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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 248 – Annual best male lead award Ye Hua slowly raised both of his hands, and said weakly as he used his fingers that had blood on them to wipe onto the two women’s tears, “The two of you don’t listen to me at all, I really want to smack you two’s butts.” “What time is it already right now and you are still thinking of chiding us.” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out while sobbing. Although Donghuang Baizhi was wearing an empress gown right now, she did not have the aura of an empress on her at all and looked just like a delicate wife. Qing Ya said, “Ye Hua, I promise that I will listen to you from now on, so please don’t die.” Ye Hua moved his gaze towards the sky, then mumbled, “I really want to go back home with the two of you…” After finish speaking, Ye Hua wanted to cough out blood, but no matter how he tried to cough out blood, no blood came out, and only after stealthily poking onto his own stomach then was he finally able to cough out blood. And as expected, after Ye Hua coughed out blood, the scene became even more sorrowful. The expression on Ye Hua’s face! The cough of blood! And those lines! All of it fully exhibited Ye Hua’s longing for returning back home with the two women! Ye Hua deserves to receive the annual best male lead award. Wei Chang who was in the sky was shocked by His Honor’s acting skills. His Honor is exhibiting out his acting skills to the fullest, especially that last sentence that His Honor said, that last sentence was too formidable! There wasn’t such a line in the script that His Honor and I went through just now. As expected, the moment Ye Hua said that, tears began flowing down faster from the two women’s eyes. Ye Hua secretly laughed in his heart, and he was about to not be able to hold his laughter back anymore. In actuality, during those past two days, Ye Hua even went and consulted Qing Yutong regarding acting, and one of the tips he was told was that improvisations would usually bring about unusually great effects. Just like in Iron Man 1, where the protagonist said that, I am iron man. In actuality, the script wasn’t written like that, and it was because of this kind of improvisation, that it led to the other series of Iron Man being created. The atmosphere of the scene became sorrowful. The people from Voidless Realm all felt that the empress’s husband was outstanding. The empress’s husband is truly a man! Coming all the way here alone, and when facing against such a formidable being like that shadowed figure, he was able to persevere for so long. He is doing this not for fame, but to bring his wives back home. He is truly a man! Voidless Realm’s generals and soldiers seemed to have been influenced by Ye Hua and their eyes had all turned red. At Ying Family’s side, everyone was dumbstruck. Is this acting? Why do I feel that it is real? From the looks of it, Ye Hua has achieved his goal, even his own people were swindled by his acting skills. Seeing that it was more or less enough, Wei Chang thought to himself, “It is time to bring an end to the entire act.” While slowly descending to the ground, Wei Chang said faintly, “Your distinguished’s courage is truly very admirable and worthy of respect! Your distinguished is truly a true hero!” “What do you still want to do!” The two women could be seen moving Ye Hua behind themselves and protecting Ye Hua. As an ordinary human, Qing Ya’s courage was laudable. Seeing those two women protecting him, Ye Hua felt very warm in his heart, and this feeling was something he had never experienced. I have finally experienced what Death Mage had experienced back then, my heart feels balanced now. Wei Chang was also sighing in his heart. The madams are truly outstanding, to be willing to still protect His Honor while under such a situation like this. However, the script must still continue on. “This humble one admires the two of you, while under the situation where there is a huge difference in power, the two of you are still willing to protect your husband. The two of you are truly towering figures amongst women.” Wei Chang’s boot-licking skill was already at the point of perfection. Of course, those lines that Wei Chang just spoke were improvised by himself. After pausing for a moment, Wei Chang questioned, “Are you two willing to die for the man who is behind you?” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi slowly stood their bodies up and stood guard in front of Ye Hua. What they were trying to convey was very obvious. If Wei Chang wanted to kill their man, he would have to step over their corpses. “Your Honor, it is time for you to get up, I’m not able to continue with the act by myself anymore.” Wei Chang hurriedly said to Ye Hua. Ye Hua was currently feeling extremely great and didn’t really want to get up. Alright, it’s time for me to get on stage. “You two foolish women, I don’t need you two to protect me.” Ye Hua pulled the two women behind him. “Ye Hua!” “Ye Hua!” Ye Hua shouted out coldly, “Retreat, if not you two can stop being my women!” Alright, right now, Ye Hua could shout and chide at the two women, and the two women would still feel extremely touched. The two women were right, Ye Hua was indeed a big swindler. Wei Chang seemed to have been shocked by Ye Hua’s action as he said gravely, “Your distinguished suffered such a heavy injury, and yet your distinguished is still able to stand up. Your distinguished’s tenacity has my respect. If your distinguished is able to withstand a palm of mine, I will retreat!” “Ye Hua, don’t!” The two women immediately pulled onto Ye Hua and said. Ye Hua is already like this, if he were to take on that shadowed figure’s palm, he would definitely end up dying! Ye Hua silently took out a stick of cigarette, ignited it, then took a puff of the cigarette. Ye Hua seemed like he was enjoying the last stick of cigarette he will be smoking in this life of his. While looking at Ye Hua’s posture when Ye Hua was smoking onto the cigarette, everyone in Voidless Realm fell into a sorrowful atmosphere, and the two women were about to faint from crying too much. Upon seeing His Honor improvising again, Wei Chang and Lie Gu’s admiration for His Honor was practically bursting through the roof. His Honor’s posture when smoking onto the cigarette is too cool, His Honor truly doesn’t let go of any chance to act cool. The amount of time it took to smoke a stick of cigarette didn’t take very long. After flicking the cigarette bud, Ye Hua raised his head 45 degrees upward and said faintly, “Qing Ya.” “I’m here… I’m here…” Qing Ya hurriedly held onto Ye Hua and said. “Properly give birth to our child. In the future, I won’t be able to take care of you anymore, and I also won’t be able to let you hug onto me when you are going to sleep.” Everyone was listening to Ye Hua’s final words before his ‘death’. And even the people from Ying Family were bluffed by Ye Hua’s acting skills. This is so touching, I really want to cry… So in this world, there is really still such a man like this who possesses so much love for his women… Qing Ya shouted out loudly, “Ye Hua, I forbid you to die! Without you, how am I going to be able to fall asleep at night! If you die, I will buy a huge bunch of dolls!” “That’s fine, let those dolls take my place then. However, you must write my name on all those dolls.” After hearing what Ye Hua said, Qing Ya began sobbing to the point that she couldn’t even speak. “Baizhi.” Ye Hua called out lightly. “Ye Hua, I’m here.” Donghuang Baizhi held onto Ye Hua’s other arm. Ye Hua asked calmly, “Do you still hate me for not coming down to meet you back then?” “I hate.” F**k, I have already ended up like this, and you still hate me? Do you not have any bit of conscience in your heart? “But I hate you more for trying to leave me again!” This Baizhi is truly mischievous, she gave me a scare. “Baizhi, it is a pity that I won’t be able to properly make it up to you. Take good care of Ah Li, and let her know that her daddy sacrificed himself to save mommy.” “No! You have to be with us, Ah Li cannot not have her father!” Donghuang Baizhi shouted out. Donghuang Baizhi’s shout caused everyone to become broken-hearted for her. Wei Chang and Lie Gu felt that His Honor had practically made the act became like it was actually real. Even I myself am almost touched by the scene, it seems as if His Honor is really about to die. “If I were given another chance, I would have come downstairs to meet you and not let you down.” From the start where Ye Hua began speaking to Qing Ya, Ye Hua had been looking at the sky. But it was because of this that everyone felt that Ye Hua looked really cool. “I know, I know, Ye Hua, don’t leave me anymore.” In actuality, the reason that Ye Hua was raising his head and looking towards the sky was that he was about to not be able to hold back his laughter anymore… However, if Ye Hua were to laugh, an earth-shattering change would happen to the scene, and in the future, Ye Hua would have to live all alone. “Alright, the two of you, take good care of each other in the future, your husband will be off now!” Ye Hua lightly pushed with both of his hands and confined the two women for the moment, to avoid the two women from disrupting him from putting an end to the big act. “Ye Hua!” “Ye Hua!” The two women’s heart tearing shouts rang out in Voidless Realm, and everyone was touched by this touching love story. While in a very weak state, Ye Hua slowly ascended into the sky, then said coldly towards Wei Chang, “Make sure to keep your words!” “I didn’t expect that your distinguished would be willing to sacrifice yourself for your true loves. This humble one is truly lacking by a lot when compared to your distinguished!” There were no qualms, Wei Chang was the best supporting actor! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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