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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 254 – His Honor has begun planning How would Donghuang Baizhi not know about that, “Originally, Voidless Realm was the strongest, which was why Voidless Realm was able to suppress the north’s aristocratic families, and even able to suppress the south’s Ji Family. However, things are no longer the same right now. Notify the entire Voidless Realm to be completely prepared for the future and to fix the barrier as soon as possible!” “Yes!” Suddenly, Yuan De blinked his eyes toward the other two, and the latter also blinked their eyes back at him. The three seemed to have something to say but didn’t dare to say it. “It’s fine, go ahead and speak what you have in your mind.” Donghuang Baizhi said faintly. Yuan De took a step forward, “Not sure just how Your Majesty’s husband’s injuries are right now?” “My husband is fine.” Everyone was startled. Faced against such a powerful attack, Her Majesty’s husband actually still managed to survive. Her Majesty’s husband is truly formidable! “The heaven is truly protecting our Voidless Realm!” The three elders spread out their arms and shouted out, appearing just like devoted believers of god. He Xuan hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, Ying Family has experts helping them, thus, if we want to win, we have to have someone who is able to inherit the power of Donghuang Bloodline.” “We hope that Your Majesty would give birth to a male baby as soon as possible.” The three elders shouted out in unison. The face of Donghuang Baizhi who was currently sitting on the throne became slightly red. Should I have another child with Ye Hua and give Ah Li a little brother? I will find a chance to discuss about this with Ye Hua. However, with the state that Ye Hua is in right now, is he still able to have another child? If Ye Hua was to know of Donghuang Baizhi’s current thoughts, he would definitely become completely healed in just a few days, then prepare to have another child with Donghuang Baizhi. Donghuang Baizhi’s expression became much tender, “I will discuss this matter with my husband, all of you do not need to worry about it.” The three elders were finally able to be at ease. Yuan De suddenly thought of something and said, “Your Majesty, about that woman that possessed the bloodline of Nuwa?” “Yuan De, are you saying that Qing Ya is a descendant of Nuwa?” Donghuang Baizhi asked in astonishment. “Your Majesty, did you not know about that?” Donghuang Baizhi shook her head. Donghuang Baizhi didn’t expect that Qing Ya would actually be a descendant of Nuwa, and while feeling happy for Qing Ya, Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows. “When Nuwa Bloodline appears in this world, peculiar things may start happening in this world. Your Majesty has to be careful.” He Xuan said gravely. “I naturally know about that. In the future, if there is any news, just send a jade note to me.” “Your Majesty, you can be at ease, we will properly oversee the reconstruction of Voidless Realm.” “Alright, it will be hard on the three of you then.” “Subordinate do not deserve Your Majesty’s praise.” Donghuang Baizhi disappeared from the palace hall, and the three elders stood up straight while with a gratified look on their faces. Her Majesty is finally thinking about a man, this is a good thing. Her Majesty will be able to get pregnant this year, and by next year, the child will be born. And after the child grew to adulthood and awakened his bloodline power, we will be able to finally be completely at ease. When Donghuang Baizhi appeared in the bedroom again, the crayfishes have already arrived. Donghuang Li’s big eyes were red. From the look of it, Donghuang Li must have just finished crying a while ago. Seeing that her mother returned, Donghuang Li straightforwardly threw herself into her mother’s embrace. “Ah Li, what’s the matter?” While hugging onto her daughter, Donghuang Baizhi asked with a smile on her face. “Daddy said that he is not able to move and is not able to hug or carry Ah Li anymore.” Donghuang Li began crying again, appearing very pitiful. Donghuang Baizhi consoled, “Ah Li can be at ease, daddy will recover in the future.” “Daddy said that too just a while ago, but Ah Li knows that you all are just saying that to console Ah Li.” Donghuang Baizhi looked towards Ye Hua, and there was astonishment in her gaze. While sitting in the wheelchair, Ye Hua said with a slight smile, “Just a while ago, I sensed that spiritual energy was being formed within my body. I believe that, without long, I will be able to recover completely.” Ye Hua decided to change his tactics. To prevent these two women from seeing through my act, this will be the reason that I am going to use to start and slowly make my body recover. Qing Ya who was at the side also had a slight smile on her face. Just a while ago, Qing Ya herself had checked onto Ye Hua’s body, and she discovered that a very small mass of spiritual energy had appeared within Ye Hua’s body. In Qing Ya’s eyes, this was a good start. After Donghuang Baizhi checked onto Ye Hua’s body and confirmed what Ye Hua just said, tears slowly flowed out of her eyes as she hugged onto Ye Hua and said happily, “This is great!” “Don’t cry anymore, Ah Li is still watching at the side.” Ye Hua stealthily let out a breath of relief. Seeing that her father really seemed to be able to recover completely, Donghuang Li asked, “Mommy, will daddy be able to recover completely?” “En, daddy will be able to recover completely.” After obtaining her mother’s confirmation, Donghuang Li finally felt happy, “Yay, this is great~ Daddy will be able to hug Ah Li and carry Ah Li up high in the air again after daddy recovered~ Ah Li will help daddy peel crayfishes.” Donghuang Baizhi sat down too, and after wiping away her tears of joy with the back of her hand, she began peeling crayfishes for Ye Hua. “Daddy, open your mouth~” Little Ah Li picked up the crayfish meat with her chopsticks and fed it to her father. “Ye Hua, here~” Qing Ya said tenderly. “Ye Hua, ah~” Donghuang Baizhi smiled tenderly. I, the Supreme Overlord, dare to say that, there is no man in this world that is more blessed than me right now. However, I must say, it is rather inconvenient to not be able to move my hands. In any case, since I have already given the reason for why my body is starting to recover, I will let my hands start recovering soon. Everything will seem very reasonable, and there won’t be any flaw in my act. “Where are Yutong and Zizi?” Qing Ya said with a slight smile, “The both of them went out to eat.” “Originally, Aunt Ye came and called Ah Li to go with them, but Ah Li wants to accompany daddy, therefore Ah Li rejected Aunt Ye’s invitation.” Donghuang Li said happily. Listening to what Donghuang Li just said, she was practically asking for her father to quickly praise her. “Ah Li sure is my good daughter.” Ye Hua naturally had to praise his daughter. Donghuang Li’s face was filled with happiness. “Didn’t Yutong said that she was going to work as a streamer? It has been quite a while since she said that, so why do I not see her stream at all?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Qing Ya shook her head, “Who knows her, her thoughts change every single day.” “It is going to be September soon, we should start preparing to send Ye Zizi to school and not let her keep on staying at home and play games all day long.” Ye Hua said gravely. Ye Zizi’s temperament is still more or less the same as it was in the past, it’s time to send her to school to train her temperament. Qing Ya nodded her head. “Ah Li wants to go to school to study too.” Donghuang Li said loudly. Donghuang Baizhi smiled tenderly, “Ah Li still hasn’t reached the age to have to go to school.” “Then, when will Ah Li be able to go to school?” Ah Li asked curiously. Donghuang Baizhi pinched onto her daughter’s small cheek, “After Ah Li had her three-year-old birthday, Ah Li will be able to attend kindergarten.” “Kindergarten? But Aunt Ye said that she is going to be a primary school second-grade student. Ah Li wants to go to school together with Aunt Ye, if not Ah Li doesn’t want to go to school.” Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth. Donghuang Li’s main motive for wanting to go to school was basically because she wanted to go to school together with Ye Zizi. Looking at the adorable look on Ah Li, the three laughed lightly. “With how intelligent Ah Li is, it is fine even if Ah Li doesn’t attend kindergarten.” Ye Hua said faintly. The reason I am sending Ye Zizi to school is so that Ye Zizi could cultivate her humanity. On the other hand, my daughter completely does not have the need to go to school at all. Or to say it in another way, going to school is practically a waste of time for my daughter. Meanwhile, Qing Ya has a different opinion, “How would that do? Kindergarten is the beginning where study begins.” “Well, I have never attended school or studied before, but didn’t I still managed to attain my current accomplishment nonetheless?” Ye Hua who was sitting in the wheelchair said. What Ye Hua just said was very philosophical. The one that didn’t study or attend school before was currently pretending to be paralyzed and sitting in a wheelchair. “You sure have a lot of fallacious reasonings.” Qing Ya said lightly. “What kind of attitude is that, a few hours ago, you were still saying that you were going to be obedient in the future.” Ye Hua said faintly. Just how long has it only been, and she is already going against me. Qing Ya immediately smiled apologetically, “Alright, alright, alright, I’m in the wrong.” After looking to her left, then looking to her right, Donghuang Li had an understanding look on her face. After the meal, the two women pushed Ye Hua to the office, because Ye Hua wanted to smoke. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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