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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 245 – You cannot afford to offend my women Ying Jingshan who got his life saved by Lie Gu was incomparably grateful to Lie Gu and he could be seen bowing to Lie Gu to show his thanks. However, Lie Gu wasn’t in the mood right now. I really want to smack this salted fish to death, to actually cause me to send the madam flying away. Donghuang Baizhi’s body could be seen to have landed deep within the body of the mountain, and blood was flowing out from the corner of her mouth. However, Donghuang Baizhi did not give up! After getting up, Donghuang Baizhi immediately attacked towards Lie Gu! “Lie Gu, if you were to injure Madam Donghuang again, His Honor will definitely chop you into pieces!” Wei Chang reminded. Lie Gu was in a very bad spot. If I purposely go easy on the madam, the madam would definitely be able to perceive that I am purposely going easy on her, but if I don’t go easy on the madam, the madam would have to sustain more injuries… Your Honor, subordinate is really in a bad spot right now… Voidless Realm’s generals and soldiers were gradually being suppressed by Ying Family, and Donghuang Baizhi was currently battling with Lie Gu. Various small wounds could be seen to have appeared on Donghuang Baizhi’s body, and all of the small wounds were basically cuts on the skin. This caused Donghuang Baizhi to become very puzzled. This bone dragon obviously possesses the power to kill me, and yet, he is only giving me small wounds. Just what is the meaning of this! Wei Chang was a bit in a panic. Looking at Madam Donghuang’s expression, she must have begun to become suspicious! It cannot continue like this! “Lie Gu, attack onto the madam, and make the madam have no more strength to continue fighting anymore!” “Roar!” Lie Gu could be seen opening his mouth and letting out a dragon roar. The expression of Donghuang Baizhi who was right in front of Lie Gu’s roar changed greatly, and in the next moment, the spiritual energy within Donghuang Baizhi’s body went into chaos and she spat out a mouth of blood! Looking at the corpses that were on the ground, and her generals and soldiers that were gradually getting suppressed by Ying Family, Donghuang Baizhi’s heart sunk to the bottom of the valley. Lie Gu was a bit in a panic, and he was shouting out in his mind, “Madam, quickly run, what are you being in a daze for…” “Swear to protect Voidless Realm till death!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out, then actually went and attacked towards Lie Gu again. When the generals and soldiers who were fighting bravely saw that their empress disregarded her life and death and continued to fight with that evil bone dragon, an indescribable power surged out from their hearts, and the blades that were within their hands became even fiercer. Lie Gu was about to have a mental breakdown. What do I do, the script has gone off track! Wei Chang was also very anxious. The madam is truly not lacking when compared to men! It is no wonder that His Honor likes the madam so much. Madam Donghuang is worthy of being His Honor’s madam! However, right now, the problem is that, the madam is not afraid of even dying… “Gluttonous Monster, quickly think of a plan! If I continue dodging, the madam will surely suspect that something is wrong!” Lie Gu didn’t dare to attack Donghuang Baizhi anymore. If I were to attack the madam one more time, I’m afraid that the madam wouldn’t be able to endure my attack. Wei Chang shouted out gravely, “What are you even doing, why does the madam still have the strength to fight!” “I was afraid that my roar would make the madam faint. It’s very hard to control the power of my roar!” Lie Gu was very vexed. Lie Gu’s situation was just like Death Mage’s situation when Death Mage was fighting against Xiao Yi. Death Mage could obviously kill Xiao Yi in a mere second, but the order that Death Mage received was to merely make Xiao Yi become wounded. And unfortunately, Death Mage was too strong, Death Mage was strong to the point that any moves of his could kill Xiao Yi in an instant, and it was too difficult to just merely make Xiao Yi become wounded. Fortunately for Lie Gu, although he was currently in the same situation as Death Mage was in, even if Lie Gu mess around too much, Lie Gu wouldn’t end up getting killed like Death Mage. “Are you two still not done yet? I have been waiting for close to half a day already!” Ye Hua’s voice rang out in the two’s ears. Wei Chang hurriedly said, “Your Honor, give us a bit more time, we will be done in a moment, the madam’s fighting strength is a bit higher than we had expected.” “Be careful a bit, don’t make my woman become wounded.” Your Honor, the madam has already become wounded… Lie Gu wanted to cry but had no tears. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have volunteered to act as a bad guy in this act. Originally, I just merely wanted to take this chance to act cool for a bit, but in the end… “Forget about it, forget about it, Lie Gu, be a bit more careful from now on, don’t make the madam become even more wounded than she already is!” Wei Chang reminded. Lie Gu had no choice but to be extremely careful. Stretching out his dragon claw, Lie Gu poked directly onto Donghuang Baizhi’s ancient godly item! “Bang!” The ancient godly item immediately broke apart, and a mass of huge energy erupted out from the broken ancient godly item and sent Donghuang Baizhi flying away… Lie Gu was stupefied… Wei Chang was stupefied… After quite a while, Wei Chang said coldly, “Lie Gu, you will really get stewed by His Honor if you continue on like this!” “I… I… I didn’t do it on purpose…” Lie Gu wanted to cry right now. The quality of that ancient godly item is really bad, I merely poked onto it, and it immediately broke. Donghuang Baizhi landed outside of the palace, and when the generals and soldiers saw that their empress was sent flying away, they immediately rushed over to protect their empress. Amongst the people that rushed over to protect the empress, the remaining three elders, Yuan De, Xing Han, and He Xuan, were there too. “Your Majesty!” Yuan De hurriedly checked onto Donghuang Baizhi’s injuries. This is fortunate, Her Majesty’s life is not in danger. Ying Family encircled around Donghuang Baizhi and her forces. If Wei Chang and Lie Gu weren’t here to help, today would indeed be Ying Family’s last day. After all, just the barrier alone was enough to give Ying Family a very hard time. Furthermore, Donghuang Baizhi had the capability of killing Ying Jingshan, and once Ying Family’s family head died, Ying Family’s morale would definitely greatly decrease, and Voidless Realm would then be able to eliminate the remaining Ying Family’s forces in one go. However, that was merely just an if… Ying Family’s morale was currently at the peak, and Ying Jingshan could be heard shouting out, “Empress! If you had known that the result would end up being like this, I reckon that you wouldn’t have acted the way you had acted!” “Pah! To actually requested help from others, your Ying Family sure is not afraid of being laughed at when words of it start spreading out!” Donghuang Baizhi slowly stood her body up while shouting out coldly towards Ying Jingshan. “The winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit! Your Majesty, I’m sure you understand such a logic like this, right?” Alright, Ying Jingshan had also begun his acting. Now that the fight is about to come to an end, His Honor should be appearing soon to subdue Voidless Realm, right? Just that, what kind of method is His Honor going to use to subdue Voidless Realm? The pride of this empress is very huge. Donghuang Baizhi snorted, “My Voidless Realm will never surrender!” “As expected of the empress, a towering figure amongst women, you have my respect!” Looking at her subordinates that were drenched in blood, Donghuang Baizhi let out a breath. I didn’t expect that Voidless Realm would actually end up being destroyed in my hands, and from the looks of it, I am going to die here today! Ah Li… In the future, you have to listen to your daddy, mommy won’t be able to accompany you anymore. Upon thinking of her daughter, tenderness appeared on Donghuang Baizhi’s face. Although I had been chided by Ye Hua during those few days, I had also truly accompanied my daughter during those few days. Recalling of Ye Hua’s face in her mind, Donghuang Baizhi thought to herself, “Ye Hua… you have to properly take care of our daughter, you must not let her suffer any grievances. And if there is an afterlife, in the next lifetime, you definitely have to come downstairs to meet me. That way, we will be able to live happily together.” “Baizhi!” Donghuang Baizhi was startled, and when she saw Qing Ya running over to her, she shouted out loudly, “Qing Ya, why did you run out! Quickly go back!” “Baizhi, what happened to you?!” Qing Ya hurriedly held and supported onto Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi shook her head, “Qing Ya, I’m currently at the point of death… Sorry, to have dragged you into all of this.” “We can go and call Ye Hua to come over and help us!” Qing Ya said hurriedly. At this moment of crisis, only one person appeared within Qing Ya’s mind, and that person was Ye Hua. Donghuang Baizhi smiled bitterly, “It’s too late… Qing Ya, take good care of Ye Hua.” “You! What are you intending to do?! Even if you can’t win, you can still run!” Donghuang Baizhi shook her head, “If I were to run, what about them? Qing Ya, I will get someone to bring you away from this place, please help me take good care of Ah Li!” “What foolish words are you speaking right now, Ah Li still needs you to look after her, and Ye Hua definitely wouldn’t want to lose you!” Donghuang Baizhi smiled sweetly, “He wouldn’t want to lose you more. Quickly leave!” “If he were to find out that I left you here and ran away by myself, he would definitely smack my butt! Let’s leave together!” Another mouth of blood spilled out from Donghuang Baizhi’s mouth, and the blood flowed onto Qing Ya’s shirt. “Your Majesty, you retreat first, we will help you hold them back!” Yuan De and the others protected in front of Donghuang Baizhi and shouted out. Donghuang Baizhi collapsed into Qing Ya’s embrace and mumbled, “If Ye Hua comes over right now, I will forgive him for being heartless.” “En, we will forgive him together.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu were exulted, and Wei Chang hurriedly informed His Honor that it was time for him to show up. Ye Hua was currently hugging onto his daughter and anxiously waiting. Suddenly, Ye Hua was informed that it was time for him to show up! “Ah Li, be well-behaved at home, daddy will go and bring Aunt Qing and mommy back home!” Ye Hua said with a slight smile on his face. Donghuang Li held her hand into a fist, then said, “Daddy, all the best~” Everyone from Voidless Realm was in despair right now. Faced against formidable enemies, even our empress is not a match for them… On the side, both the ancient godly beast and ancient ferocious beast have collapsed, and right now, the entire Voidless Realm looked as if it had been bombarded. Suddenly, the color of the sky changed, and a rainbow color auspicious cloud could be seen floating towards Voidless Realm from the distance. On the rainbow color auspicious cloud, a figure could be seen standing on it. That’s right, the figure was precisely Ye Hua! Just now, back at home, Ye Hua wore a handsome looking armor and even did a swept-back hairstyle for his hair. I seemed to have used a bit too much pomade. However, that doesn’t matter, it is fine as long as I look handsome! Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi looked dazedly at the rainbow color auspicious cloud that was flying over towards them, and also the figure that was standing on the cloud. Right now, the two’s hearts were melting, and tears of joy were flowing out from their eyes. During the moment of life and death, Ye Hua did not abandon me… He came… he really came… With a calm expression on his face, Ye Hua lightly jumped off the cloud and landed in front of the two women. Looking at the back of the person that was in front of them, the two women were touched to the point that tears filled their entire faces. Meanwhile, Ye Hua silently took out a stick of cigarette and ignited the cigarette, then pointed towards Wei Chang and the others and said faintly, “My women are not people who you all can afford to offend!” It was time for the act to truly begin. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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