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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 263 – How did my hands suddenly become healed? With a vigilant look on his face, Xiao Yi looked at Death Mage. Today was different from back then, back then, Xiao Yi was faced against death and thus had no choice but to beg. And right now, now that Xiao Yi escaped from death and recovered, as an immortal emperor, how could Xiao Yi kneel down? However, Shu Nan was much smarter, she knew that their entire family’s lives were all grasped within the hands of the black figured person, and thus, when it was time to lower their heads, they have to lower their heads. “Brother Xiao.” Shu Nan pulled onto her husband. Xiao Yi’s brows were tightly wrinkled, he was currently having a battle with his dignity. Death Mage did not utter a sound at all and just stood there without doing anything, seemingly like he was waiting for Xiao Yi to decide on just what he was going to do. Xiao Yi’s decision was going to decide whether his entire family lives or dies! Because, Ye Hua had an additional order for Death Mage, which was that, if Xiao Yi wasn’t respectful, there was no need to inform Xiao Family of their new order, and Death Mage could just exterminate the entire Xiao Family! Right now, Xiao Yi still wasn’t aware that his decision was going to decide the lives and deaths of him, his wives, and his son! Dignity or his life, just which was more important to Xiao Yi? Xiao Yi was going to have to choose one and abandon the other. “Brother Xiao!” Shu Nan called out to her husband once again. Shu Nan’s sixth sense as a woman was telling her that, if her man were to not be respectful towards the black robed skeleton, the consequences that would follow would be very grave! After a long while, Xiao Yi let out a breath and lowered that prideful head of his! The immortal emperor who managed to rebirth slowly kneeled down in front of Death Mage. Upon seeing that, Shu Nan let out a breath of relief, then quickly followed along and kneeled down. The wives that were behind Xiao Yi did not know just what the situation was, but they were not stupid. Upon seeing Xiao Yi and Shu Nan kneeled down, all of them followed along and kneeled down, and even Xiao Yi’s son, Xiao Yun, also kneeled down curiously. Death Mage was a bit disappointed with the outcome. This is boring! However, after thinking about it, it is normal for the outcome to be like this. Under His Honor’s grand and noble radiance, everyone would have to kneel down and pledge allegiance to His Honor! Death Mage took out his phone and began typing on his phone, while Xiao Yi and the others waited quietly. Text to speech rang out from the phone. “Xiao Yi! Master has an order for your Xiao Family, give up on competing against Bai Family to rise into the ranks of the aristocratic families, then quietly wait for your next order.” “Yes.” Xiao Yi said with difficulty. I didn’t expect that there would come a day where, I, the immortal emperor, would kneel in front of others. This is truly a huge irony. Ding! Death Mage’s WeChat message notification rang out. Everyone from Xiao Family was startled by the sound of the message notification. After taking a look at his WeChat, Death Mage opened the voice message that he just received, and immediately, Xun Fang’s scolding voice rang out from the phone, “Damned skeleton, why are you still not back yet? Do you still want to accompany me to sleep or not?” Everyone from Xiao Family was completely silent. Death Mage immediately closed his WeChat. I will properly give this woman a lesson when I returned back, to actually make me throw my face like this. Looking at everyone from Xiao Family, Death Mage felt a bit awkward, and without saying anything, Death Mage walked into the black whirlpool and left Xiao Manor. After Death Mage left, Xiao Yi and the others all let out a breath of relief as they slowly stood their bodies up. “Brother Xiao, just what is going on?” Yu Qi hurriedly asked, and the other women were also all very puzzled. Xiao Yi sat down and silently drown himself with alcohol, while Shu Nan began explaining to everyone about what happened back then. Upon finding out that, in order to save Xiao Family, their man actually didn’t hesitate to use his life as an exchange, all of Xiao Yi’s wives became touched to death. “Brother Xiao, from the looks of it, that black figured person is planning a board of chess.” Shu Nan was very worried, because right now, Xiao Family had already been dragged into the chessboard. After placing down the wine glass, Xiao Yi said faintly, “I have already thought everything through, as long as you all are safe, I can do whatever that is asked of me.” Within the bedroom that was located on the second floor of Leisure Bar. While chatting with each other, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi gradually fell asleep while nestling against Ye Hua’s body, and both of them could be seen to have a smile that was filled with happiness on their faces. Both of them were definitely having a sweet dream. Right now, Ye Hua was feeling very complicated. Such a chance like this is hard to come by, I really want to embrace them. The more Ye Hua thought about it, the itchier he felt in his heart. With such beautiful wives like them, if I were not able to even touch them for a bit, it would really be living a life that is worse than death. Alright, I will just stealthily place my hands onto their waists for a while, then stop. Ye Hua gently placed his hands onto their willow waists, and upon touching their waists, Ye Hua thought to himself, “This feels so great and comfortable! Being a human is truly great! Being a human is much more interesting than being a skeleton.” However, soon after, just merely gently caressing onto their waists was no longer enough to satisfy Ye Hua’s appetite, and Ye Hua’s hands could be seen gradually moving into his wives’ clothes. This feel of touch… this smoothness… This is practically the peak of enjoyment for my palms. The quality of Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s skin sure is good, the more I caress their body, the more I do not want to stop. Hmm~ Hmm~ The two wives seemed to have been turned on as they began letting out faint breathings. Soon after, the two opened their eyes at the same time, causing Ye Hua to become startled as he immediately closed his eyes and pretended that nothing happened. However, those wicked hands of his were still in his wives’ clothes and caressing onto his wives’ bodies. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s pretty faces immediately became red, their chests were attacked by Ye Hua! However, very quickly, the two women felt that something wasn’t right. Isn’t Ye Hua paralyzed? Why are his hands able to move? And even more, not only are his hands able to move, but his hands are also currently doing bad things! “Ye Hua, wake up!” Qing Ya’s face was completely red because Ye Hua’s hand was currently still grabbing onto her chest. Donghuang Baizhi restrained that wicked hand that was grabbing onto her chest, and right now, Donghuang Baizhi’s heart felt extremely itchy. Ye Hua was completely aware of the fact that Donghuang Baizhi was very sensitive. “Ah? What’s the matter?” Ye Hua opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with confusion. Qing Ya feigned anger coquettishly, “Look at just what you are doing right now!” Ye Hua said confusedly, “What? I am not doing anything right now.” “Look at where your hands are placed at!” Soon after, Ye Hua looked to his left, then to his left, and while looking, he even squeezed his hands. Immediately after Ye Hua squeezed his hands, Donghuang Baizhi let out a moan, while Qing Ya bit onto her lips. “Wow, my hands are able to move! My god! This is so mystical!” Ye Hua cried out in astonishment as he stretched out his hands from the two women’s clothes and looked at his hands. Ye Hua’s performance was on point. While looking at his two beautiful wives, Ye Hua said while feeling extremely touched, “Thank you for healing my hands, I believe that it won’t be too long till my hands become completely healed.” Seeing that Ye Hua was able to move his hands, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi cried tears of joy. To finally be able to see the trace of hope of Ye Hua being able to recover completely, the two completely forgot about the matter where Ye Hua took liberties of them. “However, I feel that I am still unable to exert strength in my hands as my hands are still in the process of recovering. Therefore, I am still going to have to need you two to take care of me.” Ye Hua said gravely. Ye Hua still wanted to live the life of not having to use his hands. The two women would naturally be willing to take care of Ye Hua, and the two women could be seen hurriedly nodding their heads after they heard what Ye Hua said. “Qing Ya, Baizhi, from this incident, it can be seen that, the two of you have to accompany by my side more, and that way, I may perhaps be able to recover even quicker.” While speaking, Ye Hua moved his hands toward the two women. The two women hurriedly restrained Ye Hua’s hands. Qing Ya said shyly, “Ye Hua, you can’t do this.” “Qing Ya, Baizhi, thank you for using your bodies to heal me, we should proceed to try harder to heal me.” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi couldn’t bear it anymore and both of them ran out from the bedroom. A slight arc appeared on the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth as he stretched his hand in front of him and smelled onto his hand. Smells good. While resting his hands on the back of his head, and being in an incomparably good mood, Ye Hua contacted Wei Chang. “How has your investigation come along?” “Your Honor, I was just about to report the investigation of the matter to you. The result of the investigation is a bit shocking…” Ye Hua laughed lightly. For something to be referred to as shocking by Wei Chang, it must definitely be very shocking. “Speak, what is it that is shocking.” “That group of people looks exactly the same as everyone in our team did in the past!” Wei Chang said. At the start, when I saw that group of people, I almost jumped from shock, especially that skeleton who wore a mage robe, that skeleton looks exactly the same as His Honor. Ye Hua was somewhat startled too, “Look exactly the same as we did in the past? Could it be that, there is also someone who looks exactly the same as me?” “Your Honor, there is indeed a skeleton who looks exactly the same as you.” Wei Chang said gravely. Ye Hua’s brows became slightly wrinkled. Thinking back to what Ye Zizi said during the morning, is everyone in that group of people a knockoff of my team? https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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