Donghuang Baizhi was gradually winning against Ying Jingshan! As expected of the north’s big shot! Right at this moment, there were a lot of wounds on Ying Jingshan. Although those wounds were not fatal, those wounds didn’t feel very good. Meanwhile, Donghuang Baizhi’s attacks were getting fiercer and fiercer! “Lie Gu, there is still a bit of use in keeping this Ying Family’s family head alive, don’t let the madam kill him. Furthermore, it is more or less time to move on to the real show!” Wei Chang was the representative of intelligence, therefore, Lie Gu was naturally going to listen to Wei Chang’s orders. Lie Gu also didn’t want His Honor to have to keep on worrying about the family conflict. Lie Gu shook his tail. Suddenly, Lie Gu was startled, what am I shaking my tail for, I should be roaring right now. Roar! A dragon roar rang out and Lie Gu could be seen flying towards Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi who was just about to take Ying Jingshan’s life immediately dodged to the side at high speed. Lie Gu thought to himself, “The madam sure is formidable. However, madam, because you weren't obedient, His Honor has already given the words to give you a bit of a hard time. Therefore, madam, don’t blame subordinate, if you want to blame, blame it on His Honor, this is all His Honor’s idea.” Godly dragon tail sweep! While bringing an astral wind with it, the dragon tail swept towards Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi’s expression changed as she held her ancient godly item in front of her with one hand and quickly formed hand seals with her other hand! However, faced against Lie Gu’s attack, no matter how strong an ancient godly item was, it was useless! Donghuang Baizhi’s figure flew out like a bullet and collided with a mountain. “F**k! Lie Gu, do you want to get roasted by His Honor! Why did you put so much force into your attack!” Wei Chang was greatly startled, and he really wanted to give Lie Gu a smack in the head right now. Lie Gu was also in a panic right now. I really didn’t mean it, I merely casually swung my tail towards the madam… Your Honor, please spare my life… https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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