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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 257 – Gluttony Ye Zizi was salivating. I will get Big Sister Qing to look away for a while later on while I eat them. The few beefy men have never seen such a beautiful woman like Qing Yutong. This woman is so beautiful, and this little loli too, she looks just like a 2d anime character, those big eyes of hers are making the beast within my body wake up from its slumber. “Little girl, come here, big brother has a very delicious lollipop here.” One of the beefy men hunched forward slightly and teased Ye Zizi, and the few beefy men behind the beefy man laughed out loudly. Qing Yutong protected in front of Ye Zizi, “What do you all want! Leave my sister alone and come at me instead!” “Beauty, don’t be anxious, I will let you know just how great my endurance is and just how deep my skills are~” With a lewd smile on his face, the beefy man walked closer step by step. Qing Yutong scolded, “Shameless!” Ye Zizi said in a low voice, “Big Sister Qing, how about you go to the side first and let Zizi have some fun.” “Zizi, you are not being fair.” “Hey, hey, the two of you don’t need to discuss about it anymore, the both of you can come together with me.” The beefy man rubbed his hands together, he was sort of not able to hold himself back anymore. With these two beautiful girls, I can battle from night till day. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi retreated back continuously, and the afraid look on their faces made the beefy men became even more excited. Those beefy men just loved seeing such an expression appear on others’ faces. Right at this moment! A figure suddenly appeared, and both Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi looked towards that figure. While with an indifferent look on his face, the figure had a cigarette in his mouth, and both of his hands were placed in his pockets. The man could be seen taking a look at Qing Yutong and the others, then continued on walking like he saw nothing. “Young fellow, I will count that you have eyes!” At first, the beefy man thought that the man was going to try and act as a hero and save the two girls, but in the end, the man ended up being just a passer-by that has no courage. “Hey, aren’t you going to save us?” Qing Yutong shouted out puzzledly. The man looked up to the sky and puffed out a mouth of smoke, then said, “Why should I save the two of you?” F**k, this guy is truly formidable. Seeing that the passer-by stopped his footsteps, the beefy man shouted out threateningly, “Young fellow, you better quickly scram and don’t mess with me!” Ye Zizi asked pitifully, “Big brother, why aren’t you saving us?” The man snorted and said in disdain, “Coming across such a thing like this, it would be counted as benevolent of me if I were to even help the two of you call the police. Therefore, even if I ignored what I saw and walked away, it is counted as normal. After all, I am not Virgin Mary, I do not have to save people just because I came across them when they needed help.” “Big brother, you won’t be able to get a girlfriend if you act like this.” Ye Zizi said while pouting her small mouth. I will suck you dry later on. Who told you to act cool? Your skill in acting cool is too low grade! Qing Yutong agreed, “That’s right, if you don’t even take the chance to act as a hero to save beauties when the chance is right in front of you, how are you going to be able to get a girlfriend in the future?” “Do you think that I am dumb? Just taking a look at you two’s clothes, I immediately knew that you two are definitely some big misses of some big families. If I were to save you two right now, you two would most probably make me become you two’s bodyguard, then afterward, a romance between me and the two of you would unfold. I won’t fall for you two’s tricks!” Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi’s expressions froze, and the few beefy men were shocked by the man too. I have never seen someone who is able to boast like this! “Ha! To actually dare to try and force yourself onto two young girls in an era of peace and prosperity, I won’t let this matter rest!” Suddenly, a man that was like the wind could be seen descending from the sky. “Wow, Big Sister Qing, he is so handsome~” “That’s right, he is so handsome~” Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi seemed just like two love-struck fools. This caused the man who had a cigarette in his mouth to become dumbfounded. The two of you became love-struck just like this? Isn’t this way of acting as a hero to save beauties too old fashioned already? Song Ji slowly turned his head around and looked at the man that had a cigarette in his mouth, seemingly like he was saying, although this way of acting as a hero to save beauties is indeed old fashioned, it is still a classic, you fool. Sa Bi slowly walked over and said gravely, “Brother, these two girls are mine, don’t interfere.” “Haha, weren’t you rather good at acting cool just a while ago? If you want to leave, quickly leave.” Song Ji mocked without mercy. Just now, Song Ji was hiding at the side and he saw everything that happened a while ago. Sa Bi was feeling very gloomy. Originally, I wanted to try a new way to act as a hero and save beauties, but who would have known that someone would interfere halfway in. The beefy men came back to their senses and one of the beefy men shouted out angrily, “You two little rabbits must be tired of living! Brothers, go! Punch them to death!” Song Ji snorted, “Kneel down!” An incorporeal power pressed all of the beefy men onto the ground. Immediately, fright appeared on the beefy men’s faces. Sa Bi snorted, “Lie down!” Plop. All of the beefy men lied down on the ground. “Kneel down! Shout grandpa!” Song Ji shouted out gravely. Want to compete with me? Bring it on then! As expected, the beefy men who were lying down on the ground kneeled on the ground and shouted out, “Grandpa~ Grandpa~” Sa Bi sneered in disdain. Want to compete against me? “Lie down on the ground and bark like a dog!” The beefy men could be seen lying down on the ground and barking, “Woof, woof, woof…” “Kneel down! Call grandpa!” “Lie down! Bark like a dog!” “Kneel down! Call grandpa!” “Lie down! Bark like a dog!” The beefy men’s sufferings were something others won’t be able to experience, and gradually… blood spilled out from the beefy men’s mouths. How could ordinary humans be able to continuously withstand such a strong might pressure? Pfft! The few beefy men spat out a mouth of blood in succession and all of them ended up dying. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi both cried out in astonishment, “The two of you killed those guys!!!” Song Ji and Sa Bi also didn’t expect those beefy men would die just like this, and both of them were currently in a slight daze. “Big Sister Qing, let’s quickly call the police, a homicide happened here.” Ye Zizi hurriedly shouted out. “That’s right, when facing against such vicious murderers, we must be resolute and bring them to justice. Even more, I am going to act as a witness and testify in court.” “Zizi also wants to act as a witness and testify in court and make those two get locked up in jail…” Song Ji and Sa Bi were both speechless. All this happened because we were trying to save the two of you! “Young misses, isn’t there a misunderstanding here? I did this to save you two from those guys.” Song Ji persuaded nicely. If those two really call the police, it wouldn’t be good for me. “That’s right, that’s right, I am merely just a passer-by.” Sa Bi forced a smile on his face. Ye Zizi snorted, “The two of you are murderers, and murderers have to go to jail!” “Little friend, don’t go overboard! If not…” Sa Bi was starting to feel angry. I was being kindhearted by trying to save the two of you, and yet the two of you are actually intending to act as witnesses and testify against me in court. Song Ji said in a low voice, “Brother, from the looks of it, they are determined on calling the police, so how about we just take one each? I will take the small one, and you can have the big one.” Sa Bi remained silent for a moment. In any case, I am someone who received an award for being a good student in school, so how could I accept such a shameless proposal? “Alright, we can exchange with each other once tomorrow arrives.” Song Ji patted onto Sa Bi’s shoulder, “Brother, you are really shameless.” Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi ended up forcing the two good young men to become criminals. “What are you two trying to do? Don’t come over, if not, I am going to shout~” Qing Yutong hugged onto Ye Zizi and cried out in astonishment. Both Song Ji and Sa Bi had a smile on their faces and one of them could be heard saying, “Shout, go on and shout, even if you shout till your throat becomes sore, no one will come and save the two of you.” “Somebody, save us~ Somebody, save us~” Suddenly! A bloody smell permeated the air, and the bloody smell was not a typical bloody smell, it was an extremely dense bloody smell. Song Ji and Sa Bi’s expressions changed, and without thinking too much, the two immediately turned around and ran! “Kneel down.” The two words were like two palms pressing down both Song Ji and Sa Bi onto the ground. And when Song Ji and Sa Bi kneeled on the ground, pits were formed from the impact of their knees smashing into the ground. A mass of black fog could be seen appearing within the air and gradually forming into the shape of a human, then turning into a middle-aged man who was wearing a western suit. Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi were stupefied. This… what is this situation! “Who are you! To actually dare to mess with me!” Sa Bi shouted out angrily. The middle-aged man could be seen stretching out his right arm, and the entire right arm began squirming just like an insect! In a flash, the entire right arm turned into a frightening monster and swallowed Sa Bi whole. “You… you… Just who are you!” Song Ji was frightened to the point that he peed his pants. The right arm that turned into a monster possessed rows of teeth, and sticky liquid could be seen dripping out from its mouth. The middle-aged man said gravely, “I am one of the seven sins, gluttony!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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