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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 249 – Annual best female lead award “Leave those compliments to the side! Come!” Ye Hua shouted out gravely, and his body which was slightly arched gradually became straight. Don’t see that this was just a very small detail, small details usually decide if something was going to succeed or fail. At this moment, Ye Hua’s mighty figure was imprinted deep within everyone’s heart. Wei Chang slightly went into a daze. His Honor is truly exceptional. Soon after, Wei Chang shouted out, “Since your distinguished has already decided, this humble one won’t be courteous with you!” Surging energy suddenly erupted out from Wei Chang’s body, and the color of the sky immediately changed, and thunder began rumbling! Faced against such a frantic aura, Ye Hua’s expression did not change at all. Ye Hua’s courage caused everyone from Voidless Realm to exclaim in astonishment, and all of them were saying that their empress had found herself a good man. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s bodies collapsed onto the ground as they looked dazedly at their man. Qing Ya regretted being so unreasonable. If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have quarreled with Ye Hua. After today, even if I want to get into a quarrel, there won’t be anyone to quarrel with me. Donghuang Baizhi felt even more regretful. If I didn’t go and make a marriage proposal to Ying Family, Ying Family wouldn’t have attacked Voidless Realm, and Ye Hua wouldn’t have to die. However, in this world, there was no such thing as a pill that could fix one’s regret! The frantic energy was currently gathering together, and suddenly, the shadowed figure could be seen striking his palm forward, and a huge energy palm that possessed earth-shattering power formed and struck towards Ye Hua. Of course, Wei Chang wouldn’t really strike the huge energy palm onto Ye Hua. If the huge energy palm really struck onto Ye Hua, Ye Hua’s corporeal body definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the huge energy palm, and Ye Hua’s true body would end up being revealed. At that time, everything would be done for. Right when the huge energy palm was about to land on Ye Hua’s chest, Wei Chang withdrew back all of the energy within the huge energy palm. However, even though Wei Chang withdrew the energy within the huge energy palm, the scenery effect still has to be done by Wei Chang. A huge airwave swept through the entire Voidless Realm, and the mountains that were floating within the sky collided with each other in succession. Taking a look at this, Voidless Realm was going to have to undergo a renovation. Ye Hua nodded his head at Wei Chang, then spat out a mouth of blood and flew backward. Ye Hua’s body landed right in front of the two women, but there was practically no more vitality in Ye Hua, and looking at Ye Hua right now, he seemed no different from a dead person. Donghuang Baizhi looked dazedly at Ye Hua, and suddenly, Donghuang Baizhi spat out a mouth of blood and fainted. Such a blow like this was too much for Donghuang Baizhi. It has only been a while since I met with Ye Hua again, and I still had a lot of words that I wanted to say to him. But who would have thought, we would become separated again so soon… At this moment, Donghuang Baizhi’s heart had died along with Ye Hua… On the other hand, Qing Ya did not faint, and the expression that was currently on Qing Ya’s face was quite lifeless. Everyone that was at the scene did not speak, and they didn’t even dare to gasp. After going through such a difficult battle, in the end, such a hero like the empress’s husband still died… Everyone that was from Voidless Realm felt very sorrowful. Meanwhile, the people from Ying Family was no longer able to tell if everything was fake or real, and all of them had a stupefied look on their faces. Wei Chang began with his closing lines. “This person is a true hero! He has my heartfelt admiration! Today’s matter should come to an end, sorry for the bother!” Wei Chang was very satisfied. From now on, His Honor’s life should be filled with happiness, and as His Honor’s subordinate, I feel very happy about that. Everyone that was from Voidless Realm let out a breath of relief. Ying Jingshan came back to his senses as he cupped his hands toward Ye Hua and said, “You are the most affectionate man I have ever seen in my life. I feel ashamed when comparing myself to you.” Everyone in Ying Family cupped their hands toward Ye Hua. It was fortunate that the people from Ying Family didn’t kneel down, if not, Ye Hua who had ‘died’ would have definitely jumped up. The big act has finally come to an end, and Ying Family was beginning to retreat. “You all cannot leave.” The voice wasn’t loud, but it landed right into everyone’s ears. The tone of the voice was very cold, while at the same time, filled with pain, causing the people who heard the voice to feel very uncomfortable and felt like their hearts were being grabbed. Ying Jingshan said apologetically to Qing Ya, “You have my condolences.” “You all cannot leave!” The voice was filled with resolute, and also Qing Ya’s love for Ye Hua. The heart of Ye Hua who was lying on the ground sank. I still haven’t died yet, aren’t you going to come over and check on me? “Wei Chang, what’s going on with Qing Ya?” Ye Hua hurriedly contacted Wei Chang. Wei Chang said gravely, “I don’t know, the madam is acting very abnormally.” Lie Gu was also rather confused, “Your Honor, the look on madam’s face looks a bit odd.” “The two of you better watch closely! If anything were to happen to Qing Ya, I will stew the two of you!” Ye Hua was in a bit of a panic right now. Everything was going nicely, so why did a problem suddenly arise! Wei Chang said hurriedly, “Madam, please calm down, how about you go and check on your husband first?” Ye Hua really wanted to smack Wei Chang to death right now. What Wei Chang just said sounded too suspicious. Wei Chang was also in a panic right now. Fortunately, Donghuang Baizhi had fainted, and Qing Ya didn’t listen to what Wei Chang just said. “All of you have to die along with my husband!” A yell resonated throughout the heaven and earth. Bang! A white light suddenly descended from the sky and enveloped Qing Ya. A tremendous amount of spiritual energy was gathering around the white light, and the people in the surrounding couldn’t help but retreated away from the white light as they looked dumbfoundedly at the white light that descended from the sky. Wei Chang was stunned. Lie Gu was stunned too. The jaws of everyone from Ying Family were about to drop to the ground. The people from Voidless Realm were all stupefied. Ye Hua also sensed Qing Ya’s peculiarity, and he was also feeling rather astonished. What is happening right now? Is Qing Ya going to transform into an ultra-man? The white light that was descending from the sky became even denser and denser, and the white light even began to emit out a godly might. The godly might that the white light was emitting out was very similar to Donghuang Baizhi’s godly might. Yuan De sensed the godly might that was emitting out from the white light and his eyeballs were practically about to pop out of his eye sockets. Not only did Yuan De sensed the particular godly might, but Xing Han and He Xuan also sensed it too. “This… this is Nuwa’s lineage!!! She is actually a descendant of Nuwa!!!” (Nuwa – A mythological character in Chinese mythology who was the creator of mankind) Ying Jingshan looked dazedly at the white light. No wonder His Honor treated them so well, the identities of those two women are too formidable, and the identity of one of the women is even more formidable than the other. Right now, Nuwa’s lineage has appeared… which also represents that danger is going to descend upon this world! It was rumored that, during the ancient time, the Celestial Emperor issued an order to suppress the humans but was met with the humans’ retaliation. Thus, the Celestial Emperor sent Nuwa to destroy the humans, and create humans who respected the gods afterward. Who knew, Nuwa wasn’t willing to obey the Celestial Emperor’s order and actually descended into the mortal world to protect the humans. The Celestial Emperor became incomparably infuriated and removed Nuwa from the Book of Gods, then sent godly generals into the mortal world to destroy the mortal world. Nuwa led the humans to resist against the gods, but in the end, Nuwa exhausted all her strength and died. However, although Nuwa died, Nuwa’s descendants protected the humans for generation after generation. However, when all was said and done, the people that the humans and Nuwa’s descendants were going against were gods, and in the end, the number of Nuwa’s descendants became lesser and lesser. Everyone thought that Nuwa’s lineage had already died out, up till Qing Ya awakened her lineage. When Qing Ya awakened her lineage, many people sensed it. If this matter didn’t happen, Qing Ya would have never awakened her lineage in this entire life of hers. Qing Ya who was filled with incomparable anger actually managed to break the strange seal that was within her body and awakened her lineage. It has to be known that, as of now, Donghuang Baizhi still has not awakened the power of her Donghuang’s lineage, because only males were able to inherit Donghuang’s lineage. This was also the reason why Yuan De was so anxious to get the empress to give birth to a male child. Ye Hua sensed the aura that Qing Ya was emitting out and he was also very astonished about it. Although Qing Ya is still a bit weaker when compared to Wei Chang and the others, her strength is now above that of Death Mage’s strength. As expected of my wife. The surprises keep coming one after another. "Wei Chang, what are you standing there in a daze for, quickly run!" Without waiting for Wei Chang to react, the white light that descended onto the ground disappeared, and right now, Qing Ya seemed to have changed into a completely different person, and even the clothes that were on her have changed too. Right now, Qing Ya wore a cyan auspicious cloud muslin gown which had green butterflies embroidered on the corner, her hairstyle changed into a unique cloud bun hairstyle, and the godly might that was emitting out from her body made others couldn’t help but have the urge to kneel down. The Qing Ya right now had completely changed. If one were to say that Qing Ya was a fairy, they would be underestimating her, because right now, Qing Ya had become a real goddess! Wei Chang looked dazedly at Qing Ya, and Qing Ya could be seen disappearing from the spot she was standing on. Wei Chang was startled! From the back of Wei Chang, a burst of frantic energy was being struck towards Wei Chang. The madam has gone berserk… https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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