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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 251 – Really only just have to open mouth Qing Yutong’s bedroom. “Zizi, brother-in-law has returned back from acting cool.” Qing Yutong said in a low voice. Ye Zizi let go of her mouse, then took a stick of spicy sticks from the side and ate it happily, completely not worried in the slightest bit. On the contrary, Ye Zizi was very curious towards her sister-in-law. “When sister-in-law returned home, I sensed that sister-in-law has changed.” Ye Zizi pouted her small mouth and said, and the two ponytails that were behind her head shook around as she spoke. Qing Yutong silently nodded her head. When Qing Ya returned home, Qing Ya carried a bizarre aura on her, and the information that Qing Yutong’s system gave to Qing Yutong caused Qing Yutong to become stupefied. After going through the system’s judgment, the result is that big sister actually awakened Nuwa Bloodline? Is father Nuwa? The answer is evidently no. But Aunt Wang doesn’t seem to be a descendant of Nuwa… Could it be that, big sister is… adopted? From the looks of it, big sister’s life background is very mysterious. Qing Yutong said solemnly, “Let’s go and take a look, and while we are at it, let’s help brother-in-law out with his act.” “Alright, let’s go and help big brother out with his act. Should we cry when we are there?” “Crying doesn’t seem to be a good idea, right?” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth. It would be a bit overexaggerated if we were to cry. After finish speaking, the two head to Ye Hua’s bedroom. “Big sister, when did you two come back?” As expected of a best actress, Qing Yutong’s acting skills were truly incomparable. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi remained silent while accompanying by Ye Hua’s side. “What happened to brother-in-law? Did he die?!” Qing Yutong cried out in surprise. Ye Zizi’s tears could be seen immediately flowing out of her eyes as she cried out in surprise, “Big brother, you have died such a miserable death~” Qing Yutong looked dazedly at Ye Zizi. Didn’t we agree to not cry? Forget it, cry it is then. “Wa, brother-in-law, you died such a miserable death, I wasn’t even able to see you one last time before you died… You still haven’t told me where you hid those top-grade spicy sticks of mine…” The big fellow and small fellow immediately began wailing. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were completely stupefied by the two, and the person who was even more stupefied was Ye Hua. I was having a good sleep, and all of a sudden, I was woken up by wails that are like that of a ghost. I don’t know if I snored when I was asleep… if I did snore, it would be really awkward… “The two of you, be quiet, Ye Hua isn’t dead.” Qing Ya glared at her sister. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi kept away their tears and laughed awkwardly. “Oh, so brother-in-law didn’t die. Sorry for disturbing then, we will be heading back to our room now and continue playing with our games.” While speaking, Qing Yutong pulled onto Ye Zizi and quickly left the room. At the same time, Qing Yutong confirmed one thing. Big sister has really transformed into an ultraman. The power of bloodline is truly formidable, to attain my current power, I had to follow the system and work hard at accomplishing missions, meanwhile, big sister is just like a gamemaster, the moment she awakened her bloodline, she straightforwardly reached the maximum level. Seems like I am going to have to hug tightly onto big sister’s thigh in the future. Wait! Now that both my brother-in-law and big sister are formidable, what do I even have to be afraid of? It’s time to go out with Ye Zizi and look for trouble! Ye Hua who was lying on the bed felt that it was more or less time to get up. I’m feeling a bit nervous, I will think about what to do after seeing how they react. Ye Hua could be seen slowly opening his eyes, and after opening his eyes, there was a bewildered look on his face. From the looks of it, Ye Hua’s acting skills were still on point. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were exulted, and the two of them looked at Ye Hua with concern. “Where am I at?” Ye Hua asked weakly. The two women cried tears of joy. Qing Ya sobbed, “Ye Hua, we are back home already.” “No wonder everything seemed so familiar. I’m a bit thirsty.” Ye Hua began hinting that he wants to drink water. Donghuang Baizhi immediately understood, “I will go and pour a cup of water for you.” Ye Hua wants to express that he was feeling very great. Seems like this is the only way to make these two women become obedient. Take a look at right now, the moment I said that I was thirsty, one of them immediately went to pour a cup of water for me. “Ye Hua, your water is here. Don’t move, I will feed you the water.” Donghuang Baizhi said tenderly, completely not having the arrogance of an empress, and also did not possess the fierce aura that she possessed in the past. Ye Hua’s face turned cold, “As a man, do I even need you to feed me!” This sentence was used just right, the sentence fully displayed Ye Hua’s self-esteem. Upon hearing that, the two women’s hearts sunk. If Ye Hua finds out that he can’t move anymore, he would definitely have a mental breakdown. “Be obedient, listen to me.” Donghuang Baizhi seemed just like she was coaxing a child, and this caused Ye Hua to not know whether to laugh or cry. Meanwhile, Qing Ya tightly held onto Ye Hua’s hand, she couldn’t bear to see Ye Hua suffer. It’s time to realize that I can’t move my body! “Why can't I move my hands!” Ye Hua cried out in surprise, and he had a shocked look on his face. “My spiritual energy too, where did my spiritual energy go to!!!” Right now, Ye Hua seemed like he had lost his mind, seemingly just like a billionaire who had gone bankrupt and wasn’t willing to accept the reality before his eyes. Ye Hua’s acting skills were bursting through the roof. “Why! Why am I not able to move, and why is my spiritual energy gone!” Ye Hua shouted out angrily. While holding onto Ye Hua’s hands, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi hurriedly moved closer to Ye Hua. “Ye Hua, calm down, right now, you indeed do not have any spiritual energy in your body, and your body is indeed not able to move anymore.” Qing Ya said brokenheartedly. Looking at the deranged look on Ye Hua’s face, Qing Ya felt as if her heart was being cut into pieces. For a man like Ye Hua who likes to act cool to become paralyzed, in the future, don’t say act cool, even when he has to take a shower, he would need either me or Donghuang Baizhi to help him with it. Furthermore, when he goes out, he would have to sit in a wheelchair. “Ye Hua, don’t worry, Qing Ya and I will take good care of you, we won’t ever leave you for the entire rest of our lives.” Donghuang Baizhi gave her promise to Ye Hua. Looking at how much pain Ye Hua was in, Donghuang Baizhi’s heart couldn’t help but ache. For a man like Ye Hua who was so formidable to suddenly lost all of his power, how would he be able to take such a blow like this? My heart aches just from imagining how Ye Hua must feel right now. Ye Hua wants to express that he was feeling very great right now. This is the effect that I wanted. I, the Supreme Overlord, am feeling very happy right now. Gradually, Ye Hua’s expression calmed down, however, there was no vitality on Ye Hua’s face, and instead, he looked very lifeless. “Ye Hua.” The two women shouted out worriedly. Ye Hua laughed at himself mockingly, “I didn’t expect that I would actually become a cripple.” “No, Ye Hua, in my heart, you are forever tall and strong.” Qing Ya tightly hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm. The arm that was once filled with strength was now no more. Donghuang Baizhi nodded her head, “Ye Hua, in this entire life of mine, you will forever be my man!” As expected of a woman of mine. Donghuang Baizhi, I, the Supreme Overlord, should allow you to get on my bed from now on! Ye Hua let out a heavy sigh, “The two of you don’t have to console me anymore. This situation right now is a good opportunity for the two of you. If you two want to leave, you two can leave, it’s not like I will be able to stop you two from leaving with the way I am now.” “Ye Hua! Let me tell you! I won’t ever leave you for the entire rest of my life! If you continue talking like this… I… I… I will cry!” Qing Ya spoke incoherently. In actuality, she was already crying, but she did not know just how to threaten Ye Hua. Donghuang Baizhi was even more formidable than Qing Ya, “If you continue talking like this, I will call Ah Li over to listen to the conversation and let Ah Li be the judge between what’s right and wrong!” Seeing his women using such things to threaten him, Ye Hua almost laughed. Endure… endure… “Qing Ya, Baizhi, I appreciate you two’s intentions, but with the way I am right now…” Before Ye Hua even finished speaking, Qing Ya cut Ye Hua off. “Ye Hua, the purpose of the rest of me and Baizhi’s lives is to properly take good care of you. You don’t need to feel burdened at all, this is what we should do.” “What Qing Ya said is right. Ye Hua, you don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything.” Feels great! This is what I was waiting to hear from the two of you! After remaining silent for quite a while, Ye Hua seemed to have come to a compromise as he said faintly, “I want to drink water.” Donghuang Baizhi immediately held the cup of water to Ye Hua’s mouth. Right now, I really only just have to open my mouth, and I don’t even have to move my hands at all. This feels so great!!! Later on, I want to smoke, drink alcohol, and also shower. As for showering, I have to at least take a shower three times a day. Also, the crayfishes must not stop, and my breakfasts have to be rich and varied. My days of happiness have only just begun. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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