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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 246 – Annual best director award Ye Hua’s appearance caused everyone to become stupefied. Especially Voidless Realm’s side. Looking at the majestic looking man, then looking at their empress who was crying delicately, they seemed to have thought of something. Adding on with this man’s opening line, this man is definitely the empress’s man! On the other hand, Ying Jingshan completely did not understand what His Honor was trying to do. His Honor wants to protect the empress, and yet, he is attacking the empress’s power… No, the main point is that, His Honor wanted us to pretend not to know him! From the looks of it, His Honor is also someone who is dissolute. With this plan, not only would His Honor be able to attain the empress’s heart, but he would also be able to subdue the entire Voidless Realm! His Honor has my respect! Right now, Ye Hua did not turn his head around to look at the two women, but in actuality, he really wanted to turn his head around and take a look at the expressions that were currently on the two women’s faces. For the sake of allowing the atmosphere to become even better, I must not turn my head around… The show has only just begun! “Wei Chang, what expressions do they have on their faces right now?” Ye Hua asked curiously. “Your Honor, the madams are currently crying…” Lie Gu was very happy, “Your Honor, the madams have really been touched by you.” “This is great. However, what I want is to not only make them become touched, but to also make them become completely devoted to me and no longer able to leave my side for even a second! Continue on with the act!” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Who are you!” Before Wei Chang was even able to speak his line, Ying Jingshan took the lead and snatched away Wei Chang’s line. From this, it could be seen that Ying Jingshan’s acting skills were pretty good too. Ye Hua had a new perspective towards Ying Jingshan. This Ying Jingshan’s brain revolves around rather quickly. “Fool, you bunch of salted fishes are not worthy to know my name!” Ye Hua said coldly, having a look on him that was practically saying he was the number one in this world. Qing Ya who was behind Ye Hua laughed lightly and said towards Donghuang Baizhi, “His acting cool after smoking syndrome is acting up again.” “But, I like how he is right now.” Donghuang Baizhi mumbled. The view of Ye Hua’s back suddenly became very tall in Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes, and Donghuang Baizhi’s shattered heart was slowly piecing back together. While looking at Ye Hua’s back, Qing Ya said with a smile, “I like how he is right now too.” Upon hearing the conversation between the two women that were behind him, Ye Hua became very excited and wished he could turn around right now and properly give the two a lesson. Who gave you two the idea to leave me, now you two know my importance, huh! Ying Jingshan slightly wrinkled his brows, and this wrinkle of the brows by Ying Jingshan was done perfectly. “Your distinguished has my endless respect. Taking a look at everyone in this world, it is hard to find a person like your distinguished who possesses such a deep love for his significant others.” Wei Chang and Lie Gu were stunned by Ying Jingshan. This Ying Jingshan has very good eloquence! While glowering at His Honor, he doesn’t forget to boot-lick His Honor too, and this boot-lick of his was done very smoothly! Meanwhile, everyone in Ying Family seemed to have discussed about it beforehand, and all of them could be heard endlessly praising Ye Hua. Some of the praises that were said by the people from Ying Family were enough to even make one have goosebumps. Right now, Ye Hua was basically described by Ying Family as a god who had descended to the world to fight against a whole army for his true loves. And that, for his true loves, Ye Hua was completely disregarding his own life. When such words landed into the two women’s ears, their beautiful eyes became even more tender. If not for there being too many people here, they would have thrown themselves into Ye Hua’s embrace and tell Ye Hua about just how much they missed him. “Wei Chang, what’s the situation with those two right now?” Ye Hua asked stealthily. “Your Honor, the plan has succeeded!” Wei Chang was very excited. Ye Hua’s mind was finally at ease, “Good, let’s give one more push to the act then!” Looking at Ying Jingshan, Ye Hua said slowly, “I didn’t expect that my intention and moral character would actually get seen through by you! Since that’s the case, I won’t hide it anymore! If you all want to bully the two of them, you all will have to get through me first!” “Ye Hua! They are very formidable, especially those two!” Donghuang Baizhi said with concern. Without turning his head around, Ye Hua said faintly, “When men are speaking, you women should just obediently stay at the side and watch!” “Your distinguished is truly very manly, your distinguished is the manliest man that I have ever seen in my entire life!” While speaking, Ying Jingshan even cupped his hands toward Ye Hua. Ying Jingshan’s acting skills were bursting through the roof. Everyone within Ying Family also began expressing that they had never seen such a manly man before, and that they respect such a man like Ye Hua. Donghuang Baizhi was naturally able to hear what those people from Ying Family said. I feel that the moment Ye Hua came here, the entire atmosphere of this place has changed. The enemies are all endlessly praising Ye Hua, and it seemed as if that, if Ye Hua were to wave his hand and give an order, everyone in Ying Family will listen to his order. It must be said that, Donghuang Baizhi’s sixth sense was extremely frightening. If Donghuang Baizhi were to find out that all those people in front of her were Ye Hua’s actors, she would definitely immediately have a mental breakdown. Ye Hua flicked the cigarette bud, then said gravely, “Let’s leave those praises to the side and start fighting!” “Let me try out just how strong your distinguished’s strength is!” Wei Chang slowly walked out. Everyone within Voidless Realm held their breaths. This shadowed figure didn’t move since the start, he could be the most formidable existence amongst the enemies! “Ye Hua, don’t go! This shadowed figure is very formidable.” Donghuang Baizhi was very worried. Without turning his head around, Ye Hua said faintly, “I will bring you two back home in just a while.” Thousands of words were not comparable to just one word, home. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were truly touched by Ye Hua. Right now, whatever that Ye Hua told them to do, they would do it. Ye Hua slowly floated up the sky, and a long blade appeared within his hand. An astonishing killing intent was being emitted out from the long blade. As expected, this guy that just appeared is an expert! “If your distinguished is able to win against me, I will retreat!” Wei Chang began going according to the script. Ye Hua snorted coldly, “Want to leave? It won’t be that easy!” While speaking, Ye Hua slashed the long blade towards Wei Chang, and Wei Chang shouted out, “What an attack! As expected, your distinguished’s strength is indeed astonishingly strong.” “Haha! To be able to block this slash of mine, I will count it that you have skills!” “Your distinguished, I will be using my true power in the next moment!” “That’s exactly what I was hoping for!” The two spoke to each other according to the script, and the people that were below them were very excited. Such strong beings going against each other, just being able to watch their fight is enough to allow us to comprehend some things! Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s beautiful eyes were filled with worries. Ye Hua… You must manage to survive by all means, if you were to die, we won’t be able to continue living anymore. If Ye Hua was able to hear the two women’s thoughts, he would definitely be excited to death. With his head raised, Lie Gu watched His Honor and Wei Chang’s performances. Wei Chang’s acting skills sure are good. It is no wonder that Wei Chang set aside such an important role for himself. If I were the one that is up there right now, the atmosphere would definitely be lacking by a lot. “Shadow flow blades!” Ye Hua’s hand shook, and the golden color energy blades that Ye Hua slashed out looked extremely dazzling, the energy blades seemed as if they were going to pierce through the sky. Upon seeing the energy blades, the people in the scene gasped in amazement. With a very deep voice, Wei Chang said, “Your distinguished’s blade technique has reached the realm of perfection, but it is still not enough!” “Hole of Darkness!” A black whirlpool could be seen forming in front of Wei Chang, and the few energy blades were directly swallowed into the black whirlpool! Soon after, all of the energy blades were sent flying back to Ye Hua! With an even stronger destruction power, the energy blades attacked toward Ye Hua, and Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi who were on the ground did not dare to look at what was going to happen next. Ye Hua shouted out coldly, “Insignificant small skill!” Ye Hua raised the blade within his hand up high, then slashed the blade downwards! An even stronger energy blade was slashed out by Ye Hua, and even the color of the sky changed because of the energy blade. Wei Chang said faintly, “Your distinguished is truly formidable. Since that is the case, I won’t hold myself back anymore.” “Go ahead! Let me see just how strong you really are!” “Then, your distinguished, you have to start being careful now!” A frightening destructive power erupted out from Wei Chang’s body, and immediately, the entire Voidless Realm began trembling, and the frightening energy blade that Ye Hua slashed out just a while ago turned into mere air! At this very moment, then did everyone realized just how formidable the shadowed figure was. This shadowed figure is too strong, none of us here is a match for him at all! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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