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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 258 – Your Honor! Ye Zizi’s bright red eyes were about to pop out of her eye sockets. Originally, I only came out to mess around and have some fun, but who would have expected that, I would actually come across so many turns of events, and right now, even one of the seven sins has appeared. This monster actually looks exactly the same as Gluttonous Monster… I’m so excited, this is so fun… Soon after, the middle-aged man swallowed Song Ji, then looked towards Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi with his cold eyes. “Ha!” Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi clenched their small fists at the middle-aged man, seemingly like they were going to fight against the middle-aged man. One second later. The two held onto each other's hands, then immediately turned around and ran away. While running away, the two shouted out, “We can’t win against him… we can’t win against him…” Ye Zizi was currently feeling very excited and was guessing in her mind, “Between this Gluttonous Monster, and that Gluttonous Monster, just who is more formidable? I can’t wait to find out. Also, I wonder if they have their own His Honor.” “I have to tell this matter to His Honor, I’m sure that His Honor would feel very excited too when he heard about this matter.” “Zizi, why did you run? That person seems to be very formidable, right?” Qing Yutong asked curiously because the Ye Zizi she knew wouldn’t have run away from something like this. Right now, Qing Yutong still did not know just what organization her brother-in-law belonged to, which was why she was puzzled as to why Ye Zizi chose to run away. “Big Sister Qing, I’m also one of the seven sins.” Ye Zizi pointed to herself and laughed. “Ah!” Qing Yutong cried out in astonishment. Soon after thinking for a bit, Qing Yutong’s mouth was opened wide in an o shape as she asked, “Then, brother-in-law is also one of the seven sins?” “Wrong, wrong, wrong, big brother is not one of the seven sins, he is the source of the creation of the seven sins.” This information made Qing Yutong become stunned, Qing Yutong didn’t expect that her brother-in-law would be this formidable. “Then, Zizi, which sin do you represent?” “Humph, humph~ The sin that Zizi represents is very formidable.” “Zizi, are you sloth?” Qing Yutong guessed. Ye Zizi’s expression collapsed, “Is it that obvious…” “Haha…” Qing Yutong had never seen someone lazier than Ye Zizi. “Then, which sin does Lie Gu represent?” Qing Yutong continued asking. Ye Zizi rested her hands onto the back of her head and laughed, “Lie Gu? He is basically a lecherous bone dragon.” “Oh~ So he is lust then.” “What about Uncle Wei?” Qing Yutong asked. “Gluttonous Monster? He is gluttony, he is much more able to eat compared to me.” Ye Zizi let out a deep sigh. That Gluttonous Monster wouldn’t even let off those who are dead. At the least, I only suck those that are alive. Qing Yutong felt that something wasn’t right and hurriedly asked, “Then, who is that guy from just now?” “This is why it’s fun, someone is going around swindling and showing off with big brother’s sign. This is so exciting and fun~” Qing Yutong’s eyes lighted up. No wonder Zizi pulled onto me and ran away just now, from the looks of it, Zizi has a cunning plan up in her mind. Seeing the two women ran away, the middle-aged man was preparing to chase after them, but to his surprise, a voice rang out in his ears. “Gluttony! Come over! Quickly!” The middle-aged man paused for a moment, then stepped into the black whirlpool once again. On top of a valley that was located in the southeast stood seven individuals. Suddenly, a black whirlpool appeared, and the middle-aged man from a while ago could be seen walking out from the black whirlpool. After walking out of the black whirlpool, the middle-aged man shouted out to a person in front of him who possessed a tall figure, “Your Honor!” Taking a look at the person that the middle-aged man shouted out to, the result was surprising! This person could be seen wearing a strange robe that had various kinds of runes embedded on the surface, and within the robe was actually the body of a skeleton! There was a red dot radiating from each of the skeleton’s empty eye sockets, and in his chest, there was a red light that was the size of a small fist. Right now, with his arms crossed, the skeleton was gazing at the buildings that were below him. “Why are you late!” The skeleton’s tone was icy cold, seemingly like there was not a single trace of emotion at all. “Please forgive me, Your Honor!” Gluttony kneeled down on the air and lowered that proud head of his. The skeleton said faintly, “If this happens again, I will issue you a punishment!” “Thank you, Your Honor.” After finish speaking, Gluttony walked to his spot. The entire seven sins could be seen to look completely different from each other, and amongst the seven sins, there was a little loli who looked exactly the same as Ye Zizi, and there was also a refined-looking guy that wore eyeglasses. “Greed, who are those people below us?” His Honor asked gravely. The refined-looking guy that wore eyeglasses slowly walked out and answered respectfully, “Your Honor, those people below us belong to Dry Zen Sect, one of the powers within the south!“ “We will begin from this Dry Zen Sect then!” His Honor said calmly. The seven sins that were behind him responded respectfully, “Yes!” Deep within the night, it was calm and peaceful at Dry Zen Sect, and only disciples that were patrolling around the sect were currently walking around the sect. However, those disciples weren’t very vigilant and were continuously yawning. Even when seven figures appeared not far away from them, they still didn’t discover those seven figures. “Cough, cough.” Greed let out two light coughs as he adjusted onto his eyeglasses. At this moment, then did the disciples that were patrolling noticed those seven figures, and one of the disciples cried out in alarm, “Who are you guys!” “We are here to save you all.” Greed said lightly. When this strange voice entered into the disciples’ ears, the expressions that were on the disciples’ faces gradually became relaxed, “Thank you, lord, for saving us.” “Go on and kill your companions.” Greed said faintly. “Yes, lord.” The few disciples appeared to be very normal on the surface. And in no time, miserable screams rang out within the peaceful and quiet Dry Zen Sect. All of the seven sins had a very intoxicated look on their faces, seemingly like they were listening to the most beautiful melody in this world. In a flash, the seven sins dispersed and began a one-sided massacre. As the honor, His Honor slowly landed within Dry Zen Sect and enjoyed the miserable screams of the humans. Five minutes later, the entire Dry Zen Sect became quiet again, and Gluttony could be seen holding onto a person with his hand. And the person was precisely Dry Zen Sect’s sect master, Che Zhixuan. Right now, Che Zhixuan’s complexion was pale as a ghost, both of his arms had been ripped off from his body and he was bleeding incessantly! After raising his head and looking at the person in front of him, a trace of surprise appeared in Che Zhixuan’s gaze. This person is actually a skeleton! “Who are you! Why did you exterminate my sect!” Che Zhixuan asked weakly. “It is just merely because I like killing people.” His Honor said faintly as he stretched out his bone finger towards Che Zhixuan’s forehead. Along with a tap on Che Zhixuan’s forehead, Che Zhixuan’s body turned into ashes and scattered into the air. “Your Honor, when do we look for another power to exterminate?” The little loli asked while hopping around energetically. His Honor gazed at the night sky and said faintly, “The people in this world are too weak, we will just wait here for now!” On this night, south’s Dry Zen Sect was exterminated. At daybreak, taking a look at Dry Zen Sect, Dry Zen Sect looked brand new, just that, there wasn’t any life in Dry Zen Sect, and instead, Dry Zen Sect was filled with the aura of death! And right now, at Leisure Bar’s second floor, Ye Hua said towards Qing Ya who was currently getting off the bed, “I want to shower.” “Ye Hua~” Qing Ya called out lovably and acted cutely. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “I will let you off this one time.” “This is more like it.” After finish speaking, Qing Ya hunched her body forward and gave Ye Hua a kiss. This caused Ye Hua to feel great to the point that his scalp went numb. “What do you want to eat?” While tidying her man’s hair, Qing Ya asked tenderly. “Eh… I want to eat the steamed dumpling from the store that is located at Chengxi.” Ye Hua said after thinking for a bit. It has been a very long time since I last had steamed dumplings, I’m sort of tired of eating Chinese crepes. Qing Ya nodded her head, “We will eat steamed dumplings today then.” “Remember to get kelp soup too, and request for more kelp soup from the store, that store’s boss is very stingy.” Ye Hua reminded. Qing Ya smiled helplessly. The more I come into contact with Ye Hua, the more adorable I feel Ye Hua is. If Qing Ya discovered Ye Hua’s true body, she would definitely not use the word ‘adorable’ to describe Ye Hua. Even the word ‘scary’ is an understatement to describe Ye Hua! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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