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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 256 – I, Long Aotian, will still come back again Under Ye Hua’s threatening gaze, Qing Ya consoled Ye Hua by giving him a kiss. I, the Supreme Overlord, like your way of apologizing. However, I would much prefer to bath together. In the end, Ye Hua didn’t manage to attain his dream. After quite a while, Ye Hua was placed onto the bed by Qing Ya, and after placing Ye Hua on the bed, Qing Ya pinched onto Ye Hua’s cheek and said lovably, “Ye Hua, once you recovered completely, I will take a bath together with you.” Alright, I, the Supreme Overlord, do not want to be paralyzed anymore! Wait, no, something is wrong! This cunning Qing Ya is definitely trying to feel me out to see if I’m pretending to be paralyzed, there is no way that I will fall for her trick! Then again, Qing Ya, you are already my wife, would you die if I take a look at your body! After quite a while, Qing Ya wore onto thin pajamas and appeared in front of Ye Hua, causing the fire within Ye Hua to become very big. As long as one was a normal man, when they saw Qing Ya’s body, they wouldn’t be able to help but have some thoughts in their minds, especially when right now, Qing Ya had become even more beautiful than she was before. In order to act as a paralyzed man, I, the Supreme Overlord, can’t even move my hands right now. In the past, even if I couldn't see Qing Ya’s naked body, I was still able to at least touch her body. While leaning on her beloved man’s chest, Qing Ya said tenderly, “Ye Hua, I really like you very much.” Ye Hua slightly went into a daze, and at the same time, he began feeling a bit guilty. I wonder what would happen if I confessed to them that everything was an act? Forget about it, the saying of ‘confess and you will be sentenced leniently’ is but a lie. “Qing Ya, after you finished giving birth to the child in your stomach, let’s have another child.” "En, anything you say." Qing Ya rubbed her cheek onto Ye Hua’s chest and said lethargically. “As expected of my woman, obedient.” Although Ye Hua felt a bit guilty, Ye Hua wants to express that he was feeling very great right now. Thinking back to the past, I have never felt as great as I am feeling right now. Qing Ya smiled sweetly, “Look at how happy you are right now. Satisfied now?” “Satisfied, satisfied.” “Alright, let’s sleep, you must be feeling very tired already.” Ye Hua nodded his head. I can finally have a good sleep today, and tomorrow, Donghuang Baizhi will be the one who is going to accompany me to sleep. I, the Supreme Overlord, am feeling very happy right now. To show how happy I am right now, should I pardon everyone in this world that had gone against me? On second thought, forget about it. When the time comes where I am able to embrace onto one woman with my left arm, and embrace onto another woman with my right arm, I will then pardon everyone in this world that had gone against me. If Ye Hua were to pardon everyone in this world that had gone against him, the person that would be the happiest would be Long Aotian. Within the small thatched cottage, Long Aotain was once again preparing to head to battle! Within a month's time, Long Aotian had cultivated his dragon god technique to the third realm. It must be said, Long Aotian was indeed a talented cultivator. Nonsense! If Long Aotian didn’t step up his cultivation speed, how would he be able to leave this place, and how would he be able to form his harem of three thousand beauties! “Meng Meng! After today, who knows how long it will be till we meet again?” While hugging onto the woman within his embrace, Long Aotian said with deep affection. While hugging onto Long Aotian’s strong body, Meng Meng said lovably, “Aotian, no matter how long it takes, Meng Meng will still wait for you to come back.” “Meng Meng, you are the best. And about the antidote, can you give me a bit more of it?” Long Aotian’s tone was a bit awkward. Meng Meng really treats me too well, and this love gu that is within my body is proof of that. (蛊 – gu: legendary poisonous insect) “Aotian, those antidotes that Meng Meng gave you are all the antidotes that Meng Meng have. When you return back here next year, Meng Meng will have a lot of antidotes again.” Meng Meng was very reluctant to part with Long Aotian. Long Aotian heavily let out a breath, “Meng Meng, take good care of yourself, after Brother Long becomes successful in the outside world, Brother Long will bring you to the outside world.” “En, Meng Meng will wait for that day to come.” “Alright, I will be leaving then!” “Aotian~” Looking at Long Aotian’s figure that was getting further and further away, Meng Meng sobbed endlessly. After leaving the thatched cottage, Long Aotian clenched his fists. Now that my dragon god technique has reached the third realm, both my speed and strength have ascended to a whole new other level! In the end, I have to thank that assassin, if not for him, I wouldn’t have been able to reach dragon god technique’s third realm in such a short time. Pressure is truly the best motivation. After walking for close to a kilometer, Long Aotian shouted out loudly, “Come on out!” Right now, Long Aotian was no longer wearing modern clothing and he was currently wearing a green robe that Meng Meng personally made for him. It must be said, wearing onto the green robe, Long Aotian does indeed look a bit handsome. Like a ghost, Death Assassin immediately appeared in front of Long Aotian, causing Long Aotian to jump from being startled. “I have reached dragon god technique’s third realm! It is not that I, Long Aotian, am bragging, but you are currently no longer a match for me. If you are smart, you better scram now, and I will spare this life of yours!” Long Aotian began shouting out with false bravado. In actuality, Long Aotian was currently feeling nervous to death. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Salted fish, if you don’t cultivate your dragon god technique to its highest realm, you can forget about leaving this place for the entire rest of your life.” "Ha!" Not knowing what Death Assassin was laughing about, Long Aotian shouted out as he assumed a horse stance. Immediately, the leaves that were around Long Aotian began flying around, and Long Aotian could be seen shouting out while pointing his finger at Death Assassin, “Come at me!” Death Assassin let out a light sigh, then took out the dagger that was at his waist and stabbed normally at Long Aotian. Long Aotian’s expression became grave. This guy’s speed is indeed very fast! However, today isn’t the same as that day, I, Long Aotian, am no longer that little weakling that I was in the past! Long Aotian dodged to the side! Death Assassin was a bit surprised. The speed of this Long Aotian’s improvement can be counted as quite fast. Long Aotian was a bit dazed as he touched onto his hair, then checked onto his clothing. I remember that during the last time, my hair was cut by this guy when I dodged his attack, and yet, today, I was actually able to completely dodge his attack! This is great! I, Long Aotian, am finally able to completely dodge his attack! Once I cultivated my dragon god technique to the fourth realm, I will be able to defeat him! Without thinking too much, Long Aotian immediately turned around and ran away, “Just you wait, I, Long Aotian, will come back again!” Death Assassin did not chase after Long Aotian, Death Assassin just stood there and watched as Long Aotian ran away. After running back to the thatched cottage, Long Aotian began gasping heavily for breath. Just now when I dodged that guy’s attack, I used too much of my essence, spiritual energy, and spirit. Because of that, I am so out of breath right now. Pushing open the wooden door, Long Aotian laughed loudly and said, “Meng Meng, I’m not leaving anymore!” “Aotian, I have just finished cooking the noodles for you, quickly eat it while it is hot.” Meng Meng could be seen walking over while holding onto a bowl of noodles that she just finished cooking. The timing was just perfect. Not sure if it was because Long Aotian felt warm in his heart or because Long Aotian felt that his heart hurts, Long Aotian had the urge to cry. If not for the things that have happened, Long Aotian would have really suspected that the assassin outside was hired by Meng Meng. While eating the noodles that were cooked with love, tears flowed down from Long Aotian’s eyes, and who knows if he was crying because he was touched or because his heart hurts. After I am done eating the noodles, I will properly love Meng Meng, then continue on cultivating. I, Long Aotian, must not let down this name of mine! In the future, there will come a day where I will conquer the entire world and make everyone tremble underneath me! Even more, I will make Qing Ya regret, regret for not choosing me, Long Aotian, and instead chose a man who likes to smoke and act cool. That man’s way of acting cool is too low grade. I, Long Aotian, would never imitate his way of acting cool! “Meng Meng, where are my cigarettes?” “Here, you can only smoke one cigarette a day.” After igniting the cigarette and taking a puff, Long Aotian felt very comfortable, as if the entire world had become his. Right now, it was currently late at night, and at a dark small alley in Long’an City, there were a few figures there. Amongst the figures, there were two pitiful looking figures, and those two figures were Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi. Qing Yutong was dressing up as her big sister again. After all, Qing Yutong’s fame still hasn’t died down yet. And Ye Zizi was still the same as usual, wearing a Lolita outfit. “You all… what do you all want.” Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were acting again. Just a while ago, when the two left the bar, a few beefy men followed after them, and thus, the two purposely came to this small alley. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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