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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 250 – Came to an end successfully Qing Ya had indeed gone berserk, her eyes were cold as ice, and she wanted to kill everyone from Ying Family. The Qing Ya right now possessed even less humanity than Ye Hua. Wei Chang didn’t dare to wound Qing Ya, after all, one of the madams was already wounded, and if the other madam was to also become wounded, Wei Chang and Lie Gu would be in for a treat. Wei Chang’s figure flickered and dodged Qing Ya’s frantic attack. After dodging, Wei Chang immediately teleported everyone, including himself, to Ying Family’s island. The madam is too frightening. It is fortunate that I didn’t let Death Mage come here in my stead, if not, Death Mage would definitely get killed by the madam in an instant. Qing Ya’s eyes turned even colder as she began to pinpoint where Wei Chang and the others went. Qing Ya was intending to go and chase after Wei Chang and the others. Wei Chang underestimated Qing Ya’s thirst for revenge. Ye Hua’s death caused Qing Ya’s heart to completely break apart, and if not for awakening her bloodline, Qing Ya would have most likely died along with Ye Hua. Thus, it could be said that Ye Hua almost went too far with the big act. However, the current situation wasn’t any better too. Sensing that Qing Ya was going to go and chase after Wei Chang and the others and start a massacre, Ye Hua had no choice but to wake up. If Ye Hua doesn’t wake up now, it would become very hard to put an end to the big act. “Qing Ya…” Ye Hua shouted out weakly, but he didn’t open his eyes, appearing like he was shouting out in his dream. Qing Ya who was just about to go and chase after Wei Chang and the others went into a daze as she slowly turned her head around and looked towards Ye Hua. Soon after, Qing Ya’s figure appeared right beside Ye Hua, and Qing Ya placed her delicate hands onto Ye Hua’s chest. Qing Ya’s ice-cold expression gradually defrost, and tears of joy flowed out from her eyes. Ye Hua let out a breath of relief. Someone finally came and check on my situation. If I were really injured and you left me here to chase after them, it would be really awkward. Especially when I could still be saved, and yet was left here to die. This was all because Ye Hua’s acting skills were too good, and everyone thought that Ye Hua had really died. Qing Ya could be seen holding Ye Hua in her embrace and said tenderly, “Ye Hua, let’s go back home.” Immediately, the three disappeared from Voidless Realm. Within the bedroom, Qing Ya placed Ye Hua and Donghuang Baizhi on the bed. Right now, Ye Hua’s armor had already disappeared, and all of the wounds that were on his body were visible. Upon seeing those wounds, Qing Ya’s heart began hurting. Ye Hua’s outer wounds were easy to deal with. Qing Ya’s placed her delicate hands onto Ye Hua’s chest and lightly caressed Ye Hua’s chest. A faint white light could be seen emitting out from Ye Hua’s entire body, and his wounds began to gradually heal. However, Qing Ya discovered that there was not a single bit of spiritual energy within Ye Hua’s body, and furthermore, all of Ye Hua’s neurons have become broken… This meant that not only did Ye Hua lost his power, but he also lost the ability to move his body… Qing Ya felt very guilty. As long as Ye Hua is able to live on, even if he is paralyzed, I will take care of him and love him for the entire rest of his life. In the past, Ye Hua was the one who protected me, and from today onwards, I will be the one to protect Ye Hua. I will not let Ye Hua suffer even the slightest bit of injury. Donghuang Baizhi’s injuries were fine, she merely fainted from being too brokenhearted. Qing Ya easily woke up Donghuang Baizhi, and after waking up, Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes were very empty, making Donghuang Baizhi seemed just like a body without a soul. “Baizhi, Ye Hua didn’t die.” Qing Ya said tenderly. Vigor could be seen gradually returning back to Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes, and soon after, Donghuang Baizhi sat herself up and held onto Qing Ya’s hands, “Qing Ya, you are not lying to me, right?!” Qing Ya laughed lightly, “You can go on and take a look at Ye Hua for yourself.” Donghuang Baizhi still hasn’t realized that Ye Hua was lying right beside her, and after being told by Qing Ya, then did she realize. Donghuang Baizhi hurriedly went and check onto Ye Hua’s body. After checking onto Ye Hua’s body, Donghuang Baizhi thought to herself, “Although Ye Hua didn’t die, if he were to discover the situation of his body, he would definitely be in anguish!” Meanwhile, Ye Hua had already long known of the situation of his own body. If Ye Hua didn’t create real injuries on himself, how would the two women have fallen for the big act? After acting as a hero and saving the beauties, it was definitely time for Ye Hua to enjoy being served upon by the two women. Qing Ya’s situation was very unexpected, and Ye Hua felt very excited and happy about Qing Ya’s change. The women that I have my eyes on are all truly exceptional. Not only do they look good, but they also possess strong powers, bringing them out with me would help me gain a lot of faces. It sure is great being a human. Right now, Ye Hua was not in a hurry to wake up. After all, Ye Hua had suffered such grave injuries, so how could he wake up so quickly? Ye Hua had to at least sleep for a few hours first before he wakes up. Those past few days have indeed been a bit tiring, but I have finally brought those two back home. “Mommy, Aunt Qing, you two really came back.” Donghuang Li could be seen suddenly pushing open the door, then cried out in astonishment after walking into the room. When Donghuang Baizhi saw her daughter, she hugged her daughter and cried in a low voice. “Mommy, what’s the matter? Didn’t daddy go to fetch the two of you back home? Why is daddy lying on the bed?” Donghuang Li asked curiously. Hearing Donghuang Li’s innocent words, tears continuously flowed out from Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s eyes. “Daddy, daddy, wake up, Ah Li is here.” Donghuang Li shook onto Ye Hua. Ye Hua didn’t tell his plan in detail to his daughter and only told his daughter that he was going to go and bring the two women back home. Ye Hua who was pretending to be asleep was having a headache, when he heard his daughter’s tender voice calling out to him, he almost couldn’t help but immediately wake up. “Ah Li, daddy is asleep, don’t disturb daddy.” Donghuang Baizhi hugged her daughter into her embrace. Meanwhile, Donghuang Li began crying and shouted out, “No, Ah Li don’t want daddy to sleep, Ah Li wants daddy to hug hug~” Ye Hua really wanted to get off the bed, hug his daughter, and tell her that he was fine. However, if Ye Hua were to do that, it would be GG for him. Now that Qing Ya has become powerful, she is even more not afraid of me. Seeing her daughter crying and making a scene endlessly, Donghuang Baizhi had no choice but to use magic to put her daughter to sleep. “Qing Ya, the bloodline in your body!” When Donghuang Baizhi woke up, she immediately discovered Qing Ya’s peculiarity. Qing Ya shook her head, “I don’t know too.” Donghuang Baizhi did not know anything about Nuwa Bloodline. In Voidless Realm, only those elders knew about Nuwa Bloodline. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi merely sensed that Qing Ya had awakened a certain kind of bloodline. Back then when Ye Hua accompanied Qing Ya to the hospital to do a checkup, the little monk used his discerning eyes and saw Ye Hua’s true body, and coincidentally, the little monk also saw Qing Ya’s true body, which was why the little monk became frightened and ran away at full speed. After all, people who possessed Nuwa Bloodline were very rare in this age, and Nuwa was enemies with the Celestial Emperor… Nuwa Clan’s life mission was to protect the livings, and Ye Hua’s life mission in the past was to destroy the livings, and although that was no longer Ye Hua’s life mission, Ye Hua was no better right now. Life was truly filled with unexpected surprises, and those unexpected surprises were a part of the thrill that Ye Hua seeks in life. Now that Qing Ya had awakened her bloodline, she would even more not let Ye Hua anyhow kill people. Perhaps, while Ye Hua was killing people at the front, Qing Ya would be at the back saving people. “Qing Ya, let’s give it a try, with our powers, perhaps, we can make Ye Hua be able to stand up once again.” Donghuang Baizhi suggested. The two of them indeed possess the powers to do that, however, Ye Hua’s injuries were created on purpose by himself, therefore, even if an Overlord came to help heal Ye Hua’s injuries, it would be useless too. Qing Ya nodded her head. The powers that we will lose from doing this can’t be helped, but at the least, we will be able to make Ye Hua be able to stand up once again. The two carried onto Ye Hua and placed Ye Hua in the middle of the bed. Ye Hua who had just fallen asleep immediately woke up from his sleep. This is such a pain, can’t you two let me rest for a while? The two women sat cross-legged behind Ye Hua, then placed their delicate hands onto Ye Hua’s back. A never-ending stream of spiritual energy was being transferred into Ye Hua’s body and help heal Ye Hua’s injuries. After quite a while, the two women checked onto Ye Hua’s body. After checking onto Ye Hua’s body, the two let out a heavy sigh. It’s useless. Perhaps, the shadowed figure’s unusual martial technique could be the reason that caused Ye Hua to become paralyzed. The two women took a look at each other, and both of them remained silent. Both of the women held onto each of Ye Hua’s hands and placed the hands on their chests, then began praying in their hearts. The two women accompanied by Ye Hua’s side just like this, so that when Ye Hua opened his eyes, the people that he would see at first sight would be them, and thus perhaps, wouldn’t feel extremely broken-hearted when he discovered his injuries. However, how could Ye Hua possibly feel broken-hearted? Especially when those injuries that were on him were created by himself. For the two of you, I, the Supreme Overlord, had racked my brain. I will let you two continue worrying for a bit more, if not, the two of you will think that I, the Supreme Overlord, am that easy to deal with! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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