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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 259 – The whole family’s breakfast Not too long after Qing Ya left, Donghuang Baizhi pushed open the door and entered into the bedroom. Donghuang Baizhi appeared to be very shy and seemed like she didn’t know where she should even place her hands and legs at. “What are you still standing there for, quickly come and present your kiss to me. Do you not even know such a thing like this?” Ye Hua said. Such a thing like a morning kiss also has to be taught to her by me, this Baizhi is really insensible. “Ah… do I have to do that?” Donghuang Baizhi asked while with her face red. I don’t seem to have ever taken the initiative to kiss onto a man, right? I feel so nervous right now. Ye Hua coughed lightly, “This is a family rule. Baizhi, since you are new here, you definitely did not know about it.” Suddenly, Donghuang Li could be seen rushing over to Ye Hua and kissing onto her father’s cheek, “Daddy, good morning.” “Ah Li, not going to sleep for a bit more?” Ye Hua asked lightly. “No, Ah Li had enough sleep, Ah Li is here to take care of daddy.” “Ah Li sure is daddy’s good daughter.” Ye Hua was very gratified. My daughter is only this small, and yet she is already this sensible. Ye Hua turned his head around and looked towards Donghuang Baizhi whose face was completely red, “What are you still standing there in a daze for, look, even our daughter knows what to do.” Donghuang Baizhi lightly bit onto her lower lips, then imitated her daughter and kissed onto Ye Hua’s cheek. “Mommy, you are doing it wrong, you have to kiss daddy’s mouth.” Donghuang Li who was at the side reminded. Ah Li is truly my good daughter. Donghuang Baizhi’s face became even more red as she pinched onto her daughter’s cheek, “Ah Li, turn your head to the side, you are not allowed to look.” “Oh~” Donghuang Li turned her body around, however, she immediately turned her head around and looked at her parents. Donghuang Baizhi steeled herself and took the initiative to kiss onto Ye Hua’s mouth. Upon coming into contact with Donghuang Baizhi’s soft lips, Ye Hua felt incomparably great, and he even sucked onto that soft tongue. Donghuang Li covered her eyes and shouted, “Ah Li is having goosebumps~” Donghuang Baizhi immediately stood her body up, then stretched out her fist and hit onto Ye Hua’s chest. Doing something like that in front of our daughter, is this how you should act as a father? “Hmm, we will stop here for today, help me up from the bed!” Ye Hua said with a big boss attitude. While with her face red, Donghuang Baizhi helped Ye Hua up from the bed, and Donghuang Li even helped her father to wear slippers, Donghuang Li was truly a warm small cotton-padded jacket. After Ye Hua was done washing up, Qing Ya returned back with the breakfast that she bought and went to wake up Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi to come eat breakfast. The whole family was sitting together and enjoying the delicious breakfast. At the dinner table, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi kept yawning, having a look on them that seemed like they still haven’t completely woken up. “Look at Ah Li, then take a look at you two.” Ye Hua couldn’t help but chided, displaying the look of a family head. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi sat at Ye Hua’s sides and took care of him, one of them fed Ye Hua, while the other helped to wipe onto Ye Hua’s mouth, Ye Hua completely did not need to move his hands at all. “Daddy, don’t compare Ah Li like this to Aunt Qing and Big Sister Ye, because Ah Li will become proud.” After drinking a mouth of kelp soup, Ah Li said with her tender voice. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi laughed. Meanwhile, Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi took a glare at Donghuang Li, seemingly like they were saying, you little traitor, we won’t bring you along with us to play anymore. “Ye Zizi, school will be starting in a few days’ time, you have to start preparing.” Ye Hua said faintly. Upon hearing that she was going to have to go to school, Ye Zizi’s head began hurting, “Big brother, can I not go to school?” “No!” Ye Zizi immediately became dispirited and looked like she was going to die soon. When school starts, I might as well just suck all of the school’s teachers, and with that, school holiday will begin. After finished speaking about Ye Zizi’s matter, Ye Hua began speaking about another matter. “Leisure Bar has been closed for business for quite a period of time, and Leisure Bar will be reopened for business tonight, but I reckon that the business won't be really good, therefore, Yutong, you will go up the stage tonight and sing a few songs.” Cough, cough, cough. Qing Yutong choked onto her food. “Brother-in-law, my big sister already has so much money, do you even still need to use me to earn money?” Qing Yutong had a dejected look on her face. My butt has been smacked by brother-in-law, and now I even need to help brother-in-law to earn money. Ye Hua took a glare at his sister-in-law, “I am a man! How could I use your big sister’s money!” “Didn’t you had a great time spending big sister’s money in the past?” Qing Yutong mumbled in a low voice. “What did you say?” Ye Hua glared at his sister-in-law. Is your butt itchy again? Do you need brother-in-law to help you treat your itch? Qing Yutong immediately smiled, “Nothing much, Yutong will listen to brother-in-law’s arrangement.” “Daddy, daddy, what do Ah Li do then? How about Ah Li help daddy to wipe the tables and chairs?” Donghuang Li raised her small hand and asked. Seeing how adorable his daughter was, Ye Hua revealed a slight trace of smile, “Ah Li will watch cartoon in the morning, and in the afternoon, Ah Li will practice daddy’s techniques, and in the night, it will be Ah Li’s free time.” After hearing Ye Hua’s arrangement, Donghuang Baizhi did not oppose it. While with a smile on her face, Donghuang Baizhi silently looked at her daughter. Our family is finally together, this blissful feeling sure is nice. “Yay, daddy is the best.” Qing Ya asked curiously, “What about me, what arrangement do you have for me?” Ye Hua snorted. Is there even a need to ask this question? “The two of you will be sticking right next to me and protect me for 24 hours around the clock.” The two beautiful women shook their heads while with a smile on their faces and did not refuse what Ye Hua just said. This was after all the man who captured their hearts. “Daddy, your words of love are making Ah Li’s hair stand on its end.” Donghuang Li rubbed onto her arm. “Brother-in-law’s mouth has really become so much sweeter than before.” Qing Yutong immediately joined in on the teasing. Ye Zizi let out a sigh. However, after recalling of last night’s matter, Ye Zizi’s eyes immediately lighted up and she hurriedly contacted His Honor. “Your Honor, Zizi has a matter to report to you~” Upon hearing Ye Zizi’s voice, Ye Hua replied faintly, “Zizi, the matter regarding you going to school is fixed. And also, when you are at school, you are prohibited from causing trouble!” “Your Honor~ Zizi is not talking about this matter~” “Then what is it?” Ye Zizi began telling Ye Hua everything that happened last night. Ye Hua’s brows became slightly wrinkled. There is actually such a thing like this? Someone is pretending to be Wei Chang? No, not pretending, it is that the person looks and acts very similar to Wei Chang… This is a bit interesting. Seeing that Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, Qing Ya asked with concern, “Ye Hua, what’s the matter? Are you not feeling well somewhere?” “Nothing, I’m fine, just that, I sort of want to take a shower right now.” Right now, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi still did not know Ye Hua’s motive, which was to take advantage of the two of them as much as he could. “Your Honor, how about handing the investigation of this matter to Zizi? Zizi will help Your Honor get rid of them.” After pondering for a bit, Ye Hua replied, “No need, I want to see what this person is planning on doing. What you have to do now is to go to school. Without my orders, you are not allowed to act on your own!” “Eh… Your Honor~” “Be obedient!” Ye Zizi had no choice but to resign to her fate. If I had known that this would happen, I would have just sucked that counterfeit from last night. In any case, that counterfeit was still a top-grade food. “Baizhi, push me to the bedroom, I want to take a shower.” Ye Hua said faintly. Donghuang Baizhi stood her body up, and while with her face red, she pushed Ye Hua to the bedroom. Meanwhile, it was Qing Ya’s turn to rest today as the two were taking turns to take care of Ye Hua. Just like Qing Ya, Donghuang Baizhi carried Ye Hua into the bathroom and placed him in the bathtub. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi’s face seemed like it was about to start bleeding. “Baizhi, this is not like you, not long ago, you even tried to attack me.” Donghuang Baizhi began helping Ye Hua to wipe his body, and when she saw that familiar thing, her face became even redder. “It’s not like I did it on purpose.” “You didn’t do it on purpose? If not for the fact that I was strong, I would have died by your hands.” Ye Hua chided with a stern look on his face. Right now, I can chide them however I want, and they wouldn’t retort, or become angry in the slightest bit at all. And even more, they have to comfort me after being chided by me. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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